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Create a RESTful API using Node and Express with MySQL Database

Tippy. Top 5: Best before and after (image comparison) slider jQuery and Javascript plugins. Everything come through the eyes, whatever the topic is (specifically talking about images) the best (nice, beautiful) impression of something, will be always the election of an user.

Top 5: Best before and after (image comparison) slider jQuery and Javascript plugins

The ability to allow the user to view a comparison between 2 images and control it by himself can be a fascinating experience for the user and advantageous for you. Notably, we are not talking only about timelines (before and after), but for comparison between your product and others (independently of if they're similar or not). As always mentioned in our Tops, do not build the wheel as it already exists, that costs money, time and mental health (yep, it could be difficult to achieve if you are starting from the ground). In this top, we've collected 7 of the most imponent comparison between images plugins for Javascript and jQuery, so you won't waste too much time looking for plugins and you'll start working immediately on your project. Enjoy it !

7 JavaScript Playgrounds to Use in 2019

jQuery Plugins. Leonardomso/33-js-concepts: □ 33 concepts every JavaScript developer should know. JS Utility resources. 1200+ Best jQuery : Website Design Awards Gallery 2014 - 2013. 11 Javascript Utility Libraries. Wallaby.js debugger. Modal JS. Web Components. Wired Elements. Pell - The JavaScript Learning Landscape in 2018.

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The JavaScript Learning Landscape in 2018

Raise your hand if this sounds like you: You’ve been in the tech industry for a number of years, you know HTML and CSS inside-and-out, and you make a good living. But, you have a little voice in the back of your head that keeps whispering, "It’s time for something new, for the next step in your career. You need to learn programming. " Yep, same here. I’ve served in a variety of roles in the tech industry for close to a decade. Like a lot of people, though, I’m intimidated by the current JavaScript landscape. #The Burden of Information How about this, does this sound familiar, too? You’ve attempted to learn programming before with a few different languages.

Samesies. I’ve gotten halfway through The Rails Tutorial and Learn Python The Hard Way. I can figure out what a PHP file does and understand a bit of jQuery, but if you asked me to sit down and write the most basic of programs, I’d be hard-pressed to do it. 10 Tips for Javascript Debugging Like a PRO with Console. For the past decade, one of my passions is front-end development (especially javascript).

10 Tips for Javascript Debugging Like a PRO with Console

As a craftsman, I love learning new tools of the trade. In this story, I’m going to give you some awesome tips for debugging like a pro, using the good old console. Yes, we all know its basics:console.log(‘Hello World!’) ; //log a message or an object to‘Something happened…’); //same as console logconsole.warn(‘Something strange happened…’); //same as console log but outputs a warningconsole.error(‘Something horrible happened…’); //same as console log but outputs an error.

Loading Third-Party JavaScript   You've optimized all of your code, but your site still loads too slowly.

Loading Third-Party JavaScript  

Who's the culprit? Often, performance problems slowing pages down are due to third-party scripts: ads, analytics, trackers, social-media buttons, and so on. Third-party scripts provide a wide range of useful functionality, making the web more dynamic, interactive, and interconnected.

File Upload

Tooltips. Paralax scrolling. Layzr.js. Node.js. JavaScript Weekly Issue 373: February 16, 2018. Some developers shy away from build tools for quick projects and they’re not mandatory, as we see here.

JavaScript Weekly Issue 373: February 16, 2018

Here’s how to use Vue.js in a similar way to how you might use jQuery now. Sarah Drasner If you’re a Babel user, this is a must-read ‘state of the union’ type post from its creator. If you’re not? You’ll get to learn what it is, too. Henry Zhu.


Calendar. Introduction to Anime.js. Moment.js. Promises. Axios. Compendium. Webpack. LocalStorage. SyntaxHighlighter. JavaScript Tutorial. CDNs. ES6. Lodash. React. JS Fiddle and others. Tuts - Copy. Video Courses. Code.tutsplus. Yarn & NPM. Learn How To Debug JavaScript with Chrome DevTools – codeburst. That’s the basic idea of stepping through code.

Learn How To Debug JavaScript with Chrome DevTools – codeburst

If you look at the code in get-started.js, you can see that the bug is probably somewhere in the updateLabel() function. Rather than stepping through every line of code, you can use another type of breakpoint to pause the code closer to the location of the bug. Line-of-code breakpoints are the most common type of breakpoint. When you’ve got a specific line of code that you want to pause on, use a line-of-code breakpoint. Try it now: Look at the last line of code in updateLabel(), which looks like this: label.textContent = addend1 + ' + ' + addend2 + ' = ' + sum; To the left of this code, you can see the line number of this particular line of code: 32.

Click the Resume script execution button: The script continues executing until it reaches the line of code you placed the breakpoint on.

Vanilla JS

Node.js. jQuery. Angular. Javascript. Fancybox. Advanced js. Typescript. JS/Jquery.