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Hugy: 60 Funny pictures. Planetofwomen. Buns appear in many styles and sizes, but most are made with the exact same simple methods.


20 Amazing Eye Makeup Tutorials - StumbleUpon. Infographicjournal. Imgur. Flinu1.png Photo by leonardogerard. Love-Sayings. 36 Questions to Bring You Closer Together. 45 Questions To Guarantee You’ll Never Have A Boring Date Again. Learnt. 5 Thought-Provoking Quotes to Ponder Before the Week Commences - David Domzalski. So, I’m reading John Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth right now.

5 Thought-Provoking Quotes to Ponder Before the Week Commences - David Domzalski.

I basically just started today with Chapter 1 and I wanted to share a few thoughts about it thus far. A few quotes Maxwell uses throughout this first chapter titled “The Law of Intentionality” really resonated with me. The first is from “The Boss” – Bruce Springsteen. Bruce says: How To Love Yourself: 20 Ways To Improve Self-Worth. 25 BEST SHORT QUOTES - Funny Scale. 25 Kickass and Badass Quotes. Here are 25 Kickass and Badass Quotes. 1-5 Kickass and Badass Quotes 1.

25 Kickass and Badass Quotes

“When I was a child, my mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general. If you become a monk, you’ll end up as the Pope.’ Instead, I became a painter, and wound up as Picasso.” 2. Www.fromquarkstoquasars. Earth Wrapped In 'Star Trek Force Field', Scientists Discover. The Earth is encased in an invisible force field that scientists have compared with the "shields" featured in iconic TV show Star Trek.

Earth Wrapped In 'Star Trek Force Field', Scientists Discover

An American team discovered the barrier, some 7,200 miles above the Earth's surface, that blocks high energy electrons threatening astronauts and satellites. Scientists identified an "extremely sharp" boundary within the Van Allen radiation belts, two large doughnut-shaped rings held in place by the Earth's magnetic field that are filled with fast-moving particles (see graphic below). Lead researcher Professor Daniel Baker, from the University of Colorado at Boulder, said: "It's almost like these electrons are running into a glass wall in space. Artists impression of a doughnut-shaped brick wall to illustrate an invisible "shield" discovered US scientists that is 7,200 miles above the Earth in the Van Allen radiation belts, which blocks high energy electrons that threaten astronauts and satellites.

Www.dessertfortwo. I haven’t talked much about living in St Louis, have I?


After living in 3 different states in the last 3 years, we struggle to put roots down and get ‘too comfortable’ in any one place. As I write this, we never know where the future will take us. Most likely, St Louis isn’t home. We tell ourselves we’re close to family here, but, really, ‘close’ means a 9-10 hour car drive. ‘Close’ is now open to interpretation.

Smoothie Recipes For Everything. Who knew that the solution to most our problems could be solved with a smoothie?!

Smoothie Recipes For Everything

Smoothie Recipes For Everything infographic from Super Skinny Me gives you the ingredients and visually represents the amount of each that should put in. Trying to lose weight? Want to de-stress? Or maybe just want a bedtime drink. 18 Useful Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier. Did you know you can easily half an apple without a knife and without knowing any special Kung Fu tricks?

18 Useful Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Or that you can pit a cherry using a chopstick and a beer bottle? One of the great things about the internet is the way everyone can share their tricks and shortcuts that make life that little bit easier. Even those who consider themselves 'master chefs' are likely going to be surprised at the tips and tricks below. Www.stylemotivation. These tutorials will show you how to make some cute stuff, which are so easy to make and look so sweet.


These easy for making decorations are great idea if you want to make something new for your home without spending money. Neon cross pillow Source Upside Down Stool Wrapping Paper Station Source. 101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home. I love to discover tips which make housework easier!

101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home

From time-saving tricks to finding new and ingenious uses for old things, the Internet provides a wealth of information and advice. 20 Brilliant And Stylish Bedroom Ideas That Smartly Fits In Your Small Apartment. - Colors And Joy. The bedroom is one of the best place where we all feel relaxed and more comfortable as compare to the other parts of the house.

20 Brilliant And Stylish Bedroom Ideas That Smartly Fits In Your Small Apartment. - Colors And Joy

In this post you will see some brilliant ideas regarding bedrooms that will smartly utilize your small space and will add a stylish look to your house. I am sure that one of these idea will inspire you and you would want to have one. So, if you are seeking to purchase a new bed then better look at this list first and I am sure that this list will make you think smartly. The best thing about these beds are the utilization of space. So if the space is your issue then check the list below.

Ice Fabric Dyeing - Bloom, Bake & CreateBloom, Bake & Create. Did you say you don’t have snow and want to do some dyeing? Well, before I put up my dyeing stuff, I thought I’d try one more type of dyeing – ice dyeing. For those of us who don’t have snow or would like to try this in the summer, this is an alternative. Please read my getting started and my fabric dye precautions posts before attempting this or any fabric reactive dye project. DIY Mason Jar Crafts.

Mason Jar Pendant Lamp The Spring Blog We love the simplicity of this gorgeous blue pendant lamp. For the how-to, visit The Spring Blog. Dump A Day Clean Up Your Clutter People - 26 Pics. Www.instructables. "How to Draw" is a collection of tutorials that will teach you everything from perspective basics to shading chrome. Never picked up a pencil before?

Fear not! From simple line drawings to modern art and easy animations, we've got you covered. Neptune in Third House by Aleister Crowley. Read your rising-sign horoscope instead. - Astrology 12th House: Moon (Cancer) Heal with Astrology. Heal with Astrology. Sun Through the Houses: 10th House. In astrology the sun represents the self, the ego, character, individuality and the unique gift that one has to offer the world. Sun Through the Houses: 7th House. 12 Astrological Houses – Astrology Lesson 4. 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th | 7th | 8th | 9th | 10th | 11th | 12th. Astrology 12th House: Venus (Taurus/Libra) “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi The 12th House in astrology is the house of secrets and things hidden. Planets in Astrology – Lesson 5. Sun Moon. 1X. Filipupdated02.jpg (JPEG Image, 818 × 828 pixels) 35 Expensive Things You'll Need In Your Dream House When You're A Millionaire.