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Pedego Trail Tracker Release - Pedego Electric Bikes. Greyp bikes - Rimac Automobili. Behold the hubless wonder – the E'lution EVO scooter. Whether they're on a motorcycle from Star Trek or a far-out concept bike, hubless wheels are generally one of those futuristic things that we don't encounter much in the real world – yet. Soon, however, you may be able to buy an E'lution EVO folding kick scooter, that comes equipped with a set. View all First of all, a quick Googling shows that there are already a few hubless-wheeled scooters out there, although they appear to mostly be fairly cheap novelties.

E'lution's scooter, is intended to be more of an upscale, less toy-like form of human-powered transportation. The 6-kg (13.2-lb) base model features things like a bent plywood deck, a unique vented braking system that is said to minimize brake pedal overheating, and built-in mudguards. Both models, however, feature the patented hubless wheels. The Sydney-based company is now raising production funds for the EVO, on Kickstarter. You can see the scooters in use, in the pitch video below. Sources: E'lution, Kickstarter About the Author. World's first 3D-printed titanium bicycle frame could lead to cheaper, lighter bikes. The MX-6 Evo mountain bike, sporting its 3D-printed titanium frame Image Gallery (3 images) When it comes to a high strength-to-weight ratio, titanium is just about the best material out there for manufacturing bicycle frames.

Unfortunately, those frames are also quite expensive. They could be about to come down in price, however – two British companies recently teamed up to create the world's first 3D-printed titanium bike frame. Renishaw, an additive manufacturing firm, joined forces with Empire Cycles to build the one-off titanium MX-6 Evo mountain bike. The frame was built using an AM250 laser melting machine manufactured by Renishaw. Because titanium has a higher density than aluminum, less of it had to be used if Empire wanted a finished bike that was lighter than the stock model. As a result, at a total of 1,400 grams (3 lb), the finished Evo frame weighs 33 percent less than its aluminum counterpart.

So, how could this project lead to cheaper titanium frames? About the Author. Your next bike could be made from folded sheet metal - Images. Go into any bicycle store, and pretty much all of the bikes in there will have frames made from metal tubes or carbon fiber. A few manufacturers have gotten a bit more adventurous, offering frames made of bamboo or wood, while some have even experimented with things like aramid panels and nylon. A trio of San Francisco-based entrepreneurs, however, have created a prototype bicycle using yet another frame material – hand-folded sheet metal. They claim that their product is lighter, stronger and cheaper to produce than an aluminum-tube frame, and they’re hoping to be able to sell you one.

View all Rob, Mark and Andy are three mechanical engineers, who make up the company known as Ronin Metal Masters. They have devised a patented system for cutting lines of perforations into laser- or punch-cut pieces of sheet metal, that allows those sheets to be folded by hand. While the frame certainly has a unique “iron bridge” look to it, the choice of material goes beyond aesthetics.

NTS SunCycle gets a little help from above. The NTS SunCycle charges its battery using a built-in solar panel Image Gallery (9 images) Although electric bikes definitely are more eco-friendly than exhaust-spewing cars, some people quite rightly point out that the electricity used to charge their batteries typically comes from not-so-green sources such as coal-burning power plants.

That's why Santa Cruz-based NTS Works created its NTS SunCycle pedelec cargo bike. Unveiled this Wednesday, it features an integrated photovoltaic panel that's reportedly capable of fully charging the bike's battery within eight hours. View all The 60-watt panel is located on the lid of the cargo box, adding 2 lb (907 g) to the weight of the bike. While it's likely that many users won't be able to regularly leave their bike out in the sun for eight hours at a time, they also won't necessarily always be charging the battery from empty, nor will they require a full charge for all trips. Source: NTS Works About the Author Post a CommentRelated Articles. Bicimotos. Motorized Bicycles. How ultracapacitors work (and why they fall short) Hang around the energy storage crowd long enough, and you’ll hear chatter about ultracapacitors. Tesla Motors chief executive Elon Musk has said he believes capacitors will even “supercede” batteries.

What is it that makes ultracapacitors such a promising technology? And if ultracapacitors are so great, why have they lost out to batteries, so far, as the energy storage device of choice for applications like electric cars and the power grid? Put simply, ultracapacitors are some of the best devices around for delivering a quick surge of power. Because an ultracapacitor stores energy in an electric field, rather than in a chemical reaction, it can survive hundreds of thousands more charge and discharge cycles than a battery can.

A more thorough answer, however, looks at how ultracapacitors compare to capacitors and batteries. Capacitor 101 Putting the “ultra” in ultracapacitors Ultracap diagram courtesy of NREL The ultracap advantage Why should we care about such small distances? Avant rando bike by Ronan Bariou at Coroflot. Luna – Easy Going Cruiser Electric Bicycle | EVELO. TV | Bikes: the new face of bling in China - Decoder. TV | Tech and art bring bling to night-time bike rides. BriTek's Brilliant Airless Bicycle Tire Reinvents the Wheel. Flat bicycle tires could be a thing of the past thanks to BriTek‘s amazing new Energy Return Wheel. Whereas most bike tires regulate tire firmness with air pressure, with the Energy Return Wheel one simply adjusts the tension of the rubber that is stretched around a 29-inch carbon fiber wheel.

Initially tested on cars, the airless tire is comprised of two layers of rubber – one at the center, stretched and held by adjustable rods, and the other on the outside. The space between, usually filled with air, holds a series of elastic cushions. The internal scaffolding of rods and cushions allow the tire go give and, according to Britek, react better to compression. As the internal rubber layer gets compressed by bumps from the road, the elastic potential energy stored within the wheel is returned and converted into forward momentum. + Energy Return Wheel Via NBC News. ePEDALER 60-Sec. Elevator Pitch. Drymer. ePowerBikes - Your electric transport: electric bike, elektroskuter, elektromototsikl. Cyclists Rejoice: PumpTire Is the World's First Self-Inflating Bicycle Tire. Where has this invention been all our lives? San Francisco-based startup PumpTire has just created the world’s first self-inflating bicycle tire, which uses the spinning motion and weight of your bike to keep its tires perfectly inflated at all times.

So how does it work? The PumpTire product consists of a tube, a bicycle tire, and a valve. The inner tube clips into the tire and allows for an exchange of air between itself and the tire. Once the desired pressure is reached, the pump stops and the valve closes so that no more air is pumped into the tire. . + PumpTire Via PSFK. Na-en. Alter Cycles. Long Island Electric Bikes. NTS Works | NTS Works Inc produces the 2X4 electric cargo bicycle. EBIKE 60v - 15s Battery build from Dewalt 20VMAX packs. Superpedestrian - The Copenhagen Wheel. Bikes, Bike Reviews, Cycling Routes, Race News - BikeRadar. Sparse Bicycle Lights by Colin Owen + Sparse. You may have had the same thing happen to you: jump on your bike for a quick ride to the store, lock it up, run in, and on your way out - your lights are gone. Or maybe it rained and now your lights are fried.

Or maybe you're sick of stripping your lights every time you lock your bike to a post, stop in for a pint, toil in the salt mines, or attend a black-tie gala. Or maybe you simply left your lights at home as you scrambled to get out the door with bike and bag this morning. These lights were designed from the ground up to improve your ride. We call it the Spacer Light since it sits beneath your stem in the stack of spacers. The source of illumination in the Spacer Light is a 3 Watt white LED.The output comes to 130-220 Lumens depending on how you measure it. The Spacer Light has 3 modes, On, Off, and Blink. The Tail Light slips on and clamps down on your seat post. The source of illumination in the Tail Light is a series of board-mounted red LED's - 4 face rear and 4 to the sides.

Superpedestrian - The Copenhagen Wheel. Home. MANDO FOOTLOOSE. FlyKly aims to turn almost any bike into an electric motor-powered ride. FlyKly's Smart Wheel makes pedaling a bicycle easier Image Gallery (7 images) Electric bicycle wheels are coming to the masses, and they are coming from multiple sources. A few years ago we saw the Copenhagen Wheel, and now a similar product is making its way to market – the FlyKly Smart Wheel. View all The Smart Wheel is designed to work on almost any bicycle. The 250W electric motor automatically kicks in when the user starts pedaling, and it stops when the user does. The motor allows for a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) with a 30-mile (48-km) range. Aside from the actual motor, the wheel also comes with a mobile application that offers features like the ability to lock the motor, track it in the event that it is stolen, and set the top speed while riding.

FlyKly is seeking funding for its Smart Wheel on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information on the Smart Wheel. Sources: FlyKly, Kickstarter About the Author Post a CommentRelated Articles. SPEEDrelease bike hub combines advantages of quick-release and thru-axle. The SPEEDrelease hub works with regular dropouts, equipped with an adapter For the past several decades, higher-end bicycles have utilized quick-release axles in their wheel hubs, in order to facilitate fast and easy wheel removal. With the recent movement towards disc brakes on mountain bikes, however, some manufacturers have started using a more rigid, secure thru-axle setup. Given that discs should soon be showing up on more and more road bikes, Connecticut-based Topolino Technology recently unveiled its SPEEDrelease hub, which reportedly combines the best features of both systems in one lightweight design. Quick releases axles are very easy to use – you just slide the wheel up into the dropouts, spin the axle lever around a few turns to tighten it, then push it down to lock it.

Thru-axles are stiffer and safer, in that a bigger, beefier removable axle is pushed in from the side, and threaded into place. The entire process is demonstrated in the following video. About the Author. Greyp Bikes. HP Velotechnik - Media Service - Eurobike Cycling Trend 2014: Dual Propulsion for the Trike Fleet. Media Service: Eurobike Cycling Trend 2014:Dual Propulsion for the Trike Fleet back to Media Service main page Download press pictures from Picasa online album Download Press Release as PDF: "Dual Propulsion for the Trike Fleet" (PDF-Format, 543KB, 2013-08-13 New for 2014: Dual Propulsion for the Trike Fleet German recumbent manufacturer is doubling its electric trikes' range: the second rechargeable battery is in perfect harmony with the trike design / System-integrated solution thanks to technology from GO SwissDrive / New charger almost halves the 'refueling' time KRIFTEL. While other pedelec manufacturers are talking about range, HP Velotechnik's e-trikes are already moving on – twice as far in fact.

In designing the agile Gekko fx electric trike with assisted speeds of up to 25 km/h, the recumbent specialists opted for a high-performance system from the Swiss manufacturer GO SwissDrive. HP Velotechnik's innovative dual strategy is based on morethan simple convenience. Betterbikes - Just about any bike or trike can be converted to an electric bike using one of several conversion kits offered by ElectroRide™ LLC. A BETTERBIKE starts with a bike or trike style that has optimal benefits for electric conversion.Electrified recumbents offer the best value in the entire range of Light Electric Vehicles (LEV). Although another LEV may fit your particular needs better, these e-bikes combine comfort, speed, and range to create a practical substitute for most car trips.

They're "state of the art". As your commute or travel distance approaches and exceeds ten miles, we encourage you to try a Betterbike.Foldable bikes by Swiss / Montague Corporation are the new additions to the Betterbike line. Most Betterbikes™ use, or modify, off-the-shelf drive systems (e.g. Betterbikes™ are better because they're safer, more comfortable, and longer-ranged than conventional upright e-bikes. Lit Motors Introduces Cargo Scooter Kubo - TC Gadgets | TechCrunch TV. Superpedestrian offers $699 Copenhagen Wheel for early adopters [w/video] Do you love bicycling, but hate hills and headwinds? Like the idea of an electric bike but don't want to shell out several grand? Intrigued by the idea of converting your current bike, but lack technical ability and/or don't like the look of battery bags and wires run amock.

Check this out. The Copenhagen Wheel from Superpedestrian is a simple, easy way to keep the road from rising too steeply and the keeping the wind always at your back. Weighing in at a modest 13 pounds, the Copenhagen wheel can initially only be used with a "single speed freewheel and 9 and 10 speeds cassette," with other options coming eventually. The big news now, however, is that it's finally on sale. Yamaha celebrates 20 years of pedal-electric bicycles with YPJ-01 concept - Images. The YPJ-01 on display at the Tokyo Motor Show Image Gallery (13 images) While most of us know Yamaha for its motorcycles or snowmobiles, the company has also been working on pedal-electric bicycles for the past 20 years, as part of its PAS project.

Marking that anniversary, Yamaha produced the eye-catching one-off YPJ-01, which we recently spied at the Tokyo Motor Show. View all "Combining the smallest and lightest class of drive unit and battery with a beautiful, sporty frame, this model offers the exciting ride characteristic of a hybrid design," says Yamaha.

The bike also features smartphone integration, allowing the rider to use their handlebar-mounted mobile device to view "the bicycle's information. " There's no word on when or if we'll ever be able to buy a YPJ-01 of our own, or if it's purely a design exercise. Source: Yamaha About the Author Post a CommentRelated Articles Just enter your friends and your email address into the form below. Electric Bicycle - Page 2. Sinclair Research. Home The X-1 electric vehicle can drive 10 miles for just £0.10p (based on an average weight passenger using pedal assistance) It requires no fuel, just a lightweight rechargeable battery pack (24v Lithium Polymer pack supplied, secondary pack available as an option at extra cost of £50) A super efficient MCR pancake motor is linked to rear wheel by fixed gear drive chain (motor rated at 190 watts, wheel size: 16") Front and rear disc brakes provide 100% stopping power Adjustable suede covered handlebars to suit any position Waterproof Acrylic bubble protects driver and includes integral roll cage frame bonded to monocoque chassis Reclining nylon seat - highly comfortable on long or short journeys.

Bridgestone's pedal-electric trike looks sharp, and might reach production. TV | Tech and art bring bling to night-time bike rides. L'homme moderne continue de plier des vélos. Its not an e-bike its an e-motorbike. eBikes. Cycling. Drymer. Angle Tech Cycles - Cycle Different - Crank Forward Bicycles. CFEpr+ Hall of Fame Inductees - The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Bicycle Tires and Tubes. In pictures: Hidden gems from Interbike 2013 - Images. Slidepad - Intelligent Brake Distribution for Bikes.

SCURRA :: SERIOUS SUSPENSION :: WORLD PREMIERE AT INTERBIKE 2013 LAS VEGAS. By Design | Impossibly Light, Totally Sleek Handmade Bikes Built by a Tokyo Shipwright.