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On Nature. On Nature Travel Does Instituto Inhotim, a 240-hectare art park and botanical garden in south-east Brazil, represent a new kind of institutional operation?

On Nature The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: The Getty. Home. Southbank Centre. Palazzo Grassi. Musée d'Art Moderne - Tate Modern: International modern and contemporary art. The Museum of Modern Art. Palais de Tokyo. Where dreams come true. Collectors Brazil Deep in the Brazilian jungle, Inhotim’s founder Bernardo Paz offers artists a place to realise their most ambitious projects By Cristina Ruiz.

Where dreams come true

Features, Issue 218, November 2010Published online: 22 November 2010 Lost in the jungle (from top): Matthew Barney's "De Lama Lamina" in a geodesic dome designed by Paula Zasnicoff Cardoso, Chris Burden's "Beam Drop" and Doug Aitken's "Sonic Pavilion" There is a place in the Brazilian jungle where artists are told to make their dreams come true. Inhotim. A “subversive Disneyland” at the end of the world. Collectors Australia The gambling millionaire David Walsh is opening a museum in Tasmania that will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before By Cristina Ruiz.

A “subversive Disneyland” at the end of the world

Features, Issue 215, July-August 2010Published online: 15 July 2010 Tasmanian collector David Walsh owns Jenny Saville's Matrix, 1999 (above), which he describes as "one of the pieces I like most" Museum of Old and New Art.