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Premium Ingredients - Premium Ingredients. Organisation. Organisatie TNO: Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO heeft de missie mensen en kennis te verbinden, om zodoende te innoveren met impact.


Innovation. Solazyme Roquette to Begin Selling Whole Algalin Flour In Europe. Home / The Buzz / Solazyme Roquette to Begin Selling Whole Algalin Flour In Europe February 18, olazyme Roquette Nutritionals, a microalgae-derived food ingredients company, has announced the company’s exclusive European commercial agency agreement for their food products, with global food ingredient parent company, Roquette.

Solazyme Roquette to Begin Selling Whole Algalin Flour In Europe

This agreement will start with the commercialization of Whole Algalin Flour in the 27 Member Countries of the European Union, and it marks the imminent availability of Whole Algalin Flour in Europe. Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals’ Whole Algalin Flour is a healthy lipid alternative, acting as if it contained more fat than it does. This ability, according to the company, makes Whole Algalin Flour “an outstanding solution for improving nutritional profiles in many applications, such as bakery, beverages and frozen desserts. Copyright ©2010-2012 Visit the A.I.M.

FREE Algae News & Updates From The A.I.M. Monk fruit sweetener firm: ‘We hear daily that people are looking for alternatives to stevia’ The intensity of the sweetness in monk fruit concentrates is directly proportional to levels of a compound called Mogroside V.

Monk fruit sweetener firm: ‘We hear daily that people are looking for alternatives to stevia’

While monk fruit has been used as a sweetener in Asia for centuries, it hit the headlines in the 1990s when P&G patented a process for extracting Mogroside V and struck a deal with Amax NutraSource to distribute a concentrated version It might not have garnered as much publicity as stevia, but monk fruit (luo han guo) “has found a niche within the all-natural market but will hit mass market sooner than stevia in this space”, according to one leading supplier.

ActivePackaging. Seaweed may provide new source of functional ingredients. Seaweed and other macroalgae could rival milk products as sources of functional ingredients such as heart healthy bioactive peptides, according to a new study.

Seaweed may provide new source of functional ingredients

The review of almost 100 scientific studies, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, reports that some seaweed proteins have the same effects as the bioactive peptides found in milk products and dairy products, and work to reduce blood pressure in a similar way to ACE inhibitor drugs. “Due to the environment in which they grow, macroalgae produce unique and interesting biologically active compounds,” said Maria Hayes and colleagues from Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland and the University of London, UK. “The variety of macroalga species and the environments in which they are found and their ease of cultivation make macroalgae a relatively untapped source of new bioactive compounds, and more efforts are needed to fully exploit their potential for use and delivery to consumers in food products,” they added.

Food Processing news (food process, food equipment, food machinery) Nanotechnology - Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies. Silver Nanotechnology in Commercial Products.


Os Três Cervejeiros e uma cerveja feita lá em casa. Não é tão fácil como arrancar a cápsula de uma garrafa e beber pelo gargalo, mas, diz quem sabe, a cerveja feita em casa é “the real thing”.

Os Três Cervejeiros e uma cerveja feita lá em casa

A comparação é de Pedro Sousa, um terço de "Os Três Cervejeiros": “As pessoas têm andado toda a vida a beber sumo de laranja enlatado e só agora vão provar o natural”. É cerveja. A cerveja. Natural health news - Pale Moon. A world leader in food ingredients, enzymes and bio-based solutions - Danisco - Pale Moon. - Pale Moon.

Food Product Design - Market Trends. Produtos - 3ás Equilíbrio. Portal do Consumidor. Food Ingredients & Food Science - Additives, Flavours, Starch. List of Foods (with High Phytosterol) That Help Lower Serum Cholesterol. Plant sterols, phytosterols, are cholesterol-like compounds that are found mostly in vegetable oils, nuts and legumes.

List of Foods (with High Phytosterol) That Help Lower Serum Cholesterol

There are about 44 sterols known to exist in plants. The most abundant phytosterols are, however, beta-sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol. Phytosterols are not produced in the body. Thus, their sole source is diet. Phytosterols have the same function as cholesterol in the body. For example, in one study it was found that subjects fed with wheat germ containing high phytosterol had 42% lower cholesterol in their blood as compared to those who were fed phytosterol-free wheat germ.

The mechanisms suggested on how phytosterols help reduce serum cholesterol include enhancing excretion of cholesterol, interfering with cholesterol synthesis, and competing for cholesterol acceptor sites in the intestinal walls. Some animal studies have also shown that phytosterols inhibit or slow down tumor development. In the following table is a list of foods high/low in phytosterols. Food+Tech Connect.

Beer Alcohol Content - Specific Gravity - Beer Making. When ordering your beer in the bar, measures such as half pint, pint or liter are the norm.

Beer Alcohol Content - Specific Gravity - Beer Making

However, when it comes to home beer making and calculating beer alcohol content, specific gravity is the measurement of choice for the home beer brewer. Specific Gravity For reasons known only to history, the term 'specific gravity' refers to the density of any liquid. By convention, pure water is assigned an SG or specific gravity of 1.00 at 15.5C (60F) and is used as a standard. The 1.00 refers to the fact that the density of H2O, in metric units, is 1 kg per liter. When used in brewing, specific gravity is broken down further into the Starting or Original gravity (OG), which is a measure of SG before fermentation. Normal range for OG is from 1.020 to 1.160. Measurements are made of specific gravity after fermentation as well, where the number is called the 'Final' or 'Terminal' gravity (TG).