Once Upon a Time

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Doot Doot Garden Blog Doot Doot Garden Blog Just wanted to share some of the incredible work Dave Stewart’s pouring into the SPACE DUMPLINS colors. We decided the palette was getting too muted & subdued, so he’s tweaking the pages just enough to infuse the grimy dinginess of outer space clutter with a burst of cartoony, kid-friendly levity. Previous incarnations on the left – updated versions on the right. In other news, I realized that today is the exact ten year anniversary of my CARNET DE VOYAGE travel & book. To celebrate, I dug around for a photo or two, but they were sparse, because as noted in the back of the book, zero cameras were used in the creation of it. It is my unaltered travel diary begun March 5th, 2004 and ended May 14th, 2004.
Dresses made of paper maps and money by Susan Stockwell | Doublemesh.com