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Why Apps Need A New Data Center Stack. Editor’s note: Derrick Harris is a senior research analyst at Mesosphere.

Why Apps Need A New Data Center Stack

Harris most recently covered cloud and big data new for GigaOM. The Internet has changed a lot about people’s lives in the past couple decades. Web and mobile applications let us search for information, buy products, and communicate frictionlessly, from anywhere — at speeds and in ways never before possible. We get movie recommendations on the dashboards of our cars, produce and publish videos on our phones, and buy thermostats that predict when we will be at work so they can turn down the heat. While these advances might seem like magic to the outside world, the people building these applications understand just how much has gone into making them work. The reason is simple: smart companies understand that competing in the next decade will require new ways of thinking about IT. There is no going back. Reinventing How Applications Are Built Meet the Data Center Application Stack Featured Image: Bryce Durbin.

This new app can provide some respite to thirsty birds. Surat: To provide respite to thousands of thirsty birds and street animals from the scorching summer heat, a city-based animal welfare organisation has launched a new mobile application, a statement said on Friday.

This new app can provide some respite to thirsty birds

The application, The Bird Tap, is an initiative by animal welfare organisation, Prayas Team Environment Charitable Trust in collaboration with NGO Humane Society International(HSI), India. "Our organisation has been distributing thousands of earthen water bowls in summers for many years now. It's the first time that we will get a systematic feedback from people who install and take care of the water pot. This new application is an initiative by animal welfare organisation, Prayas Team Environment Charitable Trust in collaboration with NGO Humane Society International(HSI).

(Water bowl, via Shutterstock) New Prototype App Can Reserve You A Spot At Crowded Coffee Shop For A Price. Apps, like Periscope, raise piracy concerns. LAS VEGAS -- A new battle is brewing on the digital front as new vendors enter the market allowing anyone with a smart phone to live stream events.

Apps, like Periscope, raise piracy concerns

It became an issue when fans at the Mayweather - Pacquiao fight live streamed the boxing match allowing people to avoid paying $100 to watch the fight on pay-per-view. Other big Las Vegas events, such as Rock in Rio this weekend and the Electric Daisy Carnival in the summer could end up being streamed on cell phones. A representative for Rock in Rio told 8 News NOW they aren't concerned at all about people using live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope. In fact, they will be offering a free live stream of the event on Yahoo which they believe will be a much better quality. As technology advances, it brings up the question about how far can events go to protect their content. Commission-free stock trading app Robinhood raises $50m. Robinhood, the Silicon Valley startup behind a no-commission stock trading app, has raised $50 million in funding and set its sights on an Australian launch.

Commission-free stock trading app Robinhood raises $50m

New Enterprise Associates led the funding round and was joined by existing investors Index Ventures, Ribbit Capital, and Social Leverage. The firm has now raised a total $66 million, with Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures as well as celebs Jared Leto and Snoop Dogg among its backers. With traditional retail brokerages such as E*Trade charging fees of anything up to $10 a trade, Robinhood has attracted strong interest for its iPhone and Apple Watch apps since launching in December, claiming hundreds of thousands of members - a quarter of which are first-time investors.

More than $50 million has already been transacted through the platform. Eventually, Robinhood plans to make money by offering margin trading, letting other firms build apps on top of its API, and delivering trade flow to exchanges. Dating app The League makes connecting in New York City even more exclusive - New York Business Journal. Alex Akamine Amanda Bradford, founder of The League, a dating app, launched the concept recently in New York.

Dating app The League makes connecting in New York City even more exclusive - New York Business Journal

Dating has always been about being picky, but The League, a dating app recently launched in New York City, is giving pickiness a whole new spin. “New York is probably a better target market than San Francisco,” Amanda Bradford, founder of The League, told the Business Journals. “New York attracts ambitious individuals who are single and dating a lot. You have the mix of different industries, and people who are very successful.” App that Helps Manage Prenatal, Paediatric Needs. KOZHIKODE: In connection with the Mother’s Day celebration, the Cradle Hospital Calicut is all set to launch a mobile application, in an initiative to give assistance to parents in managing the prenatal and paediatric needs.

App that Helps Manage Prenatal, Paediatric Needs

The application named ‘mHealth app’ has been developed in association with Robert BOSCH Engineering and Business Solutions. The hospital authorities say that the new app aims to reduce the work burden of young mothers. “The app gives customers personalised care through reminders, alerts and scheduling,” says Dr Mohammed Jashir, centre head of Cradle Hospital, adding that the phone app helps parents to remember various vaccinations and their due dates, along with managing the doctors’ appointments. The mobile app, which can be installed in smart phones having Android and IOS Operating system, will be available from the Google Play store from May 10.

The app will be linked with the information management system and IT system of the hospital. New local app could revolutionize your lunch routine. There’s a new app in town that could revolutionize the way you order lunch for the office.

New local app could revolutionize your lunch routine

Waitr allows you to place to-go orders from participating local restaurants, with the option to have it delivered. It also gives you the option to split the office order payments between multiple people, who can each pay through the app on their own phones. Or, if your boss is feeling generous, he or she can even add people to an existing order so you can select an entree that fits within whatever price cap he or she has set. The app was developed by a south Louisiana man with a background in technology and food service. Waitr launched last week in the Lafayette market. “I first started developing the idea when I was in the restaurant business when online ordering first became popular,” says Chris Meaux, founder and president of Waitr. Although the app only just launched in Lafayette, Waitr has been successfully used for four months in Lake Charles. “Everybody lives 100 miles an hour,” Hurst says.

No empathy? Fake it with an app that perfects your online self - tech - 06 May 2015. Soon you’ll have the tools to hone your online communication skills and figure out how to make the perfect first impression when you meet someone in the flesh IF YOU want me to respond to your next email, you should try adding an emoticon to it.

No empathy? Fake it with an app that perfects your online self - tech - 06 May 2015

Well, that's the sort of thing Crystal says I like. Crystal Knows, a start-up in Nashville, Tennessee, calls its app "the biggest improvement to email since spellcheck". It is part of a growing suite of high-tech tools, some serious, some silly, that promise to help people talk to each other more effectively. You tell the system who you want to contact and it then sifts through what that person has posted online, mostly on social media and what comes up in a Google search.

For an email to my editor, for example, Crystal suggests that I ditch the formal greetings and not bore him with anything he's heard before. This App Helps You Quit Drinking. For the majority of American homeowners, their house is their single largest asset.

This App Helps You Quit Drinking

Despite the crash in home values in the last decade, that still holds true. That crash, however, created a much larger share of renters, and these Americans are not enjoying the new wealth that now-rising home prices afford. Ninety percent of metropolitan housing markets have seen a decline in their homeownership rates, while home values are rising and incomes are flat, and that is widening the wealth gap, according to a new study by the National Association of Realtors, which looked at homeownership, home values and income growth from 2000 to 2013.

"Homeownership plays a pivotal role in the U.S. economy and has historically been one of the primary sources of wealth accumulation for middle-class families," said Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the Realtors. New Gaymoji app lets LGBT community speak volumes with specially designed emoticons. Posted by Associate Editor Entertainment News, Online Only, Section 4A Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 AUSTIN, Texas — Humans have used symbols to communicate since the first hominids scratched pictograms onto cave walls.

New Gaymoji app lets LGBT community speak volumes with specially designed emoticons

But in the thoroughly modern age of emojis, commonly available images just don’t fit every user. Align Astrology Dating App. Photo: Courtesy of Align. If you've been swiping your little heart out to no avail, perhaps it's time to ditch Tinder and try a different approach to dating. Fashion retailer Net-a-Porter’s new social network wants to combine your photo-sharing and shopping in one app. Net-a-Porter, the glossy e-boutique that’s set to merge with Yoox and create an online luxury-tech giant, announced this morning that it will launch its own mobile-app-based social network. Called The Net Set, its users will be able to interact and share images like most social networks—with a twist. The company’s image-recognition software will analyze the images and find the closest match in Net-a-Porter’s inventory, then offer it up to users for purchase. Take a picture of your friend’s shirt that you love, and The Net Set will find it, or a close match.

And it doesn’t just work for images of clothing: Snap a particularly purplish sunset and The Net Set might recommend this ombre Burberry Prorsum dress. 42% of people using dating app Tinder already have a partner, claims report. Tinder shot to fame as a dating app for tech-savvy single people. Except, as it turns out, a big chunk of its users may not be single after all. That’s according to research firm GlobalWebIndex (GWI), which released some figures on Tinder from its latest survey of more than 47,000 internet users around the world that suggest the app has a wider demographic. In fact, the research claims that 30% of Tinder users surveyed are married, while another 12% are in a relationship. 54% classed themselves as single, while 3% were divorced or widowed.

Tinder may also be a digital stomping ground for married men, judging by GWI’s claim that 62% of its users are male and 38% female. The research also shows, unsurprisingly, that Tinder’s users are a relatively young crowd, with 38% aged between 16 and 24, and 45% between 25 and 34. This App Will Tell You Where It’s Legal to Fly a Drone. FAA to release B4UFLY app for drone hobbyists this summer A new smartphone app will tell drone enthusiasts whether they’re cleared for takeoff, sparing them the trouble of interpreting a thicket of regulations on no-fly zones, the Federal Aviation Administration announced. The app, called B4UFLY, will give hobbyists a simple “yea” or “nay” based on their location.

“It only takes a few taps to find out if you’re cleared to fly,” FAA’s Michael Huerta said in a public announcement of the new app. “We need to make sure hobbyists and modelers know where it’s okay to fly and where it isn’t okay to fly, because there can be very real consequences if you don’t,” Huerta added. 10 Free Tools to Help You Design Your First App. Whether you need to create a mockup of your app idea, design an eye-catching App Store icon, or just learn the basics of iOS design, there are many components that go into the process of designing a new app. More importantly, if you have limited resources, you’ll need to discover the tools that will help you accomplish your app idea as inexpensively as possible. Robinhood, the app for no-commission stock trading, rakes in $50 million.

Robinhood, a zero-fee stock trading app named after the English folklore hero who stole from the rich to give to the poor, said on Thursday that it has raised $50 million in new funding. Doctor Visits At Your NYC Home, Office, Or Hotel. Well.blogs.nytimes. Photo. Heal - Doctor house calls for adults and kids in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Urgent Care Doctors & Psychologists - Doctor On Demand. ​Swiping for peace: New dating app aims to bring Israelis and Palestinians together — RT News. Published time: May 06, 2015 14:58 Image from Google Play “Verona,” a brand new dating application connecting Israelis and Palestinians, is hoping to help toward solving the decades-long conflict in the Middle East. The app’s slogan is “World Peace, one swipe at a time” and is designed to connect Israelis and Palestinians looking for love, friendship or people interested in achieving peace between the nations.

It functions in the same way as the viral app Tinder. Once logged in via Facebook, users create a profile identifying as “Israeli” or “Palestinian” and are shown prospective matches in their area who identified with the opposite group. The name of the app, Verona, is also the city in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” where star-crossed lovers meet, despite their families feuding with each other. The app’s creator, Matthew Nolan, says that the idea came to him after talking to his Palestinian friend who has an Israeli girlfriend. “Peace in the Middle East. Qapital, a New Everyday Banking App, Lets Debt-Burdened Millennials Save... New app delivers situational awareness to protect travelers. Local News. Kids find imaginary friends with new app - Times LIVE. The vast majority - as much as 80%, according to the Chosun Ilbo newspaper - are teenagers, triggering concerns about the pressures of life on young people.

Winn-Dixie launches new shopping app. PlsPlsMe, A New App To Help You Discuss Your Turn Ons With Your Partner, Will Change Your Sex Life For the Better. Do you want to talk to your partner about sprucing up your sex life but don’t quite know how to approach the conversation? New app fills blank spaces in your text convos with Taylor Swift lyrics. New App Lets Users Text Strangers to Ask for Advice. Uk.businessinsider. New app to help parents and children interact.

New app will allow parents in N. Ridgeviille to track their kids school bus every move, every second. A Sweet App That Helps You Visualize Complex Rhythms. Warning: Your kids could be using this creepy new app. Fiksu’s New Service Lets Developers Track Apple Watch Apps. New App Lets Users Reserve Seats at Coffee Shops. New app can unearth video gems on Periscope. Linqapp, Which Lets You Get Real-Time Language Answers From Real People, Launches On iOS. Meerkat vs Periscope: One week with the new video streaming apps. B2B Operations - A mobile app connects contractors and construction managers. City to launch universal taxi app in Chicago. New Food Truck and App Will Deliver Meals to Your Door. Best new Android and iOS apps (April 28st - May 4th 2015) 'Dangerous' app banned by private Auckland school. This new app could really help the poor — if it gets help from the government. New Domino's app will track deliveries and help you get to know your driver. Instagram launches app for music - High School.

It's Your Right to Film the Police. These Apps Can Help. This new ride-sharing app is 'like Uber for boats' An iPad is only as GOOD as the Content On it - Teachers With Apps. Facebook Isn't An App, It's A Colossal Social Conglomerate - BuzzFeed News. Best apps for cat lovers - News. Not sure if those leftovers are still safe to eat? This app can help. This new app actually did surprisingly well in guessing presidential candidates' age. Uk.businessinsider. New app lets users donate in their sleep. New App allows users to track physical activity and stress reduction - Your Houston News: Health:

SpotHero is my new favorite app. Baltimore live streams riots with Periscope app. Four new Facebook apps, and who needs to download them. Jive Chime App Keeps You Connected to Work (Yay?) New app allows you to record police, send to ACLU. Best new apps for tablets & smartphones: Adidas Go, 6 Seconds, and more - Tech Feature. Microsof How Old Do I Look can tell how old you are from photos. Mobile Commerce Meets The Internet of Things 04/20/2015. Create, Customize and Buy Furniture Using Your Phone. New app aimed at deterring suicide. The 5 Best iPhone Apps of the Month. App of the Week: Linkagoal. Video Feature: Astronomy Apps for Getting to Know the Starry Night Skies. Airbnb's new app for tablets features magazine-style layout. Windows Wants Apps! Specifically, Android And iOS Apps - ReadWrite.

Creepy new travel app promises "attractive" females free vacations. Why mobile apps are the new face of businesses. Uber reportedly launching new merchant delivery app. New app to streamline child support payments. Continuous News and StormTracker Weather. New app aims to make shopping easy - Caller-Times. Google Now just got bigger and better. American Airlines planes grounded by iPad app error - BBC News. Rent-a-cat: app lets Londoners borrow rodent-catching moggie. Gett, Uber adding fast food delivery to ride app. New app described as 'the Uber' of legal services - News. My Idol app produces scary and hilarious avatars - Trending. SwiftKey's new app autocorrects sentences, not just words. Taxi app Gett gears up for next stage of cab wars: deliveries. Fart noise app Fart Watch rejected for new Apple Watch. If you're horrible on the internet, Clear app could save your job. New app finds graves of 1918 flu victims.

Tech City: Cost-splitting app for house sharers. New app aims to help us battle our need to booze. 10 Free Tools to Help You Design Your First App. Indian mobile games approach critical mass. This new murder-for-hire app is disgusting. Amanda Oleander is the next Kim Kardashian: Why MILLIONS of users watch her on Periscope. New Video Editing, Sharing App Ferris Lands $2 Million In Funding. New app concept crowd-sources demand, lets users create own bus routes - Singapore Transport News. New app makes buying your new home a breeze.