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Dieter Schnabel

I am german, living in France, next to swiss border. I speak english and of course german. I am Freelancer for more than 20 years in web-development. I am exited about the Laravel framework, new javascript techniques like Vue and backend and frontend development. I am fokussed on developing feature rich solutions and ecommerce enhancements. This Pearltree reflects my interests in web-tech and serves as a knowlegebase.

Laravel helpers

Shopware. Docker. Mobile DEV. Wichtige Video-Kurse. Color palettes - webdesign. Book of Modern frontend tooling. Gulp is a streaming build system that allows you to automate tedious development tasks.

Book of Modern frontend tooling

What are Streams? Streams are designed to perform complex operations when constructed as a sequence of smaller, single purpose applications. These applications would connect from one end-point to a starting-point of another, allowing passage of data to be modified or analyzed at each application. This connection of applications is a concept referred to as piping, and the collection of pipes as a whole is referred to as the pipechain.


Kurse. Javascript. CSS. DEV Tools. MySQL. Responsive images. Usefull Dev Tools. Images. Amazon & Algolia. Documentation.