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Free Range Chicken Picatta. Free Range Chicken Picatta Team Artisan November 1, 2018 The Elliott Homestead No Comment Free Range Chicken Picatta Tags: videos Leave your comment.

Free Range Chicken Picatta

18th Century Cornbread. 18th Century Cornbread Artisans List Team November 2, 2018 The Townsends No Comment 18th Century Cornbread Tags: videos Leave your comment You must be logged in to post a comment.

18th Century Cornbread

Username or Email Address. Leaven 18th Century Bread. Hard Tack. Standing Crust. 1682 Cheesecake. The Freshest Breakfast Sausage (1808 Recipe) Strong Beer vs Small Beer. Fish Baked in Pastry. Mother’s Day Vintage Tea Sandwiches. Mixed Grain Bread. Puff Paste Crust. Fish Baked in Pastry. A  Chocolate Tart. 1682 Cheesecake. 'Barm' in the 18th Century. Spring Dreamsicle Cake. In my hazy realm of childhood memory live two related events: The first time I plopped a scoop of my dad’s orange sherbet into a bowl of vanilla ice cream, and the first time I had an Orange Julius—that icy, OJ + dairy, beverage-stand joy.

Spring Dreamsicle Cake

What a sensation! Bright shock of citrus swathed in cream: cold and shimmery, sharp and smooth, all at once. To me, orange and cream is the stuff of dreams. In fact, the Dominican Republic’s classic orange & dairy drink is called morir sonando “To die dreaming.” I decided to put those favorite tart, sweet, and dreamy flavors into a cake. To start, I layer a tender yellow layer cake with orange curd, pile whipped cream over all, and then garnish with little wheels of candied orange and lemon. Note: I make my candied citrus slices the day before I made the cake.

The nice thing about this recipe is that you now have the recipe to make orange curd—great with toast, scones, or pannacotta. How to Make the Perfect Mashed Potatoes. Of all the beloved dishes on the holiday table, mashed potatoes are beloved-est.

How to Make the Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Fluffy billows of creamy white, crowned with butter or gravy, they fill the biggest bowlfuls on the sideboard, and sidle up so well to the mains at any classic American feast, vegetarian or meaty. But strive as we might toward potato perfection, who hasn’t messed up the mashed on at least one occasion? Too wet, too dry, gluey or pasty, mashed potato fails are a holiday heart-breaker.

Vietnamese Lemonade Mint Julep Shrub Cocktail. Do you know what a Shrub is?

Vietnamese Lemonade Mint Julep Shrub Cocktail

Sure you do, but it’s not what you think. And if you are some know it all, and who isn’t these days with the Food Network on all day long, you’d say they grew in the backyard. WRONG! Red Velvet Cake (All Natural!) It’s been a while since I’ve been to Beeville, TX. Not far from Normanna, Orangedale and Skidmore, it’s the Bee County seat, built around a typical Texas town square with an enormous Renaissance Revival courthouse at the center. It’s not like there’s a plaque or anything, but ask around, and you may find old timers who know the town’s connection to America’s long-lingering flavor obsession: Red Velvet.

Yep. When chemist John A. How to Make the Perfect Mashed Potatoes. Hot Cocoa, Rum and Peppermint. Very few spirits offer the diversity of rum.

Hot Cocoa, Rum and Peppermint

Rum can be served in a variety of ways. Hot, cold and at room temperature without diminishing the flavor or potency! Some of my most favorite methods of serving rum during the holidays in a hand held form. A hot toddy for instance is the perfect way to introduce your guests to the pleasures of rum. If they are not careful, a hot toddy will also introduce them to a pillow faster than you can say sleepy-time! Peppermint, hot chocolate and rum are one of these cocktails.

The Peppermint Dream Cocktail makes one large punch bowl of relaxation. Cast Iron Steak & Mushrooms. Search Listings for "food" Search Deals for "food" Search Projects for ""food"" Search Blog for ""food"" Search Videos for ""food"" Sign Up.

Cast Iron Steak & Mushrooms

Cooking 18th century Meat Pies at Jas. Townsend and Son. Cheesemaking In The Early 19th Century. Cheesemaking In The Early 19th Century. Free Range Chicken Piccata. Free Range Chicken Piccata Recipe. Green Bean Tarts, Really? - 18th Century Cooking. The Basic Facts About Salt. Oven Fried Zucchini with Garlic Aioli. Homemade Pasta with Claim Sauce. Search Listings for "food" Search Deals for "food" Search Projects for ""food"" Search Blog for ""food"" Search Videos for ""food"" Sign Up.

Homemade Pasta with Claim Sauce

Leek & Potato Soup. “Grandpa started the vegetable regimen on the advice of one Dr.

Leek & Potato Soup

Brown, a vegetarian who promised that such a diet would cure all ailments, and had most of the relatives muttering, – quack.” Monica Kass Rogers Grandpa was a powerfully built man, who once worked finishing train cars for Pullman, and was an amateur boxer who went in for prizefighting at White City, an amusement park that used to stand at 63rd Street and South Park Avenue on Chicago’s South Side. Chocolate Covered Amarena Cherries. I’ve never been a chocoholic.

Chocolate Covered Amarena Cherries

When I’m not eating sushi, I’m more of a bitter greens, pickled anything, charcuterie, good whiskey, savory pie and puff pastry girl. But it’s almost impossible not to think about chocolate on Valentine’s Day. For me? The choco-heart tradition is dipped in memories of my Aunt Ruth. Ruth had the loudest laugh, the thickest auburn hair, and the worst record of timeliness for any family gathering. Valentine’s Day gatherings with Ruth meant heart-shaped paper boxes stamped in gold, with satin bows, lace trim and little frilled paper cups full of chocolate covered cherries. How To Make Simple Chocolate Mousse. Search Listings for "food" Search Deals for "food" Search Projects for ""food"" Search Blog for ""food"" Search Videos for ""food""

What Have We Lost? Easy Scotch Eggs in the 18th century. 18th Century Beer Brewery Walkthrough. Boston Baked Beans & Brown Bread in a Can. Early Mint in The South Floyd Street Cocktail. The early mint is just gorgeous this year. I hadn’t been out to the mint patch since the rain the other day. Then it rained again this morning- the clouds parted and the sun warmed the patch. A couple of minutes ago I wandered out to see what had become of the mint in a day or so. Pork Chops with Sauerkraut & Apple Stuffing. Chefs You Should Know: Marcus Pasley. Method: 1.Mix all ingredients together. Drinks: Whiskey and Homemade Hot Chocolate. Take me to the river… as David Byrne croons in the speaker across the room. Just the very thought of a river, splashing over the rocks in the middle of the winter-the ice cold water stinging my face, well it brings me back. My thirst quickens and the day becomes much less astringent to my body. I’m propelled to the springtime where the days grow longer, yet the nights still remind me of the winter without the threat of snow.

Chilaquiles: Traditional Authentic Mexican Cooking. Tolkien's Burren, a Brewery & a Salmon Smokehouse. Scotch Eggs & a Guinness Cocktail. Scotch Eggs. Traditional Spanish Sangria. My own education in libations was nearly a birthright. My godfather, Alfonso Domecq, of the notable sherry family, was married to my father’s sister Silvia. They were my favorite aunt and uncle, she incredibly charming and beautiful, he so attractive and debonair. Winter Rum Drinks. By Warren Bobrow, The Cocktail Whisperer Some of my most favorite methods of serving rum drinks during the holidays in a hand held form. Choosing the Right Pumpkin to Cook. Mark Twain's Hoe Cakes. Hot Hoe Cakes, Southern Style For humble corn cakes born of necessity, hoe cakes inspire a lot of passion. The Best Chicken Pie Ever. The Best Jam Bar Cookie.

Shrimp Salad with Meyer Lemon Sauce. Raspberries and Cream. Sugar Snap Barley "Risotto" The BEST Chicago Cheesecake. A Halloween Cocktail - Mezcal & Rum. Homemade Pumpkin & Apple Muffins. Fall Pumpkin & Mushroom Salad. Red Velvet Cake (All Natural!) - Artisans List. Crespelle - Sweet (Gluten Free) Pancakes - Artisans List. Well Decide If Youre An Introvert Or Extrovert Based On Your Colorful Food Choices.

Raspberries and Cream - Artisans List. Sushi. Tail-to-Nose Cooking: Chef Valentine Warner. Chilaquiles: Traditional Authentic Mexican Cooking. Vietnamese Summer Rolls Recipe - NYT Cooking. Best Blackeyed Peas with Rice, Greens & Sidemeat (Hoppin' John) to make on New Year Eve. Traditional Spanish Sangria - Artisans List. Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake - Artisans List. Mark Twain's Hoe Cakes - Artisans List. Wine Tasting at Zenaida Cellars in Paso Robles California. Summer Seven-Layer Salad - Artisans List. How to Infuse Honey with Yummy Spices. Red Velvet Cake (All Natural!) - Artisans List. The Absolute Best Egg Salad Sandwich in the World. Food and drink. Summer Tomatoes. Best Blackeyed Peas with Rice, Greens & Sidemeat (Hoppin' John) to make on New Year Eve.

The Absolute Best Egg Salad Sandwich in the World. Summer Tomatoes. How to Make the Perfect Mashed Potatoes - Artisans List.