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Union Libre - Industrielle Alliance se paie une chaire de recherche à l’UQAM. La Commission des études de l’UQAM se prononcera, le mardi 6 mai prochain, sur la création d’une Chaire de recherche Industrielle Alliance sur les enjeux économiques des changements démographiques. Si elle approuve ce projet, l’université n’encouragera pas seulement le financement privé de la recherche, elle donnera aussi son accord de principe au branding de ses activités par des intérêts privés. Industrielle Alliance offrira aux chercheurs 750 000$ sur 5 ans. Don philanthropique désintéressé? La firme d’assurances verra la Chaire porter son nom, mais elle disposera aussi d’un droit de regard sur les orientations de la recherche et d’un accès privilégié, voire exclusif, aux méthodes de recherche et aux résultats.

Il n’existe aucun cadre réglementaire à l’UQAM assurant l’indépendance de la recherche universitaire. Aucune garantie quant à l’indépendance des activités n’est, par ailleurs, prévue au plan de création de la Chaire de recherche Industrielle Alliance. Jean Lavallée suivra Gionet à la barre de la commission Charbonneau | La commission Charbonneau. Jean Lavallée, photographié sur le bateau de Tony Accurso, lors d'un voyage aux Iles Vierges, le 25 février 2005. Photo : Photo fournie par la commission Charbonneau La commission Charbonneau doit commencer à entendre jeudi le témoignage du président déchu du C.A. de la SOLIM et longtemps président de la FTQ-Construction, sitôt le contre-interrogatoire de M. Gionet terminé. un texte de Bernard Leduc Lire aussi : La chute, abrupte, du « dieu » Lavallée C'est la réaction en chaîne suscitée par le scandale des factures exorbitantes de Jocelyn Dupuis qui a causé la chute de Jean Lavallée, un homme dont la puissance avait longtemps surpassé celle de son ancien dauphin devenu, à terme, son adversaire acharné.

En moins d'un an, soit entre l'automne 2008 - alors qu'éclate le scandale mis au jour par Ken Pereira - et l'été 2009, Jean « Johnny » Lavallée va ainsi tout perdre. Il doit néanmoins rapidement déchanter lorsque les médias s'intéressent à ses liens avec Denis Vincent. M. Denis Vincent M.


China’s Dining Acrobatics. In a country whose culinary reach is catching up to the rest of its ambitions, I visited a restaurant that does all of that and more. It’s named Ultraviolet. It’s physically in Shanghai but spiritually unbound, thanks to the moving, shifting images projected onto the blank walls that encircle the windowless dining room, which has one long table for just 10 people, a crew of gastronauts floating hither and yon. Now you’re in an amber field, now under a bell tower. Now amid the stars, and now pressed close against a window pearled with raindrops. What you hear and sometimes smell changes with the sights, each of roughly 20 courses getting its own multisensory showcase. Ultraviolet, which opened last year, is one of a mind-bending kind. As I swept through Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong over two weeks, I had to make impossible decisions about what to sample from this bounty. Yardbird 33-35 Bridges Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong; (852) 2547-9273;

Recipe For the Sauce.

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Technique Cuisine. Cuisine latine. Dessertds. The Nerd’s Guide to Making Doughnuts [INFOGRAPHIC] White Chocolate Is A Big, Fat Lie. Tips for Covering a Cake Flawlessly - The Sugar-Coated Chronicle. When I was first teaching myself to work with fondant, I found one of the hardest parts was actually covering the cake and having it look smooth. I struggled with pleats around the bottom, cracking and tearing fondant and corn starch or powdered sugar spots all over the fondant. I looked at pictures and instructions, watched youtube videos and read forums. While there is a lot of good information out there, I felt like there was a lack of good suggestion all in once place or the videos went by so quickly. I watched adept hands make quick work of covering a cake with no issues and I struggled to figure out what they were doing.

I'm going to take you through my biggest tips and pointers for getting a nice finish so you can learn to cover your cake without pleating, tearing, holes, or any other frustrating issues that have you beating your head against the counter. Tip 1: Start with the right fondant I originally used marshmallow fondant. Then use a fondant smoother to smooth it all down.

The 22 Best Ways To Eat Easter Peeps. How To Make Your Own Cadbury Creme Eggs. Secrets to Cream Scones with Currants. The British got it right when they invented tea time. Who doesn’t want a hot drink and a buttery, flaky, delicate pastry as an afternoon pick-me-up? While we don’t always have a cup of Earl Grey at four o’clock here at the Test Kitchen, we do have a recipe that will pair well with it for those of you who do. These Cream Scones will brighten up any spread (be it for tea time, breakfast, or hey, even dinner). And with our clever steps for molding them into the perfect scone shape, they’re easier to make than ever: 1. Press the scone dough into an even layer in a 9-inch pan. 2. 3. Find this and other great recipes in The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. Recipe for Whipped Shortbread Cookies and Info on Flour Types. This recipe is taken from pastry chef Omar Busi's wonderful book "Profumi dal Forno" (Fragrances from the Oven) - you can't go wrong!

Ingredients for approximately 35 cookies - 180 g (1-3/4 sticks) of butter - 75 g (3/4 cup) of confectioners' sugar - 30 g of egg white (roughly the egg white of 1 medium egg) - 1 g (1/6 tsp.) of salt - 1/2 a stick of vanilla - 220 g (1-3/4 cup) of weak flour (W = 160)** ** A note about flour With regard to weak flour, you probably already know that flour is defined as being "weak", "medium" or "strong", according to how much protein it contains. Now let's get back to making our cookies. Preparation Whip the softened butter with the confectioners' sugar in the mixer with the wire whip attachment until the mixture is light and airy. Place the mixture in a pastry bag with a star tip and pipe out the cookies into rounds on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. In my kitchen Cups and spoon by Villa d'Este Home. Old Fashioned Utah Scones ($0.14 each) $0.14 each This recipe has some fun history to go with it... but first I'm going to tell you how I was introduced to the "Utah scone.

" My (sweet-amazing-handsome-wonderful) husband and I got married the summer of 2005, before starting our senior year of college together. During that summer, we lived in the basement apartment of his parent's home in Kaysville, Utah. It was perfect! We had our own little space, could come and go as we pleased, and I had the unique opportunity of getting to know my in-laws really well. Can I just say, I love my in-laws? I seriously (seriously) lucked out. One evening, the four of us went out to eat at a little place in Kaysville called, Granny Annie's. I had eggs, hashbrowns, and a "scone. " My scone did not in any way resemble what most of the world thinks of when they think "scone.

" It was a plate-sized, golden-fried, puffy piece of goodness served up with honey-butter. I know, I know, NOT healthy in the least. So, why do I even bother posting about them? Ahem. 22 Desserts In Jars For Summer Picnics. 31 Fantastic Passover Desserts. How To Make Delicious Irish Cheesecake For St. Paddy's Day. The 6 Things You Need To Eat Right Now. Sourdough Danish Pastries, Part II | Korena in the Kitchen. This is the second post in a series of three – click to read Part I and Part III. As promised, here’s the follow-up to my last post on Danish pastries: how to shape and fill the Danishes. So fun! I got really excited about the different Danish shapes I was going to make, so I tried a whole bunch of them. They were all pretty successful so I’m confident that I can pass along my skillz ;). I only used half the batch of dough to make these (I couldn’t justify making sixteen Danishes for only two of us) so I will be experimenting with the rest of the dough sometime soon… stay tuned for Part III!

Danish Pastry Shapes You will need: 1 batch of Sourdough Danish Pastry dough, rolled out and cut into 4″ squares as outlined in the recipe 1 batch of Cream Cheese Filling (see below) jam, fruit, and/or berries of your choice, fresh or frozen The Square Take a square of pastry and fold each point into the middle. The Pinwheel The Vol-au-Vent The Braid Cream Cheese Filling Adapted from Wild Yeast. 28 g flour.


How to make Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe like a Roman | Tales of Ambrosia. It took me years to make a decent Cacio e Pepe, one of Rome’s traditional pasta dishes (the others are Carbonara, Matriciana, and Gricia). Since Cacio e Pepe has only three main ingredients -Pecorino Romano cheese, black pepper and pasta-, it might seem an easy recipe to make – but it isn’t. One of the things I learned from Italian cooks is that the most difficult recipes are the simply ones – the ones with less ingredients. For example, if you want to cook a superb Pasta al Pomodoro, you need to get high quality tomatoes –and choose the right type like San Marzano- , otherwise you will end up with a soggy sauce. Also, to get the right consistency, cooking time is crucial to let excess water evaporate from the sauce.

As regards to Cacio e Pepe, the quality of ingredients, quantities and timing must be considered to get good results. Heavy cream Any vegetable oilButterMargarineMilkParmigiano Reggiano So how come it has that creamy consistency ? Ingredients Method Serves 4 Like this: Broad Bean and Pancetta Bacon Tagliatelle. A good beginning makes a good ending. Lorenzo is still sleeping (yeahhhhhhh!!!) And I am having my morning coffee, starting to prepare for the long day ahead and enjoying the luxury of writing a post, lit up by the warm early morning sun. Basically we're getting off on the right foot! Today I also have a morning of activity planned with my child at his day care. Today I would like to propose a very quick, simple and delicious first course.

Ingredients for 2 people: - 160 g (6 oz.) of tagliatelle - 200 g (7 oz.) of broad beans (if you remove the peel, they are even more delicious) - 80 g (3 oz.) of pancetta bacon cut into small cubes - 1 shallot - salt, pepper, and oil, as needed Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 18 Foods Everyone Must Try Before Leaving NYC. The Secret To Making Soup Dumplings. 27 Brilliant Hacks To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized.


34 Ways To Eat Guinness On St. Patrick's Day. 3 Classy Ways To Get Drunk On St. Patrick's Day. Yves Mailloux: 91% des vins vendus dans le monde coûtent moins de 10 $ Boire du vin au Canada est considéré comme un vice par plusieurs personnes, dont nos gouvernements, et on vous le fait payer cher! Contrairement au reste du monde, on NE peut PAS acheter au Canada une bouteille de vin pour moins de 5$...... Et au Québec, c'est encore pire! Avant de décider quels correctifs apporter à toute situation problématique, il est toujours préférable de bien connaître la situation présente. Plus qu'un simple billet, je convie aujourd'hui les esprits curieux et critiques à prendre connaissance de cet article de fond qui brosse un portrait fidèle et concret du marché du vin à travers le monde.

C'est le 24 janvier dernier à Montréal, que M. L'ISWR a colligé pour réaliser cette étude des données en provenance de plus de 114 marchés mondiaux, soit 28 pays producteurs de vin (le Canada en est un) et 86 pays non producteurs. Intéressant n'est-ce pas? 30.5% des vins vendus au Canada coûtaient entre 5$ et 10$ US (certainement pas grâce au Québec en tout cas!) Et au Québec?

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Dunkin' Donuts In Boston Are Still Open During Lockdown. Pushap: une excellente cuisine indienne végétarienne | MARIE-CLAUDE LORTIE | Restaurants. La question a été soulevée récemment dans le grand forum de réflexion alimentaire Terroir, de Toronto. Et c'est une réponse à cette interrogation qui nous vient tout de suite à l'esprit quand on arrive chez Pushap, restaurant montréalais de cuisine punjabi végétarienne.

Le Pushap n'est pas à Outremont. Ni dans le Mile-End. Ni dans le Plateau ou le Vieux-Montréal. Il est aux abords de l'autoroute Décarie, là où Côte-des-Neiges n'a plus rien d'un village. Petit, décoré de beaucoup de fleurs de plastique, c'est un lieu modeste qui pourrait être un peu plus astiqué, un peu plus coquet. Mais la cuisine qu'on y sert illustre parfaitement l'idée qu'on peut manger savoureusement à partir d'ingrédients bon marché. Chez Pushap, on commence le repas par de classique pakoras, des beignets à base de légumes et de farine de pois chiches, bien pimentés. Les samosas sont aussi des amuse-bouche aux légumes (pommes de terre dans ce cas-ci), un peu plus dodus que les pakoras, moins pimentés.

Pushap Montréal.