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3D Printed Photograph. All of these 3D models were generated algorithmically from Processing using the ModelBuilder library by Marius Watz.

3D Printed Photograph

This library allows you to save 3D geometries in the STL file format, STL files that form a watertight mesh can be printed by a 3D printer. To get started using this code yourself, download the latest version of the ModelBuilder library, unzip the file, and copy the folder into Processing's "libraries" folder. If you have installed the predecessor to the ModelBuilder library (called the Unlekker library), you will need to delete it. Once this is done restart Processing. Download the latest version of the Processing sketch from GitHub (download as a zip by clicking on the cloud button). To run the sketch, replace the part in quotes in following line: String name = "your_file_name_here"; with the name of your greyscale image.

Update: Realtime 3D for you too! VirtuZoom Microscope 3D-Scanner by virtumake. Mephisto EX-Pro & CX-Pro Bodyscanner. Mephisto EX-Pro Bodyscanner Set Based on the high-end 4DD 3d scan engine, the High End Mephisto EX-Pro BodyScanner has an unrivalled position as the world leader in the market for the capture of full 360 degree body scans in a matter of seconds.

Mephisto EX-Pro & CX-Pro Bodyscanner

The use of a quad camera setup allows for full colour scans to be captured with ease.Data can be saved in a fully watertight wireframe mesh or point cloud with or without colour. The scanner provides high-end solutions for companies in the biometrics/security, film and medical industries. This Full Option Kit has the SteadyScan (motion compensation) enabled. This is a full option system set-up ready to start scanning and post processing the day after your training. The Mephisto EX-Pro ST BodyScanner Set is a short-throw wide angle option which enables the scanning area footprint to be reduced. 123D Scanner - Home made 3D Scanner. Hey - have a look at my new project HERE In this project I built a 3D Scanner, that enables generating 3D models of physical objects.

123D Scanner - Home made 3D Scanner

The files can later be viewed in 3D software (GLC Player, Sketchup, Rhino, or sites such as and even manipulated into .STL file and 3D printed. The software for this project is completely free, I am using Autodesk's 123D catch, Link:123D catch The 123D Catch is a great software, it requires taking many photos of an object all around it, and uploading it into the software, and it returns a 3D file. SCENECT 5.1 Tutorial MeshLab Create a mesh for 3D printing.

New SCENECT version: 3D scanning with Kinect is now even easier. Jun.8, 2013 FARO technologies, one of the major manufacturer of portable 3D measuring instruments, has recently announced SCENECT 5.2, the new version of the free 3D scan app that FARO is now introducing to the market.

New SCENECT version: 3D scanning with Kinect is now even easier

The 3D printing revolution generated demand in 3D scanning and software. 3D Scanning technology got upgraded in recent years but 3D scanner price varies from $500 to thousands of dollars. The prices are still high for private users. FARO's SCENECT gives everyone the opportunity to use laser scanning in their everyday lives. SCENECT turns the motion sensor in your XBOX Kinect or an Asus' Xtion PRO LIVE into 3D laser scanners to create 3D models for printing. Need access to my Catches from the Maker Faire. 3D Scanner. KinectFusion - Real-time 3D Reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera [28C3] by CCCen 21,171 views KinectFusion Real-time 3D Reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera This project investigates techniques to track the 6DOF position of handheld depth sensing cameras, such as Kinect, as they move through space and perform high quality 3D surface reconstructions for interaction.

3D Scanner

While depth cameras are not conceptually new, Kinect has made such sensors accessible to all. Tbuser/spinscan. Jherrm/scanbooth. ReconstructMe 1.2 and SDK 1.5 released. Am Montag, 18.

ReconstructMe 1.2 and SDK 1.5 released.

März 2013 04:49:08 UTC+1 schrieb Tony Buser: This looks great, do you have any examples of scans of an object with and without glasses? How much trouble are you having capturing whole objects with glasses? Attached a comparison of results done with Carmine 1.09 without(lefthand) and with (righthand) +3 lenses.

Setting up the Kinect on OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion)- Coding Color. Point Cloud Library (PCL) Developers mailing list - A SuperBuild for PCL. Microsoft Kinect in Blender – Realtime Point Cloud Demonstration. Need some help. Point cloud library. Kinect and Processing experiments. Vvvv - a multipurpose toolkit. Knowledge.

Our goal is to use our extensive knowledge in generative design not only for our clients, we also want to pass our knowledge on. We do this in the form of lectures, publications, articles, tutorials, workshops and teaching at universities. Publications The book » Generative Gestaltung « offers an insight into the world of generative design. A richly illustrated collection of example projects by current designers and artists shows the range of possibilities and at the same time offers stimulating inspirations. In an extensive didactic section, the reader gets the chance to recieve a feeling for generative design by experimenting with explained example projects. Generative Gestaltung Entwerfen, Programmieren, Visualisieren mit Processing. Automate your Meshlab workflow with MLX filter scripts. Meshlab is a great program for loading and editing XYZ point cloud data and creating polygon meshes.

It also does a good job as a 3D file format converter. After you start using Meshlab for awhile you will typically use the same filter settings over and over again for every project. Rendering results with Meshlab. Posted: 26th February 2012 by hackengineer in Computer Vision Tags: 3D , meshlab , point cloud Meshlab is pretty great for 3D point clouds and its free! Here are a few steps that help really make the point clouds look good. Open Meshlab and open the .xyz file from the 3D camera Delete any points that look like they dont belong ( if you only see a small group of points you are probably zoomed out really far dude to a rogue point; delete it and zoom in) Orient the pointcloud so that it represents the original scene (looking straight at it). We will now compute the normals for each point. Getting Started with Maker Bot - Bre Pettis, MakerBlock, Anna Kaziunas France, Jay Shergill. Bre Pettis is a founder of Makerbot, a company that produces robots that make things.

Getting Started with Maker Bot - Bre Pettis, MakerBlock, Anna Kaziunas France, Jay Shergill

Bre is also a founder of NYCResistor, a hacker collective in Brooklyn. Besides being a TV host and Video Podcast producer, he's created new media for, hosted Make: Magazine's Weekend Projects podcast, and has been a schoolteacher, artist, and puppeteer. Bre is passionate about invention, innovation, and all things DIY. Anna Kaziunas France teaches the "how to make (almost) anything" rapid prototyping course in digital fabrication at the Fab Academy at AS220. Announcing My 3D Portrait Studio: Coney Island Scan-A-Rama. For the last year I’ve been cooking up a plan to launch The Great Fredini’s Coney Island Scan-A-Rama- a popup 3D portrait studio. Using an Xbox Kinect Controller, ReconstructMe software, and my heavy duty lazy susan , I have been perfecting a technique of creating full body 3D scans to be 3D printed.

There’s a ton of folks out there who have been creating 3D busts of people, but the promise of being your own action figure seems infinitely more appealing to me. My goal is be to scan people and in a few minutes of cleanup have a print ready file. I see this as the photo booth of the future. This scan of Katie is one of my favorites as it doesn’t require support. Index of /archive/qt/4.0. DSLR + DEPTH Filmmaking. SLAMDemo - rtabmap - Demo of 6DoF RGBD SLAM using RTAB-Map - RTAB-Map : Real-Time Appearance-Based Mapping.

In this example, we use a hand-held Kinect sensor: we assemble incrementally the map depending on the 6D visual odometry, then when a loop closure is detected using RTAB-Map, TORO is used to optimize the map with the new constraint. We did two loops in the IntRoLab robotic laboratory of the 3IT . The first image below is the final map without optimizations. The second image is the final map with TORO optimizations with RTAB-Map detected constraints. The third and fourth images are closer examples of before and after map optimizations. Getting Started With CMake. Jump to Content Ogre Forums Ogre Wiki Support and community documentation for Ogre3D Login Welcome to the new Ogre Wiki!

Show Hidden Files in OS X’s Finder. Kinect Guide to Using Synapse with Quartz Composer. Ryan Challinor wrote an incredibly useful tool for speeding up the set up process involved with using your Kinect sensor with Apple's free visual programming tool Quartz Composer.

Kinect Guide to Using Synapse with Quartz Composer

I was able to easily set up a quick demo where A particle system with a halo effect would follow my left hand along the X and Y axis. Incredibly easy to set up with a very rewarding end result. Getting Started with Kinect and Processing. So, you want to use the Kinect in Processing.

Getting Started with Kinect and Processing

Great. This page will serve to document the current state of my Processing Kinect library, with some tips and info. Index of /PKGS/libusb-2009-09-10. Artec Studio. Ethno Tekh » Kinectar. Installing OpenNI, NITE and SensorKinect for Mac OS X. UPDATE: OpenNI has a new site so a lot of the links (and some instruction on how to obtain things) have changed.

Installing OpenNI, NITE and SensorKinect for Mac OS X

To download previous versions of OpenNI and NiTE, go to A lot of applications such as those using Processing and openFrameworks require that your install the OpenNI/NITE middleware packages along with Avin2's SensorKinect Driver mod. Here's what you need to know and do before you can start developing apps which incorporate the Kinect. The installation of OpenNI and NITE Middleware apps along with the SensorKinect Driver require a few pre-requisites to be installed before we can get under way.

You'll need to have Xcode, MacPorts and CMake installed. Installing Dependencies First up, we'll need to downlaod a few libraries in order to get the USB port on your Mac working with the Kinect along with the SensorKinect driver. Sudo port install libtool A quick note about the 'sudo' command for those who don't know, it allows you to temporarily issues commands with root level privileges. Installing OpenCV on Debian Linux. In this post I will describe the process of installing OpenCV (both versions 2.4.2 and 2.4.3) on Debian Linux (especially Debian-6).

After installing, we will do some tests to verify the installation and also see some examples. As I was trying to install OpenCV on Debian I found that although there is lot of information on similar topics (see the references at the end), I still had to dig around a bit to understand the process completely. Some of the excellent guides are now outdated. Also, I found a few that have all the “what to do” but not “why to do”. Then as I started jotting down my own notes into my OneNote notebook, I realized that I should share these notes with others who are interested.

Installation in Linux — OpenCV documentation. Kinect Programming Documentation copy - KinectProgrammingDocumentation.pdf. RGBDemo - Download. Demonstration of RGB Demo0.7 on UBuntu12.04 - 3d reconstruction using kinect. Prebuilt binaries for Linux - Point Cloud Library (PCL) About - Point Cloud Library (PCL) What is PCL? Kinect tutorial 1: First steps - Robotica. MeshLab - Browse /meshlab/MeshLab v1.3.2.

OfTheo/ofxKinect. Kinect Workshop - FutureTheater Wiki. From FutureTheater Wiki Kinect Programming: An Introductory Workshop Prepared for the Eyeo Festival , 28 June 2011 by Kyle McDonald & Golan Levin Schedule: 3D Scanning Made Easy. Introduction to OpenCV — OpenCV documentation. OpenFrameworks. Getting started with Kinect on Ubuntu 12.04 – OpenNI, Nite , SimpleopenNI and Processing. Atduskgreg/Making-Things-See-Examples. Self Projector - 3D Capture Overlay Using Processing. OF Start Up Guide - OF wiki.

OpenKinect. Overview. Dbsus4/byos. OpenFrameworks. C# - Using XBox 360 Kinect with Kinect for Windows SDK. Kinect. Updated Kinect for Windows software adds 3D scanning tricks. KinectFusion - Real-time 3D Reconstruction and Interaction Using a Moving Depth Camera [28C3] Multiple Kinects - 3D Body Scanning Demo by [TC]2.avi. The 3D sensor that could change our mobile lives.

Scanning People with an Xbox 360 Kinect. Free app turns Microsoft Kinect into 3D scanner. 3D scanning with Kinect.