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Get More Clicks, Subscribers and Sales With Better Headlines. “How long have I been publishing articles daily?”

Get More Clicks, Subscribers and Sales With Better Headlines

, you thought to yourself. You can’t help but think about it since you’ve been burning the midnight candle just to publish a new post every day, yet you haven’t gotten anything good out of your efforts — nothing tangible at least. You didn’t get any new subscribers, you barely get any shares, and you didn’t even get a single sale. It’s frustrating. I know. Revue - Your email digest. Automated. Email Application Design Inspiration — Muzli -Design Inspiration.

Revue - Product Hunt. Free Social Media Marketing Resources Kit. When you’re just starting off on social media—whether as an individual or a brand or a company or otherwise—the potential of Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and all the various other social media channels can be hugely exciting.

Free Social Media Marketing Resources Kit

And for the social media pros, the questions exist, too. How To Set Up Your Business Online in 10 Steps — Today I Will. How To Set Up Your Business Online in 10 Steps Want to build a business you can travel with?

How To Set Up Your Business Online in 10 Steps — Today I Will

Here's everything you need to do and every tool you need to use to set up your business online in three days tops. Seriously. ConvertKit. High-Resolution Photos. How To Publish 6 Blog Posts Every Week. — Life Learning. 1.

How To Publish 6 Blog Posts Every Week. — Life Learning

Plan out your writing in advance. The Rise of APIs for Non Developers — Point Nine Land. The Rise of APIs for Non Developers Or why the new API evangelists might not even need to code Some years ago APIs were clearly built and branded for developers.

The Rise of APIs for Non Developers — Point Nine Land

The marketing playbook of an API first company was straightforward: sponsor developer events and send developer evangelists around the world to attend hackathons and conferences. My Single Best SEO Tip for Improved Web Traffic. Howdy Moz Fans, After more than 5 years — including an 18-month hiatus as a Moz associate — tomorrow marks my last day working as a Mozzer. Make no mistake — I love this job, company, and community. Moz has taught me to be a better marketer. How To Skyrocket Your Blog By Becoming A Blogger Outreach Ninja. You are afraid.

How To Skyrocket Your Blog By Becoming A Blogger Outreach Ninja

Because you have been living in a nightmare. This is not the kind of nightmare when you run as fast as you can, and you don`t move an inch, while the boogeyman is closing in. This is much worse. 23 Ways to Build Colossal Pre-Launch Product Buzz. Your product is ready.

23 Ways to Build Colossal Pre-Launch Product Buzz

Finally! You have invested time, money and resources. The product has to be a hit, otherwise, it was all for nothing. You push publish and it’s live. You have finally launched the product and… Silence… Uh, oh. The Ultimate Sales Automation Tool Guide. 50+ SEO Hacks that will Make the Google Hummingbird Sing — ART + marketing. 50+ SEO Hacks that will Make the Google Hummingbird Sing To skip this post, and simply download the 2015 SEO checklist as a FREE PDF — click here.

50+ SEO Hacks that will Make the Google Hummingbird Sing — ART + marketing

SEO isn’t dying, nor has it even evolved if you listened to the signals. Penguin and Panda gave you a many clues as to where this was going — and the Semantic search goal mentioned across the web in 2013 by Google leadership was even more obvious. So who benefits from the new algorithm? Content strategists, digital strategy groups, agile marketing minds and lean UX teams — all of the tribes that saw the combination of inbound marketing and UX being the next generation of Google Search … and pivoted early. Blogging was a growing trend, social shares continued to build referral traffic, and the more channels and tactics marketers used to distribute content, and the more stories they told — the bigger the reward. Growth Stacks — A quantitative look into the tools growth teams use — Greylock Perspectives. Last week, Greylock Partners hosted our fourth Growth Community event which is comprised of individuals running growth teams or working in growth teams at top startups in Silicon Valley.

Growth Stacks — A quantitative look into the tools growth teams use — Greylock Perspectives

For the event, we wanted to get an in-depth look at the tools (both 3rd party and internal) various growth teams are using across the stack. Taking cues from Andy Carvell’s post “The Mobile Growth Stack,” we broke up the full stack into three main components: acquisition, retention, and analytics. Next, we issued a survey to growth teams at startups including Docker, Pinterest, Survey Monkey, Eventbrite, and more to get a better sense of team structure, tools, and challenges. Here are a few key highlights from what we learned. Reporting structure: 37% of the growth teams are their own divisions within their respective companies. Funniest animated GIFs from 2015. The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop. Nature and humankind are both great artists, and when they join forces, amazing masterpieces can be produced.

The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop

Today Bright Side has collected for you works in which the combined efforts of mother nature and photographic artists have captured magic moments showing the wondrous diversity of modern life and the natural world. Lesson 7: Get your target audience to do a naked belly-crawl over broken glass… Email1K Written by Josh Earl at Looking for previous lessons? SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide. Guess how many blog posts are published each day. Any ideas? Over 2 million. That means 46 people have pressed publish by the time you read these 4 sentences. Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas Again: 25 Resources for Content Marketers. Hemingway. Content Idea Generator.

Outbrain - The Most Trusted Content Discovery Platform. Beautifully written articles. Buffer Offer. The Ultimate Startup Toolkit - Unique curations of the best resources and tools for startups by Ben Tossell. Hire SaaS Specialists - Upwork. Inside sales (B2B SaaS startup), base + high commissions. Project Description We are a startup specializing in web search solutions. Saas, Sales & Marketing Freelancers. Workshop - The best freelance job leads emailed to you daily.

35 Actionable Tips to Grow Your Medium Blog — Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking — Medium. Publish on a Saturday morning to increase your chances of standing out. You will quickly notice you will even be able to make it to the Medium Top 20 during some weekends with just a few recommendations. Bring your first audience from outside. Blog of David Skok, Matrix Partners. How To Prevent Your Sales Development Reps From Burning Out. Being an SDR can be pretty strenuous. Metrics reset, quotas linger, and rejection is rampant.

5 Best Practices for Managing Your Pipeline. How We Got 1,000+ Subscribers from a Single Blog Post in 24 Hours. 18 Extraordinary Lessons Learned from Interviewing The World’s Top SaaS Entrepreneurs. Sales Development Technology: The Stack Emerges. Problem loading page. Landing Pages Collection. 32 Sales Development Leaders Share Their Best Hiring Advice. MailMatch. Find the email of anybody. Email Hunter - Find email addresses in seconds.

9 Cold Email Formulas That Just Plain Work. Pop quiz. What is the first goal of any cold email? To get it read. Makes sense, right? So what’s the primary goal of your first sentence? The surprisingly simple answer is…to get the second sentence read. 10 B2B Sales Trends We Think Will Hit Big in 2015. 7 Sales Email Secrets to Drive Deals Forward. How to Keep Your Sales Pipeline Filled with Qualified Leads. *Editors Note: Guest Post by Heather Morgan, Copywriter and Founder of Salesfolk. Salesfolk helps B2B companies refine their sales messaging to attract more customers.

Welcome to The Era of The Sales Stack. Sales & Marketing Advice. I’m going to increase my writing about sales & marketing in the near future. I put a few posts up front that I have already covered in the Startup Series. Sales Education for Startup Founders - Sales 4 Startups. For Entrepreneurs. Why Sales Development Reps Are Your Most Valuable Employees.

This article first appeared on American Express Open Forum. How to Prospect with a Trigger-Based Approach. Editor’s Note: Recap post of the deck presented at Sales Hacker Conference, New York City 2015 by Liz Cain, Senior Director of Worldwide Business Development at NetSuite. The slides from the conference are viewable below. Prospecting – everyone’s talking about it and there are a lot of different approaches. 10 Simple Mistakes Sales Development Reps Make When Emailing Prospects. Hemingway. A Free Tool To Help Optimize Sales Emails. Tools for Writers - Handy tools for bloggers and writers to write more good.