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Production Apprentice - A behind the scenes look at the people who work behind the scenes – including news about film and TV and everything else production. That Post Show - かねん. Kanen sits down with Josh Jackson & Brian Tang - they talk about PreBirth, the movie, and the workflow behind writing, shooting and editing the short film.

That Post Show - かねん

The Song This episode features the hit song, "Here We Go! " by Mike J. Nichols. Now available in iTunes for 99 cents! The Editor This episode of That Post Show was edited by Steve Etchie. Housekeeping We are always looking for freelance artists, editors and VFX people who use Adobe Creative Cloud, including (and especially), Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition and, most recently, MAXON Cinema 4D. That Post Plea Please take the time to write a review of That Post Show in iTunes. Sponsorship This episode is sponsored by GeekDesk: High Quality, Affordable, Adjustable Desks. This show is also sponsored by Pond5, The World's Stock Media Marketplace. Kanen Flowers Josh Jackson Josh is a motion graphics and VFX artist, living in New Jersey. Brian Tang Brian has been a storyteller all of his life.

Hypebot. Jim Louderback. Freelance Jobs, Freelance Forum & Directory. Tripwire magazine – Graphic and Web Design Blog. Case Studies. We've discussed in the past a favorite talking point of the RIAA, claiming a 40% decline in employment for musicians over the past decade or so, which simply isn't supported by the numbers.

Case Studies.

We've been seeing a lot of people claiming this again lately, so we decided to take a look at what the numbers actually showed, and can't seem to figure out where that decline is coming from, because the numbers show a very different story -- one that suggests things are actually much better for independent musicians than in the past, just as we would expect. In fact, there's been an astounding 510% increase in independent musicians making their full time living from music in just the past decade. It's important to note, of course, that very, very, very few people get to make a living as a professional musician. That's just the unfortunate reality of the market. But understanding where that employment comes from is important. From May 2003: From May 2012: And From May 2012: Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud. Our Bootstrapped, Profitable, & Proud series profiles companies that have over one million dollars in revenues, didn’t take VC, and are profitable.

Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud

Rapid LED provides high-quality LEDs and related products at a great price with fast shipping. Huckberry is a web magazine that introduces you to unique products with great stories at members-only prices. Sparkfun is an online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible. Z. Vex Effects makes custom guitar effects pedals that deliver oddball sounds, textures, interfaces, and custom paint jobs.

Goldstar is a ticketing company that helps people get out more to live entertainment, like theater, comedy, sports, and music. Coudal is a design, advertising, and interactive studio in Chicago. Braintree provides businesses with an online merchant account and payment gateway to accept credit card payments.