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Criada a máscara para controlar sonhos. SPOILER Portal 2 has a happy ending. Adam and I finally beat the co-op on Portal 2 so I feel like I can discuss the game.

SPOILER Portal 2 has a happy ending

First, the good things. Co-op works pretty well, at least splitscreen, and it's fun. Sometimes it was frustrating that I wasn't always the one to find the solution to a puzzle, but that's the tradeoff when you play with someone as smart as you. It was a relief to be a robot and not be afraid of dying; funny how much that affects my game experience. I think there's room for more co-op puzzle games in the world. Of course Portal 2 is very fun, and the puzzles are just hard enough that you can keep feeling smart (and that takes some subtle scaffolding, let me tell you). Portal's narrative is exciting to me as a literature student because Chell doesn't win, but you as the player "beat" the game (and you get your cake). Portal 2 went for a happy ending for almost everyone, and that disappoints my post-modern heart. I might be reading too much into it. Incredible Things - Wonderful Weird Products.

Siri Commercial Parody. Melhor do YouTube: um dia feito com vidro. LEGO Mod v2 (Lego PC/Computer) 28 best stickers for Apple MacBook. Sometimes laptop is more than just a device, people are tend to decorate it with creative and beautiful stickers on the top of the laptop cover to show their own personal style or emotion on their laptop’s cover.

28 best stickers for Apple MacBook

Different people has different preferences and style to makeover their laptop with some creative stickers. Apparently, those stickers not only use to enhance the stylish of the laptop but also use to prevent the laptop against scratch, abrasion and damage on the surface. Below are some of the best Apple Macbook stickers. Some of the stickers are make by well-tested materials and printing technologies, some using the ultra-strong laminate to ensure the stickers last longer for your Apple Macbook. Some of these stickers will adhere to most smooth flat surfaces, easily removable and will not leave sticky residue. 1. 2. 3. 4. WASD Keyboards: Custom Mechanical Keyboards. Are These The 5 Greatest Minecraft Worlds Ever Built? “It’s like LEGO and Castaway combined.”

Are These The 5 Greatest Minecraft Worlds Ever Built?

That’s how I was first introduced to Minecraft and, at the time, it was an extremely accurate description. Since then, Minecraft has evolved into something even greater, warranting a quick overview guide for anyone who still doesn’t know what it is. In essence, Minecraft lets you be a digital architect. We’re almost five years past its first public release, and Minecraft is still one of the most played games in the world.

Is Minecraft overhyped? Here are some of the greatest Minecraft worlds ever built. Note: Strictly speaking, this is a compilation of what I consider to be some of the best Minecraft experiences, which takes into account geography, story, atmosphere, and size without necessarily taking into account any gameplay changes. WesterosCraft Game of Thrones, which is perhaps the most notable high fantasy TV show in history, brought to life the story of A Song of Ice and Fire, an epic novel series that began way back in 1991. MC Middle Earth. - FRETE GRÁTIS nas compras acima R$200,00, válido p/ SP, RJ, MG, ES e PR.

Material Necessário: - Lixas de diversas (320 e 400); - Primer Rápido Spray; - Tintas Automotiva Spray; - Estopa; - Fita crepe; - Thinner; - Cera lustradora (automotiva); - Jornal; - Material de proteção(luvas, óculos, etc). 1º Desmonte todas as partes a serem pintadas do seu gabinete. - FRETE GRÁTIS nas compras acima R$200,00, válido p/ SP, RJ, MG, ES e PR.

Escolha um local apropriado para o trabalho e utilize jornais para proteger locais que não devem receber pintura. Materiais de proteção são indispensáveis. 2º Observe que em todas as partes metálicas do gabinete vem com pintura eletrostáticas e são bem porosas. Você deverá lixar toda a superfície da chapa metálica com Lixa 400 com auxílio de água até retirar o brilho. 2º Veja como ficará: 3º Se ainda existir alguma impureza, utilize thiner para retirá-las. 4º Aplique 1 mão de Primer Rápido em toda superfície. 5º Lixe com lixa d'água 400 até a superfície ficar bem homogênea e lisa. 5º Após secagem (em média 24 horas), Lixe com lixa d'água 400, use água para facilitar o trabalho.

How to Make A Wallet From a Computer Keyboard.