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The environmental concerns of shoppers. The environmental debate often focuses on climate change, driven over recent years by high profile events such as the Copenhagen and Cancun summits.

The environmental concerns of shoppers

Climate change opinions Despite the ongoing debate about climate change, shoppers’ opinions hardly changed between 2009 and 2011, as these findings from IGD's report, Environmental Sustainability - How to Engage Shoppers, shows: Opinion about climate change or global warming Source: Environmental Sustainability, June 2011 Over six in ten (62%) shoppers believe that the climate is changing and are concerned about it, while three in ten (31%) remain dismissive, exactly matching the levels recorded in 2009. Bigger environmental concerns While it sometimes dominates the headlines, climate change is only one aspect of environmental sustainability. What concerns you about the impact of food and groceries on the environment? Source: Environmental Sustainability, June 2011 Waste Domestic food waste is another common concern. Wildlife Resources Landscape. Jeremy Corbyn announces Labour would raise legal minimum wage to £10 an hour by 2020.

Beyonce Schools Everyone On Body Image And Feminism In Her Latest Surprise Video. By Quinn Keaney 12/12/2014.

Beyonce Schools Everyone On Body Image And Feminism In Her Latest Surprise Video

25 Famous Feminists - Inspiring Women of the Feminist Movement. Theory of Feminism and Tribal Women: An Empirical Study of Koraput. The feminists leading an ethical fashion revolution. These days, it seems every company has worked out that they can use feminism as a marketing tool – there’s even a fake ad agency dedicated to it.

The feminists leading an ethical fashion revolution

But while businesses might shout from the rooftops about their ‘empowering’ products for ‘real’ women, they forget to actually focus on genuine issues like like ethical manufacturing or advertising that doesn’t alienate or isolate its audience. Me and You team up with Petra Collins to celebrate girlhood. If you haven’t heard of Me and You, you’ve seen their work on your Instagram feed.

Me and You team up with Petra Collins to celebrate girlhood

From reinvented granny panties with the word ‘feminist’ splashed across the butt to Amandla Stenberg’s ‘Don’t Touch’ sweater, the brainchild brand of Julia Baylis and Mayan Toledano has been turning heads since launching its first lookbook a year ago. Why this artist is setting fire to the naked female form. On the heels of her evocative photo series on tumblr, “And Everything Nice”, going viral – a piece that exposes society’s unrealistic expectations on females even in states of affliction, Hannah Altman strikes once again with “How To”.

Why this artist is setting fire to the naked female form

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Girl Power. Despite what pop culture might show, the feminist movement has been in full swing for much longer than just the past few years.

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Girl Power

That said, having the movement for equality front and center in our collective consciousness is new—and remarkably satisfying. From stationery to lapel pins, here is a collection of some of girl power products for feminists of all colors, genders, sexual orientations, ages, classes and identities—because the equality movement is for everybody. These playful, but ultimately empowering, messages call for a future in which double standards and institutionalized discrimination are erased. Check out the complete Girl Power Gift Guide for fun and fiery presents for your favorite feminists. Why can’t women be inspirational and naked? Don't you know, talkin ‘bout a revolution sounds like a whisper?

Why can’t women be inspirational and naked?

So echoed Tracy Chapman’s 90s hit over the speakers at the press conference for the 2016 Pirelli Calendar, a black and white affair shot by Annie Leibovitz and featuring 13 mostly clothed women – including Patti Smith, Yoko Ono, Tavi Gevinson and Serena Williams – chosen for their achievements rather than how they look naked. Feminism, fashion and today’s new teen icons. In 1996, a group of teenage riot grrls were causing controversy at their private California high school.

Feminism, fashion and today’s new teen icons

With a DIY feminist zine, dyed and unbrushed hair, monobrows and clothes that stood out a mile from their very Clueless classmates, the political identity of the so-called Dirty Girls was intimately entangled with their appearances. Captured in a lo-fi documentary by fellow high school student Michael Lucid, everything they did was about resisting conformity and commercialism, embodying the anti-fashion, thrift store spirit of grunge. The reward for their efforts was peer ostracisation. “That’s the girl that didn’t take a shower since Kurt Cobain died,” hisses one classmate of Amber, the group’s ringleader.

Amber Rose Speaks On Kim Kardashian Sex Tape At Slut Walk Press Conference 10.2.15. What We Can All Learn From Nicki Minaj Schooling Miley Cyrus on Tone Policing. While it’s true that Nicki Minaj has her own beef with Miley Cyrus, and also true that Nicki doesn’t actually know I exist, I can’t help but believe that when Nicki Minaj called Miley Cyrus out at the 2015 Video Music Awards, she did it just for me.

What We Can All Learn From Nicki Minaj Schooling Miley Cyrus on Tone Policing

Because within just a few seconds, and with millions of people watching, Nicki sent the message that so many Black women want the world to know. It is oppressive and unhelpful when people police the way we speak about our struggles. It needs to stop. The Problem With BeyHive Bottom Bitch Feminism. In Pimp Theory, a “bottom bitch” is the one in the whores’ hierarchy who rides hardest for her man.

The Problem With BeyHive Bottom Bitch Feminism

She’s the rock of every hustler economy and her primary occupation is keeping other ho’s in check and gettin’ that money. She isn’t trying to elevate the status of her sister ho’s. She isn’t looking to transform pimp culture. BBC iPlayer - Charli XCX: The F-Word and Me. This artist has found a new way to #freethenipple. Instagram's strict no-nudity policy has been a hot topic in recent months. It's sparked debate, a slew of body-positive art, and even ignited its own #freethenipple movement. After all, if it's fine to watch a man get shot in the head by these standards, what's the big deal about showing a slip of a woman's nipple? “A great deal of my art projects are about the female body, so I had struggles promoting my projects online due to the naked censorship policy on Instagram and Facebook,” says artist Esmay Wagemans. Foundling Museum. This major exhibition focuses on the myth and reality of the ‘fallen woman’ in Victorian Britain.

In an age when sexual innocence was highly valued and sex for a respectable woman was deemed appropriate only within marriage, the loss of chastity for an unwed woman had multiple repercussions. The figure of the ‘fallen’ woman was popularly portrayed in art, literature and the media as Victorian moralists warned against the consequences of losing one’s virtue. This exhibition draws together the work of artists including Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Richard Redgrave, George Frederic Watts and Thomas Faed, who considered the subject of the fallen woman in their work and helped propel the myth.

In addition, newspaper illustrations and stereoscopes demonstrate how depictions of the fallen woman in popular culture also helped define a woman’s role and limitations within society. The exhibition also explores the written petitions of women applying to the Foundling Hospital at the time. Essena O'Neill quits Instagram claiming social media 'is not real life'. An Australian teenager with more than half a million followers on Instagram has quit the platform, describing it as “contrived perfection made to get attention”, and called for others to quit social media – perhaps with help from her new website.

Essena O’Neill, 18, said she was able to make an income from marketing products to her 612,000 followers on Instagram – “$2000AUD a post EASY”. But her dramatic rejection of social media celebrity has won her praise. This artist has found a new way to #freethenipple. Feminist Embroidery by Yes Stitch Yes - Cool Hunting. A sarcastic Tweet disappears almost instantaneously these days, but a brazen embroidered message only gets louder with every look.

Edginess and individuality have been elevating fine needlework from a quiet hobby to cultural relevance for some time, and we're especially enamored with what Yes Stitch Yes has been stitching onto hoops. The brainchild of Park Slope, Brooklyn resident Lauren Singleton, Yes Stitch Yes offers mantras to empower or to snicker at—sometimes on vintage fabric. Former Sex Columnist Raina McLeod on Her New Book & the Crazy Miami Party Scene. Missy Elliott's Most Iconic Feminist Moments Remind Us Why The Music Game Isn't The Same Without Her. Now is a great time to be a Missy Elliott fan. With new Missy Elliot tracks being teased, including "WTF feat. Pharrell" (30 fabulous seconds of which were aired during a Monday Night Football commercial break) and a collaboration with Janet Jackson having recently been released, right now couldn't be more exciting.

But, of course, this is no surprise — being a Missy fan has always been great. Growing up, Missy Elliott was one of my absolute favorite artists, in large part thanks to her music videos and her vivacious and jumping tunes. The Gauntlet / Calgary’s Femme Wave launches as first feminist multimedia festival in Canada. By Jarrett Edmund, November 17 2015 — We Asked a Room Full of Dope Women About How to Close the Gender Gap in Dance Music. Charli XCX Made a Documentary On Being a Woman in the Music Industry. Feminism + Meninism = Humanism. While scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across a link to an article entitled ‘Things modern men still don’t get about women’. TIME's 30 Most Influential Teens of 2015. Gigi Hadid Karl Lagerfeld On Chanel Feminist Protest. London exhibition celebrates female empowerment through fashion. Feminism isn’t dead, despite all the assassination attempts.

Feminism is dead. Long live feminism. Coco Before Chanel. Why Feminism Still Needs To Be Called Feminism  I Love Dick by Chris Kraus review - brings feminism to the fantasy of unrequited love. I Love Dick has the status of a cult novel among young feminists and fashionistas. What About Women and Françoise Gilot Tell Us About Feminism. Who Run The World? The 15 Greatest Girl Power Anthems. Amber Rose, Roxane Gay: My Feminist Heroes  AllHipHop » Ebro & Amber Rose Debate Slut Walk, Sexism & Female Sexuality [AUDIO] Barbie doll takes on new role in girls’ lives. WKYC and Local Businesses Empower Young Black Girls  Amber Rose: Amy Schumer is 'all about girl power' Women in Business — Noni Purnomo. Barbie launches video to empower young girls. Barbie's New Ad Shows Girl Empowerment the Right Way. Fight the power: how the female superhero is finally taking flight.