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MBA: Ahead Deadlines. My journey to a 770 in GMAT . Page 1. Hi All, Giving GMAT was on my radar since I failed to make the cut in CAT 2011.

My journey to a 770 in GMAT . Page 1

But I postponed it for few months when I was trying my hands on a startup idea. After wasting (& learning a lot in the process) 4 months, I was back to square one and giving GMAT asap was my top priority this time. Dejected after the startup failure, I ordered MGMAT GMAT books on the day I came back (it included 8 books covering everything about Verbal & Quant). I started my preparation around 10th -11th May, 2012 and finally gave GMAT on 13th July, 2012. My very brief background:I graduated from IIT Kharagpur in May, 2010 and since then have been working as a Technology Analyst at JP Morgan at Mumbai.

So here is how I did it: I didn’t start with giving a mock GMATPrep test as most people usually do to identify their weak area. The only book I referred for SC is the MGMAT Sentence Correction Book. OG - 12th edition – I did it along with MGMAT SC book. Free GMAT Practice Tests . Page 1. Free GMAT practice tests are a great way to check how close you are to your target GMAT score.

Free GMAT Practice Tests . Page 1

Many of the leading GMAT preparation companies offer free GMAT practice tests that you can take either online or offline (i.e download the GMAT software on your computer first). MBA Crystal Ball This is more like a primer really for those who are just getting started on the GMAT prep journey. It has only a handful of sample questions (and links to detailed explanations) as opposed to being a full-length test. So if you want to spend around 20 minutes to get an idea of what's in store, this is the one you should start with. The Beat The GMAT Forum - Expert GMAT Help & MBA Admissions Advice. Who is Online 420 users online (13 Registered, 1 Hidden and 406 Guests) Registered Users: aflaam, ajishs, Alexbr@ClearAdmit,, Denzil d, Elizaf12, Grampus, lb2012, Max@Math Revolution, Prathibhajones, rieve, vishal_halbe, vishash saxena New posts No new posts Forum is locked.

The Beat The GMAT Forum - Expert GMAT Help & MBA Admissions Advice

GMAT Club Verbal Advantage : GMAT Verbal Section. Free Trials - Master List of all Free GMAT Course Trials : General GMAT Questions and Strategies. Free GMAT Course Trials - Test-Drive a GMAT Course The goal is to collect free resources that will help you improve your score and get a head start.

Free Trials - Master List of all Free GMAT Course Trials : General GMAT Questions and Strategies

Note that most of these do not provide access to all of the materials, meaning you could not complete the course in 7 days or something like that. However, they provide a great value. Any other trial offers or any questions you may have please post them here. 7-day trial Includes one 1:1 strategy session! 30 Free concept lessons Ability Quizzes to pinpoint your Quant and Verbal weakness. 7-day trial 30 lesson videos 30 practice questionsNo credit card required Sign up for Magoosh Free Trial 7-day trial One full-length CAT 7 hours of lessons (3 full lessons) 100+ practice questions with solutions No credit card required Sign up for Veritas Prep On Demand Free Trial Access to the entire full course (this is really cool!)

One full-length CAT + analytics. All GMAT CAT Practice Tests - links, prices, reviews : General GMAT Questions and Strategies. For all your GMAT Test Needs - overview of GMAT Tests, GMAT CAT Tests, Free Tests, and of course member reviews!

All GMAT CAT Practice Tests - links, prices, reviews : General GMAT Questions and Strategies

[Updated Feb 7, 2013](remember that a good GMAT score is not based on how many tests you have taken, but how well you have mastered the fundamentals. Get a good GMAT Book before rushing into tests - don't run before you walk)Please feel free to comment or reply to this thread and share your opinion about the tests you have taken. Want to know how various tests correlate to the final GMAT Score?

Try ourGMAT Score Calculator - it is free 1. CAT: YesFree Tests: Yes - 2 (can be taken multiple times)Price: Free; extra question pack available for $Bottom Line: Practice tests distributed by the GMAC, the administrator of the GMAT. 2. CAT: Yes; up to 20 adaptive tests (14 quant and 6 verbal); over 1,200 questions included for quizzes. 3. 4. Blog Archives - CrackVerbal- CrackVerbal. Blog Archives - CrackVerbal- CrackVerbal. Sample Essays For MBA By Business School.

GMAT Club Forum - Best GMAT Tests, Books, Courses, Discounts with over 400,000 members. GMAT Prep, MBA Abroad - MBA Crystal Ball. Brainstorming for GMAT AWA. How do you begin the AWA?

Brainstorming for GMAT AWA

Of course, as of June, 2012, there is only one essay, the Argument essay, on the GMAT. Suppose you are faced with the following AWA Argument prompt (this is the very last prompt listed in the OG13): The following appeared in a memorandum written by the chair of the music department to the president of Omega University. “Mental health experts have observed that symptoms of mental illness are less pronounced in many patients after group music therapy sessions, and job openings in the music-therapy field have increased during the past year.

Consequently, graduates from our degree program for music therapists should have no trouble finding good positions. Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument. This last paragraph is, of course, the standard directions paragraph that you will find appended to each and every GMAT AWA Argument prompt. We are going to approach this AWA prompt with strategy. Brainstorming Flaw #1 Flaw #2 Flaw #3 Flaw #4 Flaw #5 Flaw #6.