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Anatomy for Artists

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Artistic Anatomy. Beautiful anatomy (3d Modeling Image References). part 17. Quickposes: pose generator for figure & gesture drawing practice. Bodies-in-motion » Scott Eaton Studios. BODIES in MOTION PROJECT click for full resolution Welcome to the Bodies in Motion page.

bodies-in-motion » Scott Eaton Studios

This is a small exhibition of photographs from Scott's Bodies in Motion Project. Figure Drawing References: Archive. Female. Figure & Gesture DrawingFigure & Gesture Drawing. Virtual Pose ® Digital sculpture » Scott Eaton Studios. Click for larger The White Horse is finally installed in London.

digital sculpture » Scott Eaton Studios

This is the project of artist Mark Wallinger and was originally planned as a towering 50m tall horse (as tall as the Statue of Liberty) to be erected in the countryside of Kent and visible from the Eurostar. But around the big crash, arts budgets downsized and so did the scale of the horse. Now it is only a very average ‘life-sized’, but it is still striking in its crisp white finish and realism. About a year ago I worked with the team from Sample & Hold to refine the digital version of the horse, based on a scan of Mark’s actual horse. Posetool/models.aspx. Human photo references and textures for artists - ANATOMY FOR SCULPTORS - anatomy tools, books, links, blog, videos and know-how. Most interesting photos from The Little Black Book of Poses pool. Felixdeon's DeviantArt Gallery. Уроки рисунка и Графики.