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Understanding Array.prototype.reduce() and recursion using apple pie. Delicious, attention-retaining recursion pie.

Understanding Array.prototype.reduce() and recursion using apple pie

I was having trouble understanding reduce() and recursion in JavaScript, so I wrote this article to explain it to myself (hey, look, recursion!). I hope you find my examples both helpful and delicious. Given an array with nested arrays: var arr = [1, [2], [3, [[4]]]] We want to produce this: Interactive JavaScript Tutorials. The 12 YouTube videos new developers mention the most. The freeCodeCamp community generates gigabytes of data each week.

The 12 YouTube videos new developers mention the most

One of the most active parts of the community is the chat room system. Thousands of people hang out there, chat about technology, and help each other improve their code skills. I frequently ask questions about the data. This week, I was curious which YouTube videos people found to be the most relevant to their studies. So I analyzed the multi-gigabyte chat history from freeCodeCamp’s main chatroom. Out of the thousands of YouTube videos mentioned, here are the 12 most-commonly mentioned ones. What the heck is the event loop anyway? This was a presentation by Philip Roberts at JSConf EU in 2014. To explain the event loop, Philip goes through other essential concepts like callbacks, and asynchronous programming. Engineering Truth’s How to teach yourself to code.

Programming JavaScript Applications. Copyright © 2014 Eric Elliott Printed in the United States of America.

Programming JavaScript Applications

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How to prevent your analytics data from being blocked by ad blockers. When your product is just getting started out, every single user matters.

How to prevent your analytics data from being blocked by ad blockers

So does the data about how they interact with your product. If you’ve tried using analytics solutions like Google Analytics, you may have faced an issue where your analytics collection was blocked by ad blockers. According to PageFair, up to 30% of Internet users use ad blockers in 2017, and this number is constantly growing. This article will explain some technical approaches you can take to prevent ad blockers from also blocking your analytics. We’ll use Google Analytics in this article, though much of this could be applied to other analytics tools. Some ways you can bypass ad blockers Almost all ad blockers work through the same methods: they disallow some http(s) browser requests for content at URLs that match a certain mask from their filtering base.

Luckily for developers, ad blockers don’t block requests to our own domain names by default, because doing this may hurt the web application’s functionality. 30 Handy JavaScript Web Designing Tools & Libraries. JavaScript tools and libraries which are very helpful for fast web designing.

30 Handy JavaScript Web Designing Tools & Libraries

JavaScript development tools are very handful we are currently selected JavaScript tools, including build tools, helpful libraries, IDE’s, Drag an Drop and js Charts. JavaScript is an extremely useful scripting language for enhancing user experience and usability. It is becoming more and more popular, as a JavaScript developer, you’ll need to keep up with the latest news and learn new skills. PlainJS - The Vanilla JavaScript Repository. Anatomy Of Code. 12 Extremely Useful Hacks for JavaScript – Hacker Noon. In this post I will share 12 extremely useful hacks for JavaScript. These hacks reduce the code and will help you to run optimized code. So let’s start hacking! And in case you want to be sure your JavaScript works in most browsers and mobile devices, you should probably use Endtest. 1) Converting to boolean using !! Operator Sometimes we need to check if some variable exists or if it has a valid value, to consider them as true value.

Interactive JavaScript Tutorials. You-Dont-Know-JS/ at master · getify/You-Dont-Know-JS.


SVG Animations. Free JavaScript Books – Web Development Zone – Medium. JavaScript Event KeyCodes. ES6 Sampler #6 Odds & Ends by Eugenio Keno Leon on CodePen. #Preface There is a huge list of new stuff ES6 brings to the table, I've tried to cover a few of the most relevant things, but there are a ton of other new things, we'll try covering a few more, the odds and ends in this final installment.

ES6 Sampler #6 Odds & Ends by Eugenio Keno Leon on CodePen

Pssst... Previous ES6 Samplers you might like Default Values Challenge: Find out what default values are and how to use them, what is their equivalent in es5 ? Object.assign Challenge: Find out what object.assign does to an object, what does it replace in es5? Object Method & Properties Shorthands. jQuery Learning Center. Eloquent JavaScript. Javascript Cheat Sheet. Basic Objects Math Methods DOM Events Event Object Constant Event Object Methods initEvent() preventDefault() stopPropagation() EventTarget Object addEventListener() dispatchEvent() removeEventListener() EventListener Object handleEvent() MouseEvent/KeyboardEvent Methods initMouseEvent() initKeyboardEvent() DOM Node Node Types.

Javascript Cheat Sheet

Shaping up with Angular.js. Odyssey.js. Three.js - Javascript 3D library. Top 10 HTML5, JavaScript 3D Game Engines and Frameworks. JavaScript 3D game engines is a hot topic right now with everyone building browser based 3D games using JavaScript, HTML5 and WebGL technology.

Top 10 HTML5, JavaScript 3D Game Engines and Frameworks

The best thing about browser based games is platfrom independence they bring in and run on iOS, Android, Windows or any other platform. There are tons of JavaScript resources out there that can be used for building browser based 3D games using HTML5 and WebGL. However, selecting the right gaming engine can be a real challenge at times and can end up making or breaking your project. To make the selection process for you a littler easier, we have gone through and analyzed most of the javaScript 3D game engines available in the market as of today and short-listed the top 10 to help you create great HTML5, WebGL games in JavaScript. Babylon.js.