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Welcome to the LaraBrain - Creating Sluggable URLs Using the Laravel Framework. Committed to the LaraBrain by: wjgilmore (@wjgilmore) at October 14, 2015 11:04 pm Creating user- and SEO-friendly URLs is easy thanks to the eloquent-sluggable package.

Welcome to the LaraBrain - Creating Sluggable URLs Using the Laravel Framework

Thanks to Laravel's RESTful (also known as resourceful) controller support, it's fairly trivial to build interfaces for creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting data. These RESTful interfaces depend upon a well-defined URL structure, and the show action (displaying information about a specific record) in particular requires that a record's primary key be passed along as part of the URL, such as: The 3 identifies a particular record by its primary key, which can then be retrieved in the controller's show action like so: $tip = Tip::findOrFail(3);

Building blocks for Web of tomorrow. Browsing Most Recent Laravel Tricks. Packages for Laravel. Cartalyst. 60Packages 85Issues 1863Closed 804Commits 7202Backers maintained and curated @ Github We build framework agnostic composer packages for developers.


Browse the Arsenal 1. Research. GitHub - unicodeveloper/laravel-hackathon-starter: A hackathon/MVP boilerplate for laravel web applications. Start your hackathons without hassle. Packages for Laravel. Open source software. Making Eloquent models translatable - Every two weeks I send out a newsletter containing lots of interesting stuff for the modern PHP developer.

Making Eloquent models translatable -

You can expect quick tips, links to interesting tutorials, opinions and packages. Want to learn the cool stuff? Then sign up now! How To Add Multilingual Support to Eloquent. Did you know that several countries throughout the world have more than one official language? For example, my home country Belgium has three; French, Dutch, and German. Most Belgians also speak English. Quick Tip: Get a Homestead Vagrant VM Up and Running. This quick tip will help you get up and running with a brand new Homestead Improved Vagrant VM. to find out about Vagrant and why you should use it, see this post.Homestead Improved is based on Homestead, but has the added benefit of not forcing you to deal with SSH keys, doesn’t get installed globally, is more cross-platform friendly, and comes with a helper script to auto-configure the shared folders.I recommend creating a new Homestead Improved VM for every new project, and this tutorial will follow such a practice.

Quick Tip: Get a Homestead Vagrant VM Up and Running

Prerequisites You need: The tutorial assumes you’ll be using a bash-like terminal; Git Bash if on Windows (comes with Git Tools). Getting Started. Packagist. - A blog on modern PHP and Laravel. Laravel Packages. Laravel Doctrine - Best of Both Worlds? Laravel Doctrine is a drop-in implementation of the famous ORM for the Laravel 5.X Framework, and a really interesting alternative to the default choice, Eloquent.

Laravel Doctrine - Best of Both Worlds?

In this article, we will learn how to use it, and when. Why Doctrine, and not Eloquent? Laravel Doctrine - A drop-in Doctrine2 implementation for Laravel 5+ Laravel Collective. Laravel Archives - SitePoint. Laravel 5.2 and Dropzone.js Part 2: Displaying already uploaded images. In first part Laravel 5.2 and Dropzone.js auto image uploads with removal links I talked about basic configuration options and server side functions.

Laravel 5.2 and Dropzone.js Part 2: Displaying already uploaded images

Many comments were related to displaying images uploaded in previous sessions, thus I decided to expand the project and implement that feature. Dropzone Configuration Dropzone expects 3 things to build preview thumbnail: filename, size and server path. Dunebook - Tutorials for laravel , php , Angularjs & javascripts. Create a Laravel and Angular Single Page Comment Application. Laravel and Angular have both become very well renowned tools in the web development world lately.

Create a Laravel and Angular Single Page Comment Application

Laravel for the great things it brings to the PHP community and Angular for the amazing frontend tools and its simplicity. Combining these two great frameworks only seems like the logical next step. Create an E-Commerce Website with laravel 5.2. Browsing Most Recent Laravel Tricks. Cartalyst.