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How to Do a Strict Muscle-Up on Gymnastic Rings - Complete Tutorial. Master Seven Primal Movement Patterns For Full-Body Strength. Animal Flow Review - GMB Fitness. The Arts & Faith Top 25 Films On Memory. Scott Sonnon's FlowFit Workout of the Day. 21 CrossFit - Durham, North Carolina. Here is a series of photos pulled from a supercool app called Essential Anatomy 2 (available in the App store of course, for about thirty dollars). This first one here shows 3 of the 4 rotator cuff MUSCLES. Top to bottom: Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor. The next picture shows the fourth rotator cuff muscle, the Subscapularis (note that it is on the anterior or front side of the scapula while the others are on the posterior). Effects of body mass-based squat training i... [J Sports Sci Med. 2013. Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone. "Do We Systematically Underestimate the Energy Expenditure During Anaerobic Activities?

Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone

", that's not just the question the headline of today's SuppVersity article eventually implies, it is also an essential question with a potentially consequential answer I came up with, when I read a recent paper by scientists from the Department of Exercise and Wellness at the Arizona State University (Vezina. 2014). The said paper presents an examination of the differences between two methods of estimating energy expenditure in resistance training activities and concludes that (a) "the methods we use to calculate the EE of anaerobic activities significantly affects EE estimates" and (b) that this leads to a significant underestimation of the energetic costs of anaerobic activity if we use the traditional methods. What is the traditional method anyway? "Traditional" in this context means using calorimetry to measure oxygen uptake continuously throughout the trial.

For Mr. The ultimate Tacfit home workouts. Your training regime just went rogue.

The ultimate Tacfit home workouts

If the gym is The Establishment, Tacfit is fighting the power by mixing T-shirt filling muscle-building with functional performance. Based on the tactical response training used by elite military groups, it works your body from all angles, to stimulate more muscles. And the best bit: it won’t cost you a thing. Hip Hinge Forearm Push-Up. The Hip Hinge Forearm Push Up is a great integrated movement for developing your hand balance practice!

Hip Hinge Forearm Push-Up

The Hip Hinge Forearm Push-Up is another great bodyweight conditioning movement that serves as an awesome exercise by itself, while also preparing your body for more advanced progressions. The human body is an incredible network of levers that act together to create movement in all directions. We can change the leverage at a joint to increase or decrease the difficulty of a given task or movement. The Animal Flow Workout: Official Site! Learn to Flow, Learn to Move Better!

The Animal Flow Workout: Official Site!

No matter what your sport or fitness goals are, you’re going to find tools in this video that will improve your performance and help you reach your goals in no time! Whether you’re an extreme athlete, a yogi, a traceur, a strongman, a B-boy, an MMA fighter or just someone who likes staying in shape, you can benefit from more mobility, strength, endurance and power.


VitaMoves. Twist, Standing, Bodyweight Only. Two Bodyweight Exercises to Help with Knee Pain. Hey guys, this is Sylvia over with 360 Pilates.

Two Bodyweight Exercises to Help with Knee Pain

Today, I have two bodyweight exercises for your knee pain and this is for all the friends and fans of Rick Kaselj at With me I have JP. JP came to me because he has got some serious issues going on with his knees and was wondering how Pilates would help him. CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video. The Do-Anywhere Workout. Much easier to pack than your fitness club: The 16-minute, equipment-free session to-go.

The Do-Anywhere Workout

Monday, November 18, 2013 | Liz Miersch With the onset of the holiday season come many personal concessions, but missed workouts do not have to be one. Whether you’re on the road trapped in a hotel room or simply pressed for time between meetings and shopping trips, this quick and effective do-anywhere session (it’s just 16 minutes and change and doesn’t require a single piece of equipment) will fit perfectly into even the most aggressive schedules. The Planks You Should Be Doing (But Probably Aren't) Getting Your First Muscle-up. No single bodyweight exercise works your entire upper body as thoroughly as a muscle-up.

Getting Your First Muscle-up

It is truly the king of bodyweight exercises, bar none. I’ve blogged about muscle-ups before, but it’s a topic that people continually ask about. TACFIT for Life. This tactical fitness methodology from world-champ MMA fighter Scott Sonnon emphasizes precision over power, recovery over exhaustion.

TACFIT for Life

By Nicole Radziszewski / January / February 2013 Peer into some fitness classes and you’ll see knees caving toward each other, elbows flailing and backs rounding as participants struggle to keep up with the instructor. And yet they just keep going. You know the type — you might even be the type: valuing effort over technique; doing workouts more than a little beyond your limits; adhering to the well-tread, often wrong-headed maxim No pain, no gain.

“That whole you-gotta-push-through mentality is destroying people,” says Scott Sonnon, world-champion mixed-martial-arts (MMA) fighter and creator of the TACFIT (tactical fitness) training system, which takes a gentler approach to circuit training. You don’t need to be involved in hand-to-hand combat to benefit, says Sonnon. Get TACFIT Score Yourself. What You Don’t Know about the Push-up. The push-up is quite possibly one of the best exercises athletes can do.

What You Don’t Know about the Push-up

Most athletes and coaches only associate push-ups with the chest and triceps, but they’re a great exercise for upper back strength and shoulder proprioception as well as for ingraining proper torso stability patterns. Scapula Strength – Sharpen Those Shoulder Blades For Upper Body Strength. Strength is more than just muscle!

Scapula Strength – Sharpen Those Shoulder Blades For Upper Body Strength

Your upper back is a reservoir of great strength in all your movements. Don't believe me? Take Bruce Lee for example. He is shown to have incredible punching power, is reported to be able to pump out one-handed pull ups like they were going out of style, and could hold a dragon flag by just balancing himself on his shoulder blades. There is something to this. So let me make this simple: STRENGTHENING YOUR SCAPULA MEANS STRENGTHENING ALL OF YOUR UPPER BODY. Exercise of the Week: Box Jump with 1-leg Landing. Test your Tactical Fitness with the “Q” Challenge. October 31, 2011 – 12:03 pm Test your Tactical Fitness with the “Q” To understand program design from a tactical fitness perspective, we must consider the evolution of movement from a social science standpoint.

As our scientific understanding of movement evolved, so too did our movement capacity in sports and athletics. Functional fitness took the 1 and 2 dimensional movements (and energy systems) or prior exercise perspectives, such as Victorian calisthenics and selectorized isolatory bodybuilding, and added the angular/diagonal aspect of movement through the 3 standard planes. Instead of moving between the front/back, right/left, up/down planes, functional fitness took you through two or more planes: three-dimensional movement. Functional fitness means to restore and refine the balance of the human physique in operation. Five Tibetan Rites.

Five Tibetan Rites to slow aging, increase energy, improve breathing, and strengthen neck, lower back, and core muscles. - Corporate Rates for "The Five Tibetan Rites' Classes - Corporate Rates for "The Five Tibetan Rites' Classes. The Effects of Lower Extremity Muscle Activation and Passive... : The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. Using the Single Leg Squat to Test Leg Health. Yoga Poses - Basic to Advanced Yoga Positions. Sumo Rotational Squats. Whether you’re a beginning exerciser who needs help getting started or someone who wants to add some spice to your fitness routine, our ACE Exercise Library offers a variety of movements to choose from.

Browse through total-body exercises or movements that target more specific areas of the body. Each comes with a detailed description and photos to help ensure proper form. Movement Culture. Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland - Gymnastics, Vol 2: Hollow Hold.