Peak Oil

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Oil and Gas Production Wastes. Naturally-Occurring Radiation: The geologic formations that contain oil and gas deposits also contain naturally-occurring radionuclides, which are referred to as "NORM" (Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials): Geologists have recognized their presence since the early 1930s and use it as a method for finding deposits (Ma87).

Oil and Gas Production Wastes

Much of the petroleum in the earth's crust was created at the site of ancients seas by the decay of sea life. Eating Fossil Fuels. [ Note: The most frightening article FTW has ever published is now a free story for all to read.

Eating Fossil Fuels

Our paid subscribers read it last October. As Peak Oil and its effects become a raging national controversy it's time everyone reads the story that puts the most serious implications of Peak Oil and Gas into perspective. Your biggest problem is not that your SUV might go hungry, it's that you and your children might go hungry. What has been documented here is no secret to US and foreign policy makers as China experiences grain shortages this year and, as CNN's Lou Dobbs recently reported, the US and Canada will soon no longer be the world's breadbasket. - MCR ] Welcome to Linos Place. Welcome to Lino’s Place That’s me - sitting in my office - probably working on my latest project.

Welcome to Linos Place

Im very concerned about the state of the world and spend way too much time trying to work out a way that I can help move towards a sustainable society. Unfortunately, most of society lives in a dream world where everything is great as they sleepwalk towards catastrophe. This site is aimed at informing those that wish to wake up, and help society evolve from where it is now onto a more sustainable path. My aim is to help people understand the big picture, rather than just the part of it that they are informed about. The Crash Course - Chris Martenson - chapters, Crash Course, Economy, Energy, environment, Peak Oil, videos, what should I do.

The Crash Course seeks to provide you with a baseline understanding of the economy so that you can better appreciate the risks that we all face.

The Crash Course - Chris Martenson - chapters, Crash Course, Economy, Energy, environment, Peak Oil, videos, what should I do

The Intro below is separated from the rest of the sections because you'll only need to see it tells you about how the Crash Course came to be. How long will it take? Chapters are between 3 and 20 minutes in length. Peak_Shape_Study.pdf (application/pdf Object) 25 Questions and Answers on Peak Oil.pdf (application/pdf Object) The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas. Peak oil primer and links. On this page: 1.

Peak oil primer and links

Peak oil primer What is peak oil? Peak oil is the simplest label for the problem of energy resource depletion, or more specifically, the peak in global oil production. Medicine after Oil « Health After Oil. Dan Bednarz, PhD Originally published in Orion Magazine, July/August 2007.

Medicine after Oil « Health After Oil

(Author’s note: I am reposting on this website some essays originally published elsewhere over the past three years.) The scale and subtlety of our country’s dependency on oil and natural gas cannot be overstated. Nowhere is this truer than in our medical system. Petro-products.pdf (application/pdf Object)