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Third world

$ Life quality. Equlity. Children. Education. Environment. STEALTH.unlimited. Projects films. The Cathedral Archer Project - Enduring Voices Project, Endangered Languages, Map, Facts, Photos, Videos. Explore Talking Dictionaries The Enduring Voices team is pleased to present these Talking Dictionaries, giving listeners around the world a chance to hear some of the most little-known sounds of human speech.

Enduring Voices Project, Endangered Languages, Map, Facts, Photos, Videos

Several communities are now offering the online record of their language to be shared by any interested person around the world. While you probably won't walk away from these Talking Dictionaries knowing how to speak a new language, you will encounter fascinating and beautiful sounds--forms of human speech you've never heard before--and through them, get a further glimpse into the rich diversity of culture and experience that humans have created in every part of the globe. Explore the Talking Dictionaries for yourself. Losing Our World's Languages. Support National Geographic's Enduring Voices Project - Documenting the Planet's Endangered Language. CRASH Japan - Love On Japan 2011 - Christian Relief Assistance Support & Hope.

The Official Site of Bernard J. Schaffer : KINDLE ALL-STARS PROJECT (Updated 8/22/11) "Few projects slung my way, these days of electronic idiocy and bad writing, can perk me up and get the fireworks. This is one of the best, sweetest ideas I've heard in years. Nothing but the smiles of Success are due the project, the people putting it together, and the good kids who will benefit from every penny garnered. I am 100% and a bag of marmosets behind it! " BREAKING NEWS: In 1967, one man led a guerilla force of hungry, passionate authors into literary history with DANGEROUS VISIONS.

In 2011, the revolution returns. In 1967, mercurial author Harlan Ellison created a book that brought speculative fiction into the forefront of modern culture. It was a good idea then, and it's a good idea now. I am currently assembling a collection of short-stories from the best writers I can find who are either currently using Kindle to display their work, or are considering giving it a shot. On August 17th, 2011, I wrote Mr. On August 28th, Mr. The donation schedule is as follows: About the GNU Project. This is the original announcement of the GNU Project, posted by Richard Stallman on September 27, 1983.

About the GNU Project

The actual history of the GNU Project differs in many ways from this initial plan. For example, the beginning was delayed until January 1984. Several of the philosophical concepts of free software were not clarified until a few years later. Free Unix! Starting this Thanksgiving I am going to write a complete Unix-compatible software system called GNU (for Gnu's Not Unix), and give it away free(1) to everyone who can use it. To begin with, GNU will be a kernel plus all the utilities needed to write and run C programs: editor, shell, C compiler, linker, assembler, and a few other things. GNU will be able to run Unix programs, but will not be identical to Unix. Who Am I? I am Richard Stallman, inventor of the original much-imitated EMACS editor, now at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT. Ways to Improve Human Intelligence.

This briefing is intended to pull into one convenient, single frame of reference a body of key information which currently is scattered across a great many different contexts.

Ways to Improve Human Intelligence

Until recently, even the possibility of any such information existing was, for essentially political reasons and funding reasons, denied by most of our institutions, together with most of our educators and psychologists, so that such findings as were made in various contexts and circumstances never got discussed across a broader context. Now that it is evident that the brain, and one's intelligence, are highly changeable and that a wide variety of conditions, arrangements and techniques may be employed to improve both brain functioning and intelligence to even a profound degree, we need to make a start on getting a lot of this key information organized to where you and other inquirers can more readily get at it, understand it, and use it. Menu of Methods Quick Interjection 1. 2. PETITIONZ. Twitter. Global Oneness Project.