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Bike Radar
BikeRadar keeps you up to date with top reviews of the latest bikes and gear for cyclists. Check out our sections on mountain, road or beginner bikes, looking at new models and putting them through rigorous testing. All bikes are properly rated by our experts for price, strengths and weaknesses. We also check out all that’s new with bike parts, clothing, tyres and accessories to keep you informed as to what’s out there. To help all enthusiasts, we’ll impart with our years of cyclist knowledge to advise you on bike maintenance, best cycling routes and keeping up with fitness and nutrition. from the Cycling Plus, MBUK, Pro Cycling and What Mountain Bike network.

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Danube Bike Path 7 nights Cancellation through the customer/substitute participant/change in booking 1. The customer can withdraw from the agreement at any time. We suggest declaring the withdrawal in writing. In pictures: Hidden gems from Interbike 2013 - Images The busy trade show floor at Interbike 2013 Image Gallery (41 images) If you've visited Gizmag at all within the past several days, then you're likely aware that we attended the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas last week. While we've already posted a number of articles on products that we saw there, we came across many more interesting items that we still haven't told you about. We've compiled a gallery of those various doo-dads here, for your gawking pleasure. View all

Garmin Rear Bike Radar Aims to Keep Cyclists Safe Garmin's new Varia line of cycling gadgets includes a rearview bike radar and smart lights. As an occasionally klutzy person, I tend to avoid biking, particularly on busy roads. Garmin's ominous video (below) for its new biking radar doesn't make me want to hop on a Citi Bike anytime soon, but it might help biking enthusiasts stay safe. News of BEV. INT'L CORP Dear Valued Customers, BEVATO will attend 2014 Taipei Cycle Show again to offer all our advanced infromation on all our latest product range. This is an opportunity in this show to search for the current market to be well liked products and also to discover for the upcoming product offering for your own brands MY 2015 bicycle product lines. We take pleasure in welcoming you to this event taking place at:

Betterbikes - Just about any bike or trike can be converted to an electric bike using one of several conversion kits offered by ElectroRide™ LLC. A BETTERBIKE starts with a bike or trike style that has optimal benefits for electric conversion.Electrified recumbents offer the best value in the entire range of Light Electric Vehicles (LEV). Although another LEV may fit your particular needs better, these e-bikes combine comfort, speed, and range to create a practical substitute for most car trips. They're "state of the art". As your commute or travel distance approaches and exceeds ten miles, we encourage you to try a Betterbike.Foldable bikes by Swiss / Montague Corporation are the new additions to the Betterbike line.

Bicycle the Danube River Bike Route Bike Rating: Excellentt |Best Seasons: Summer or Early Autumn Nature of the Ride: The Danube River (Donau in German) flows from its source (at Donaueschingen) in the Black Forest of Germany, to the Black Sea— 2900 kilometers (1,700 miles) downstream. Serbia and Romania are not considered safe for western bikers, on and off the road, and are not discussed here. In Germany and in Hungary, many bikers do safely follow the Danube . However, by far the most popular section for biking is in Austria, between Passau, Germany (on the Austrian border) and Vienna—a total distance of 340 kilometers (~200 miles). This bike tour's rightful popularity arises from a great concentration of diverse views, and from tourist sights that bring new variety on each day of a ride.

Volvo Connecting Cars & Cyclists for Safer Mobility Volvo showed off its connected cyclist safety app in January. The collaborative effort is on the road to becoming a reality, which would be a milestone for the three Swedish companies behind it. Ella Williamson investigates how the app has gone from Las Vegas showroom to a commercial proposition. Volvo is shifting its safety mission into another gear—incorporating bicyclists who share the road. Volvo Cars, sports specialist POC and global telecoms firm Ericsson unveiled in January at the Consumer Telematics Show in Las Vegas a proof-of-concept that they called the “world’s first connected safety concept”. European accident data reveals that 50 percent of all cyclists killed in European traffic have collided with a car.

‘Bike Radar’ Detects Cars, Offers Alerts As You Ride The Varia warns cyclists of vehicles approaching from behind through a display on the handlebars. The radar unit, which is affixed to the seat post, doubles as a tail light that blinks as cars approach from behind. Any vehicle that comes within its 153-yard range will show up. The rear light increases intensity and frequency as cars approach. Bicycle Tires and Tubes Search and Bicycle Tires and Tubes Parts of a Tire Clincher Tires Conventional tires used on 99% of all bicycles are "clincher" type, also known as "wire-on." They consist of an outer tire with a U-shaped cross section, and a separate inner tube.

Bicycle Maintenance Guide and Riding Tips This page was last updated 24 May 2007. I often get asked about bicycle maintenance and repairs, and tips for how to ride efficiently. This little manual is intended as a summary of what I have learned over the years. I am not a professional mechanic. All of what I say here is the result of personal experience and opinion and may in places flatly contradict professional techniques, but it has served me well. electric bike blog What would the first pedal cycle have looked like if its 19th-century pioneers had enjoyed access to today’s advanced materials? This modern version of an 1865 design was a demonstration by German chemical giant BASF of the wide range of modern materials they produce. 1865 was the year of BASF’s founding. It’s a one-off. You can see videos of it being ridden but they are not likely to go into production. This modern version incorporates a detachable battery in the seat and 24 innovative new materials.

Easy 1920s Mens Fashion: Summer Sport Clothing From the Duke Yearbook Looking for an easy 1920s mens fashion outfit? You can put together a casual 1920’s Men’s sporting outfit with items from your closet or local thrift store. Here is how: What you need: Routes at Welcome! Bikely helps cyclists share knowledge of good bicycle routes. Read more below »

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