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My Daruma I am so excited to show you my latest project : this one is very special and 100% geek! There’s a lot of sewing involved of course but I also had to work hard on conductivity and coding. What? You mean like electricity and computer code? Yep! My Daruma
It is the third week of August and I have felt the first signs of Fall. While walking Brae to her first day of school I noticed the early morning fog has a deeper wetness to it. The clouds threaten rain even though we shouldn't have a drop until Halloween. Elemental Stitches Elemental Stitches
2011-01 Hi, did you have a nice day ? Mine was exhausting... but I have a little story to tell and some pictures to show. It is perfect to relax... So... When I was young my grand-mother used to bought me a little canevas (french type, kind of printed canvas) to entertain me during holidays. 2011-01
facilecécile 11 avril 2014 impression... Pierre // Corps


French Laid Embroidery French Laid Embroidery or French Laid Work - known and appreciated the world over. If one were asked to mention the kind of embroidery in most general use, we may say universal use, the answer would undoubtedly be “French laid work.” Professional workers and amateurs in all countries and from time immemorial have seemed to thoroughly appreciate the beauty, the durability, and perfect practicability of the firmly laid Satin stitch in white embroidery.