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Dieter Schnabel

I am german, living in France, next to swiss border. I speak english and of course german. I am Freelancer for more than 20 years in web-development. I am exited about the Laravel framework, new javascript techniques like Vue and backend and frontend development. I am fokussed on developing feature rich solutions and ecommerce enhancements. This Pearltree reflects my interests in web-tech and serves as a knowlegebase.


Json. UI user interfaces. Video Tuts. Practical ecommerce. Trends. Shopware. Symfony. Laravel. Vue. Alpine.js. Javascript. CSS. Fonts. Stock Images. Magento. Courses. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. MySQL. Database. StackOverflow. Ecommerce. Google. PHP. GitHub. GitLab. Design. HTML5. CDNs. Online DEV Tools. Modern Development. Online Know How. IDEs & Environment. Python. Cheatsheets. Frequently used links. My coggles. Wordpress.

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