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Felt Koala Stuffie Second to paper, felt is my favorite crafting material. This is a new love for me and started when I realized there are different grades of felt and that means I never need to touch the scratchy synthetic felt that is all to common at craft stores. Testing different felts we know our favorite here in the design studio is a wonderful wool blend felt or a 100% wool felt. I am experimenting with a cotton felt and will give you an update on that when I have finished testing. Ombre Embroidery Sampler Tutorial I love ombre. Whether it’s on a dress, or on a wall, I just love the effect. And for a while now I’ve been mulling over the idea of creating an ombre embroidery sampler. (I should add here that WordPress wants me to correct “ombre” to “hombre”. I think that would be a very different piece of embroidery.)

Simple Angel Lesson Series Part 5 - Bookmarks/Edging ©1998-2007, Paradise Treasures Rep from * to * for length on last repeat omit SR I and R J. Turn Rep SCMR C, SR H and R G Continue from * to * joining chains at opposing picots and between SR's H-I Rep SCMR C, join last SR to R A. Rep SCMR C joining to R A. Cut, tie and hide with preferred method. Substitute Ch a: 3 - <10>, rw SS and Ch b: <10> - 3, rw, after turn, ,making respective cluny leaf, join chain portion to opposing picots. Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches I hope you find this needlework dictionary useful and with it able to improve your hand embroidery skills. To assist those who are new to the craft of hand embroidery I have categorised each stitch as to its degree of difficulty. An icon of a single pair of scissors indicates that the stitch is easy to work and you should not hesitate to try it.

Miriam Badyrka is The Doodler In college, I learned a lovely myth from China. Long ago, there were 10 suns. Each day, the sky goddess would choose one to drive across the sky in her chariot. The other nine suns would play all day. One day, all the suns decided to go up together and the heat of all of them together was so strong that it caused a terrible drought. A great archer was given 10 magical arrows to shoot them out of the sky.

Hand Sew Without The Knot 05 Apr 2013 April 5, 2013 We’re brushing the dust off our sewing skills and revisiting some essential techniques in sewing to share with you! Star-Shaped and Shiny: An Embroidered Notebook One of the most difficult parts of crafting is finding fresh ways to use old techniques. Many needlecraft companies are experiencing a surge in sales of kits for cushions, tea cosies and other three-dimensional items, and a cursory glance at any craft magazine will attest to the trend. But what happens when you want a small project, something quick to stitch, maybe to give as a gift? Well, you could try stitching a notebook. A small cross-stitch motif or simple blackwork pattern can turn an ordinary Moleskine journal into a work of art worthy to hold all your crafty ideas and sketches.

Floral Bookmark Tatting Pattern This is an adaptation of an edging found in Julia Sanders' "Tatting Patterns (Dover Needlework)", page 34, fig. 80. I omitted the central join, and changed the connecting chain. Requires 1 shuttle and ball thread. Large Ring: 7 p 3 p 4 p 3 p 7. cl r, rw. **Chain: 4 p 3 p 3 p 4. rw Small Ring: 5 j (to last p of Large Ring) 2 p 5. cl r, rw Sew on a Button Sitting here and wondering what my next topic for my blog will be and with the major holidays having passed (ok I know that Memorial Day and 4th July is just right around the corner and if I wait any longer those too will also pass me by). But, I knew there was one that I haven’t attempted and needed to accomplish – How Many Ways To Sew On A Button…? yes, I’m challenging myself. So, with that I started the other day and I couldn’t stop and I’m still going and probably will still go until I’ve exhausted myself on the 2 hole…(oh yes I do plan on attempting the 4-hole).

Freebie: Spring Plantings single color sampler Pick your favorite color and enjoy some Spring Plantings! The design is released under my copyright for your personal stitching pleasure only, and not for any commercial use. Happy Stitching! Remy Spring Plantings