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Augmented And Virtual Reality To Hit $150 Billion, Disrupting Mobile By 2020. Editor’s note: Tim Merel is the managing director of Digi-Capital. Virtual reality and augmented reality are exciting – Google Glass coming and going, Facebook’s $2 billion for Oculus, Google’s $542 million into Magic Leap, not to mention Microsoft’s HoloLens. There are amazing early-stage platforms and apps, but VR/AR in 2015 feels a bit like the smartphone market before the iPhone. We’re waiting for someone to say “One more thing…” in a way that has everyone thinking “so that’s where the market’s going!” A pure quantitative analysis of the VR/AR market today is challenging, because there’s not much of a track record to analyze yet.

AR is from Mars, VR is from Venus VR and AR headsets both provide stereo 3D high-definition video and audio, but there’s a big difference. You might think this distinction is splitting hairs, but that difference could give AR the edge over not just VR, but the entire smartphone and tablet market. Where’s the beef? Eye phone Real dollars One more thing… How To Use Augmented Reality In Education. When you were a kid, did you watch RoboCop and totally love the heads-up display? What about the fascinating visuals in Minority Report or Iron Man? They’re basically a form of augmented reality (AR for short). Augmented reality is not something limited to just Hollywood blockbusters though. There are a bunch of ways people are using augmented reality in education, believe it or not. Before you get your feathers all ruffled, though, let’s clear something up.

In an effort to shed some light on the current tools and teachers using AR, I thought it might be useful to assemble a list of what we’re seeing these days. In any case, here are just a handful of interesting AR use cases that you should check out. Project Glass The most famous AR project is being, of course, led by the folks at Google. MITAR Games Star Walk This was one of the earlier iPhone apps that really caught the attention of the world.

Second Life Second Life is actually a pretty old school AR game nowadays. AR Development Lab. In augmented reality, we see better versions of ourselves. The small hotel room I’m in barely holds two people, never mind six, but I am close quarter chatting with a bevy of Meta employees dying to prove why its implementation of AR is better. Not just better than every other company in this space, but better in an ontological sense of the word. Two years ago, Meta, headed by former IDF technician Meron Gribetz, nearly doubled its $100,000 Kickstarter goal by promising “the most advanced augmented reality glasses on the market.” It took fifteen months for that product, with countless nips and tucks, to ship to backers under the name Meta 1 Developer Kit, but the results are astounding.

Meta doesn’t make a virtual reality headset, that’s first. Meta 1 projects a small screen in front of the wearer’s eyes, a translucent incumbrance that, without obscuring the objects behind it, conveys a sense of space within space. It’s weird and remarkable. Augmented reality appears about to become a mainstream idea. Smart glasses in space! NASA to test augmented reality. It's hard to call the IT department in space. That is why NASA is experimenting with augmented reality glasses. The glasses use similar technology to that used in Google Glass, but instead of driving directions to the nearest Dairy Queen, astronauts could get step-by-step instructions on how to fix parts on the International Space Station displayed right in front of their eyes. NASA is teaming up with the Osterhout Design Group, which also makes glasses for workers in the military, aerospace and other industries.

The company's R-6 Smart Glasses feature a gyroscope, altitude sensor, a camera and Bluetooth connectivity. Microsoft is releasing something similar with its HoloLens, which it says "seamlessly blends high-definition holograms with your real world. " While not mentioned by NASA, plenty of companies are using augmented reality to create video games, so hopefully the astronauts of tomorrow can play "Asteroids" while orbiting the Earth. TRENDS | Five Ways Augmented Reality Creates Engaging Customer Experiences. Augmented reality: The future of business? Imagine sitting at home on your tablet looking for a new coffee table for the front room. You open an app, choose the piece of furniture you like, and place it in the room to see how it looks - all on your tablet. This is augmented reality (AR).

Once the stuff of Hollywood movies, businesses from every sector are betting big on the technology to boost sales and productivity. Augmented reality is when digital images are superimposed on to the real world, often through a headset, and an increasing number of businesses are seeing the need to use it. "We have loads of enterprise customers who have ordered them.

We're actually shipping these now. I can't name names but what I can tell you, lots of Fortune 500 companies," Kayvan Mirza, CEO and co-founder of Optinvent, told CNBC, speaking about the company's Ora Smart Glasses. Optinvent's $949 device is aimed at the enterprise market. Airbus poised to incorporate interactive windows on passenger planes. 02 April 2015 Airbus has filed a patent for an interactive aircraft cabin window display, indicating that the French aviation giant may display content, that can be controlled by passengers, on aeroplane windows in the future. The patent application covers interaction by touch or eye-tracking cameras and suggests the display could be used to represent "an environment outside the aircraft cabin window". The US Patent was filed on March 18, 2015 and opens up the possibility that passengers could access information about a view from an aircraft using an augmented reality application.

Presumably aircraft windows would have to get a lot larger to make use of this technology, which opens up a host of safety and cost issues, indicating that Airbus probably has its sights set more on publicity than a tangible development with this latest patent application. More information... View Patent Application Contact Details and Archive... Airbus. How Reality-Altering Glasses Could Save the Postal Service Millions - Tech. Energiency Augmented, 1st big data and augmented reality app for energy management in industry 4.0. Energiency launches the 1st augmented reality and big data application for energy management! French editor Energiency unveiled exclusively at CFIA 2015 (World Food Industry Exhibition In Rennes, France) its new application Energiency Augmented, that lets the visitor embody an operator manufacturing sterilized dairy products on multiple machines using as little energy as possible.

The technology uses an Internet of Things (IoT) platform to connect sensors to Energiency big data calculation engine in order to process real-time information. An augmented reality application based on Metaio Creator Studio and hands free Epson Moverio BT-200 glasses and mobile devices (downloadable on visitors smartphone) display energy savings and calls to action all throughout the process. Atheer's SmartGlasses: Augmented Reality You Can Touch | SPAR Point Group. This article has been tagged with these categories: Written by SPAR Point Group staff There are a number of see-through augmented reality solutions on the market, but Mountain View-based company Atheer says their SmartGlasses are "the industry's only mobile, gesture-controlled see-through smart glasses. " Atheer is showcasing this technology at SPAR International 2015. The glasses work on a principle that the company is calling Augmented Interactive Reality (AiR), which lays 3D representations of digital data on top of a user's real-world view and allows users to interact with those representations as if they were physical objects.

Atheer is targeting the field services, healthcare, and oil & gas markets, where their "contextualized 3D augmented reality" can be used to display information only when and where it is needed. During a busy pre-conference session, a representative showed off the SmartGlasses. He also showed how you can use the glasses to view contextual information for a part. Mobile Augmented Reality games to reach 420m downloads per annum by 2019, finds Juniper Research - M2M Now - News and expert opinions on the M2M industry, machine to machine magazine.

2nd European Augmented Reality Marketing Conference And AR Business Ex. The Potential of Augmented Reality - Barcinno. The word “Smart” is all around. Whether we refer to Smart Cities, Smart Factories or Smart Health Systems, it is clear that smart technologies are knocking more and more on our door. The promise: connectivity, efficiency and more information.

The big trends zooming around the “Smart” concept are Internet of Things (Iot) and Big Data. Just have a look at the events in the innovation and startup ecosystem of Barcelona and it´s apparent that nobody wants to miss this opportunity. But there are more promising technologies, in which both trends can be combined. Therefore, in this article I would like to draw the attention to the potential of augmented reality. From science fiction to reality. Augmented Reality in Barcelona Augmented Reality enables us to be in touch with the real world, while interacting with virtual objects. Interested in learning more on Augmented Reality? In this series, the next article will be on the potential of 3D printing. Photo by Shutterstock. • View topic - Is Traditional (Print) Media dying? Anjana Kamat wrote:Print is eveolving, not dying.

As people het more and more sucked into their 'smartphones', it will be no longer cool to be connected. Then the real hipsters will use print again. Yes, What you said is right, but in this digital age, the business can happens in fraction of seconds, if the Advertisers wouldn't be care about their market the competitors captured it, in return no returns, instead losses. Due to that the Digital Market evolves like any other else and the earnings also could be like that. Though, there has a space between the offline ads and online ads, with the scope of AR,Augmented Reality, the advertisers dream comes true and able to target their audience from the two mediums such as online and offline!!

Normal Prints stands for static Online Ads goes to connect with Online UsersWhere as to connect the both, Augmented Reality print Ads!! Window to the World - Augmented Blog. Clever App Reveals a Snapshot of Your Location—In the Past. The makers of the augmented reality app Pivot want to create a time portal—on your phone. The app aims to bring glimpses of history to your smartphone screen, using images tied to wherever you happen to be. Users receive notifications when they’re near a “pivot” point; raising the phone brings up an image of that place as it appeared from that vantage point decades ago. For creators Asma Jaber and her fiancée Sami Jitan, the inspiration for the project was personal: “I wanted to create a way to let people see what my father’s village looked like in the past,” Jaber says.

Jaber’s Palestinian father lived in Nazareth and, later, in a village north of Ramallah during a period of great conflict in the region. He arrived in South Carolina in 1971 after being denied entry to the West Bank and landing in Jordan. Click to Open Overlay Gallery Jaber, a recent graduate of Harvard’s school of public policy, and Jitan started developing Pivot last spring. Is Augmented Reality The Next Tech Revolution? A number of companies are in various stages of developing augmented reality tech. But are the claims and demo videos that have already been released too good to be true? Will the visions of startups like MagicLeap become a reality, or do they simply offer an illusion of something better than modest reality underneath? If the future of virtual and augmented reality technologies plays out the way the companies behind them hope it will, then one day your laptop, your smartphone, and your television could be replaced by devices that overlay virtual apps and experiences on your surroundings or create immersive experiences that let you experience an entirely different world in your living room.

Two of the most exciting augmented reality systems on the way are Microsoft’s HoloLens and MagicLeap’s technology. Magic Leap kept a low profile until it began raising large amounts of money. However, Metz explains that she wasn’t blown away by the HoloLens demonstration. Source. Augmented reality gets to work—and gets past the “Glassholes” Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that has been on the cusp of becoming the next big thing for over 20 years.

But the technology—the projection of data or digital imagery over real-world objects—has largely remained the stuff of fighter cockpits at the high end and of mobile games and art projects on the low. The promise of Google Glass—real augmented reality for the masses—failed to materialize. That doesn't mean the technology won't fly at all. While many organizations experimented with Glass, other devices already in the hands—and on the heads—of companies and software developers have been pushing forward augmented reality in multiple industries. Work is being done today to integrate corporate cloud applications and data from intelligent machines connected to the "Internet of Things" into applications for mobile and wearable devices. And all this could help make humans on the factory floor, on the flight line, in hospitals, and in the field more effective and efficient.

Augmented realities and uneven geographies: exploring the geolinguistic contours of the web - Apple Watch Meets HoloLens: AR Watch Uses Augmented Reality To Let You Wear The iWatch At Home. The Apple Watch release date will arrive April 24 but that shouldn’t stop you from donning the wearable yourself. We still may be a month away from the launch of the mythical Apple Watch but you can still try on Apple’s watch from home. No, not from the app they installed on your phone -- though that would make sense and it should -- but from a new app called ARWatch. Unlike many apps on the iPhone, ARWatch is sideloaded onto your device and installed via trusting the developer -- much like GBA4iOS back in the day. As it’s not an Apple approved app, we’d say install at your own caution if you choose to install it at all. How To Install ARWatch To Try Out The Apple Watch To install ARWatch, you’ll want to head to this link on your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device.

If you’re ready to fully trust the app, hit Trust on the dialogue box that appears. Now, to the physical world. Have you downloaded the ARWatch app? The Pitch: Aireal to monetize digital airspace for interactive experiences anywhere - Dallas Business Journal. Airreal's platform gives companies and users the ability to create augmented reality experiences that help connect the digital and physical worlds. In other words, Angry Birds could appear as though they are right in front of users based on a specific location in Dallas. A Coppell-based startup has found a way to maximize the use of digital airspace, creating a platform that gives users an augmented reality experience based on their geographic location. Aireal is marketing its platform, which took two years to build, to anyone who wants to build augmented reality experiences that can be anchored to specific longitudes, latitudes and altitudes.

Interested in North Texas technology news? Sign up for our free TechFlash newsletter “Our tagline is your only limitation is your imagination,” said Kevin Hart, CEO who founded Aireal in February 2013. Aireal recently took home $2,000 after winning the inaugural Dallas Pitch Prize at Dallas Startup Week earlier this month. JoinPad presenta al Droidcon Torino il nuovo kit per la Realtà Aumentata. Google Developers Show Impressive Future Of Augmented Reality On Project Tango Tablet. Mobile Augmented Reality apps will hit 420 million downloads by 2019. Augmented Reality Can Help Children With Autism Tap Into Their Imaginations. New software will give drone pilots augmented reality vision. How Will Augmented Reality Transform Your Job? The Future of Augmented Reality is in our Hands with Haptics & Touch Screens | AR Stories. If This Is What Augmented Reality Is Really Like, I'm In. Visa Augmented Reality campaign. Getting Social: Living in the Age of Tech and Social Media | The Silo.

Le etichette del futuro grazie alla realtà aumentata. Augmented reality: The future of business? Augmented Reality is the Future of Entertainment. Businesses are testing augmented reality - and it's working. Augmented reality gets to work—and gets past the “Glassholes” With $45 Million In Funding, Augmented Reality Platform Blippar Is Rethinking Search.

Why augmented reality will change how we shop -- forever. Try On The Apple Watch Now Using This Augmented Reality App. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Marketing with James Dearsley - Plus Your Business. How are Brands using augmented reality to engage users and drive conversion? (London) - Masterclassing. British military given high-tech vests, augmented reality helmets and wearable chargers. Appletiser Bottles Comes to Life with Augmented Reality. Archaeology, GIS and Smell (and Arduinos) | Dead Men's Eyes. Interview With The Founders of Emotions AR At The Mobile World Congress - Barcinno. Augmented Reality – Incentive8. Businesses are testing augmented reality - and it's working. Mall Leverages Augmented Reality for Spring Campaign. Digital experience at the point of sale - DS Smith Packaging.

300% Mobile Lift Is A Real and Augmented Reality. Case Study: How Greenpeace used augmented reality to deliver the ‘Arctic Experience’ to mobile devices, enabling users to engage with its ‘Save the Arctic’ campaign | mJUST | Mobile Tech for Nonprofits, NGOs, Charities & Activism. See Thousands Of Products In Your Home Before You Buy Them with Augmented Reality | digital u:th.

8 Excellent Augmented Reality Apps for iPad. 10 Ways Augmented Reality Can Assist Retail | Augmented Pixels – leading developer of Augmented Reality solutions for retail, real estate, marketing and media! 20 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Education. 10 Examples of Augmented Reality in Retail. Augmented reality: The future of business? Augmented commerce. Anywhere. Cimagine brings its markerless virtual reality shopping platform to the masses. Download Laura Scott Mobile App, Elli. Redecorate Your Home Using Augmented Reality. List of augmented reality software. Augmented Wearables and the Future of Museums. Google Glass, HoloLens, and the Real Future of Augmented Reality. The Internet Of Things Market Growth And Trends - Business Insider. Internet of Things Grand Challenge Workshop key findings | Deloitte US | Technology Industry.

Welcome to Forbes. Smaller startups can create great augmented reality products too. OoVoo and Intel Bring Augmented Reality to Video Chat | SocialTimes. Augmented Reality Simply Explained for Students. The Potential of Augmented Reality - Barcinno. How Will Augmented Reality Transform Your Job?

Augmented Reality - The Next Big Technology for Aviation Industry. Augmented Reality Law, Privacy, and Ethics, 1st Edition | Brian Wassom | ISBN 9780128002087. Augmented Reality Startup Magic Leap, Funded by Google, is Working on Super-Real 3-D “Light Field” Display. Coca-Cola Magic Augmented Reality. How Aisle411 Enhances In-Stores Shopping Experiences with Indoor Navigation Services - Augmented Blog. Turn The Subway Into A Digital Gallery With Your Smartphone. Augmented Reality and the Digital Map Revolution - GIS Lounge. How Will Augmented Reality Transform Your Job? ​The Useless Side of the Internet of Things. How Aisle411 Enhances In-Stores Shopping Experiences with Indoor Navigation Services - Augmented Blog.

How Will Augmented Reality Transform Your Job? Get Started — Junaio – Augmented Reality Browser. Augmented Reality Calendar. Reality++ fueled by IoT. The Potential of Augmented Reality - Barcinno. Augmented reality facing a chicken-egg problem - Ellsworth. Vegetables Come to Life with Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality as Marketing Tech, Pt. 2: The Future of Shopping | Retention Science. Bringing Vegetables To Life With Augmented Reality. MetaWorld | ChallengePost. What It’s Like to Try Magic Leap’s Take on Virtual Reality. Magic Leap sheds light on its retina-based augmented-reality 3D displays | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi. How Is Augmented Reality Being Used in Construction. Nike patents augmented reality shoe design software - NY Daily News. Skoda employs augmented reality in outdoor campaign. Augmented Mirror.