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Social Media Engagement App. Amazingly Simple Graphic Design – Canva. Facebook Mobile Apps: A Guide for Marketers : Social Media Examiner. Do you manage your Facebook marketing on the go?

Facebook Mobile Apps: A Guide for Marketers : Social Media Examiner

Are you looking for mobile apps to help you? Facebook mobile apps make it easier than ever for marketers to manage their pages and respond to customers in real time from their mobile device. In this article, you’ll discover the key things marketers need to know about using Facebook mobile apps. RELAY. 10 Online Tools to Create Content Like a Boss (with infographic) Never has great web content ever been so important.

10 Online Tools to Create Content Like a Boss (with infographic)

Back in the day, website administrators simply put in keyword-dense material on their sites without regard to the actual value or quality of the content. They paid for that atrocity when the Penguin (not the Batman villain, but rather the Google algorithm) gave them the what-for! BuzzBundle Social Media Management Software, Monitoring Marketing Tools. Instagram Apps to Take Graphics From Good to GREAT.

Are you using Instagram to market your business?

Instagram Apps to Take Graphics From Good to GREAT

Would you like to create branded images that boost awareness around your company? Not Photoshop proficient? No problem! With the right apps – you can create the perfect Instagram image in a snap! But with an abundance of Instagram apps at your fingertips, how do you know which one to choose? I’ve tested and tried just about every app out there and today I’m sharing my favorites with you. 7 Free Facebook Tools Marketers Should Consider. Are you looking for ways to enhance your Facebook marketing?

7 Free Facebook Tools Marketers Should Consider

Do you want to capture the attention of more prospects and customers? The right Facebook tools can make the job easier by saving you time and optimizing your Facebook marketing efforts. In this article you’ll discover seven valuable (and free) Facebook tools that can help marketers succeed. Discover 7 free Facebook tools marketers should consider. Listen to this article: Listen now: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | #1: Improve Targeting With Audience Insights Facebook Audience Insights can help you determine if you should target a specific interest with Facebook ads.

First, head over to Audience Insights. Enter the interest you want to target. Next, click on the Location tab. Agorapulse Timeline Contest - Run Free contests on your Facebook Timeline. Write Better Headlines: Free Headline Analyzer From CoSchedule. Facebook Ads Compass - Free Reports & Benchmarks. ManageFlitter - Work faster & smarter with Twitter. Introducing SocialPilot and Its Amazing Features. 112 Flares Twitter 8 Facebook 4 Google+ 67 LinkedIn 33 inShare33 Buffer 0 112 Flares × Social media today is amongst the most effective ways to get new leads and attract more traffic to websites.

Introducing SocialPilot and Its Amazing Features

Today, it is imperative for online businesses to have an active presence at major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. But the biggest question is; how to manage all these social media accounts actively? This is how the idea of developing such tool came to our mind. After spending lot of time and efforts, we are excited to introduce SocialPilot that is specially designed to solve this issue effortlessly. In current era, there are various social media management tool available in market to boosts the brand’s presence across popular networks. Benefits with SocialPilot SocialPilot creates a whole new way of connecting to millions of users across the globe. 1. SocialPilot is not just restricted to the normal Facebook and LinkedIn posts. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Get Started Now – FREE. Twitter Tools. Search Animated GIFs on the Web - Giphy. 25 Awesome Tools for Social Media Success.

Managing your social media profiles can be a daunting task.

25 Awesome Tools for Social Media Success

Each major network has its own rules, and some of them even lack crucial statistics and the ability to schedule posts. If you want to improve your level of interaction with social media, improve user engagement and make the process of social media marketing less time-consuming, then you should definitely use tools. Today, I’d like to share some of my favorites in detail. Tools I Can’t Live Without (Suites For Multiple Networks) Hootsuite Hootsuite is one of the best tools you can imagine for managing just about any social network.

I use it for Twitter and Google+. Free Social Media Marketing Resources Kit. When you’re just starting off on social media—whether as an individual or a brand or a company or otherwise—the potential of Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and all the various other social media channels can be hugely exciting.

Free Social Media Marketing Resources Kit

And for the social media pros, the questions exist, too. 6 Simple Photo Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals. Are you including images in your social media content?

6 Simple Photo Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals

Looking for easy-to-use tools to help you create images for your content strategy? If the idea of using Photoshop makes your head spin or hiring a graphic designer isn’t an option, there are many easy-to-use, low-cost alternatives available to you to create social media graphics. In this article, I’ll show you 6 easy tools that will help you create compelling graphics for social media. #1: Use PicMonkey’s Online Photo Editor to Take Your Images From Good to Glorious PicMonkey‘s free option has a wide variety of frames, special effects and font types to choose from. With a touch of a button, you can crop and resize your photo, and add text to your images.

Choose from a wide variety of free fonts on PicMonkey to create appealing images like this one with PicMonkey. The paid option offers additional features that include more frames and photo effects. PicMonkey is a great solution for all types of social media images. Final Thoughts. 6 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work. Social media is a relatively new tool for most businesses.

6 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work

This means that, unlike many other marketing tools, when people begin to build out social media for their business, they’re starting from scratch. They haven’t created social media strategies before or they don’t know what questions to ask for a social media audit, and finding out can be both difficult and time consuming. That’s where we come in. YouTube Statistics, Twitch Statistics, Instagram Statistics -

4 Instagram Tools for Scheduling Instagram Updates. Is Instagram a part of your social media marketing?

4 Instagram Tools for Scheduling Instagram Updates

Want to make posting to Instagram more convenient? Whether you’re in the middle of an event or on the road, there are scheduling tools to help you. The Social Media Manager's Guide to Staying Organized. Managing social media accounts for a brand, no matter how big or small, is not easy -- and one of the biggest and most consistent challenges is staying organized. Between managing social promotion goals from different departments, staying up-to-date on social mentions and trends, and posting relevant and engaging content on a regular basis, being a social media manager can sometimes feel like herding cats.