Learning Theories

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21st century education. Like Alice, many educators, policy makers and even the general public respond resoundingly with "That's impossible!

21st century education

" when challenged to adopt a new paradigm of education for the 21st century. Most people today adhere to a paradigm of education that is strictly 19th century. But, like the Queen, a growing number of educators are believing in and accomplishing "the impossible". Developing Questions for Critical Thinking.

The revised cognitive domain introduced by Lorin Anderson in the 1990's revised the original domains by changing from noun to format and realigning the categories.

Developing Questions for Critical Thinking

In the revised domain remembering serves as the lowest level of thinking and creating serves as the highest. Use the links below to work with the recently revised categories. How we will learn. Why You Learn More Effectively by Writing Than Typing - Lifehacker.

Online Mind Mapping - MindMeister.