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Promoting Independent Reading

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Five Clever Ideas to Spark Independent Reading by Kids. There are so many concepts, skills and standards to be covered in any given school day, week or year that it can be easy to forget about one simple activity that promotes autonomy and starts students down a path of lifelong learning — independent reading. Kids are increasingly immersed in their digital devices, leading some adults to worry that reading for pleasure is in danger of disappearing. But creative school librarians are proving there are plenty of great ways to get kids excited about reading on their own.

“Reading is so social,” said Michelle Luhtala, librarian at New Caanan High School in Connecticut during an edWeb webinar. “The strongest reading programs have rules that you have to talk about what you’re reading.” Luhtala is implementing plenty of innovative ideas to get kids reading in her school, but she also asked colleagues around the country to weigh in on great ideas to promote independent reading at every grade level. 1. 2. 3. 4.

The Library Voice. Somewhat Virtual Book Club. 20120830131Book-Club-Guide.pdf. Another "A-Ha" Moment In The Reorganization of the Library. Last night I received an email from my friend Maggie Henke.

Another "A-Ha" Moment In The Reorganization of the Library

We have been emailing and Skyping about the reorganization of our library....Maggie is now moving her library around too. Maggie wrote, "When putting sports books together, do you put biographies of prominent sports figures with the sports section...or separated in the biography section. " What a GREAT question! I know we put a new shelf marker with "Biographies" on the shelf, but all of the biographies have still stayed together. I started thinking, "Does that make the most sense for our students to be able to find them? When I came in today, I looked at our Biography section. I pulled a few books about sports figures.... We could easily make this a new section entitled "Sports Figures" within our Sports area. I pulled Escaping Titanic...A Young Girl's True Story of Survival. And the books about Neil Armstrong and other astronauts would make an interesting new category next to Space.

Reading Fun. And just what do the kids think of the new "Genre Neighborhoods"? After touring the library and visiting the new neighborhoods on their own, our students are LOVING the move!

And just what do the kids think of the new "Genre Neighborhoods"?

In the video above, three of our 3rd graders at Van Meter told me what they love about the new neighborhoods. And just look at the things I am hearing all around the library and school.... "I was looking for a historical fiction book. Mrs. Skahill assigned us this genre for November. We cannot wait to take a look at the circulation within Destiny over Thanksgiving break and see how this move has truly changed these numbers as well.

Scholastic Book Fairs. Skip to main content Sign in -or- Register You are here Home » National Contests National Contests Our national contest is a fun way for schools to celebrate the success of their Book Fairs.

Scholastic Book Fairs

Schedule a Book Fair today to get started. Learn more about our elementary schooland middle school contests, view prizes and official rules, and download an entry form today! View our Spring 2015 National Elementary School Contest Winners! View our Spring 2015 National Middle School Contest Winners! Donalyn Miller. I’ll admit that I hold my children’s teachers to a higher than reasonable standard.

Donalyn Miller

Would you want my kid in your English class? As a parent, I could be a burr in your saddle. I get that. I’m not a harassing parent, I promise. Most of my children’s teachers have no idea who I am, other than Celeste and Sarah’s mom. On the other hand, my children’s teachers don’t know who Penny Kittle is. Heck, my children’s teachers don’t know who Nancie Atwell and Lucy Calkins are. A line divides parents who know a lot about reading and their children’s less-knowledgeable teachers. My oldest granddaughter, Emma, spends an hour and a half at our house every morning and afternoon. Of course, I’m going to read with her. Summer reading options. Time to start thinking about summer reading … there are tons of lists of great titles – old and new – plus the choice of technology.

Summer reading options

Of course, we are encouraging teachers and students to grab print copies or to select eBooks from Follett (Winnetka or Northfield) or OverDrive as we have offered in the past. Other places to look for eBooks include the Daily Deal offered by amazon’s Kindle or perhaps choose from the list of Vintage Shorts. And do not forget the many options for all ages available through the local public libraries.

There are a couple of other programs worth attention, too. In case you are interested in listening to audiobooks for free this summer (or even during the next school year), please check out the program at: These titles (YA Lit and a classic) are available in pairs and change every Thursday morning. Students who are interested in combining reading with some writing should consider participating in the 6th Annual New York Times Summer Reading Contest.