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Unity Book - 3.x Game Development Essentials ..if you haven’t then what are you doing here? probably looking for a good book to help you learn how to use Unity, right? Well in that case you’re still in the right place. Take a look at the link below to grab your copy! Unity Book - 3.x Game Development Essentials
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Unity3D offers a choice between 3 different programming languages: JavaScript, C# and Boo. Each of them has its pros and cons, but for me C# almost immediately came out as a clear winner. That is because it is fully object oriented and it's syntax is similar to Java and Actionscript 3, both of which I am experienced with. However, before I started to play with Unity3D, I never wrote a single line in C#, so I had to learn it from scratch. As you probably know C# was originally developed by Microsoft and is widely used in the .NET framework as well as in Silverlight development. Getting started with C# for Unity3D - Everyday 3D Getting started with C# for Unity3D - Everyday 3D
Are you just starting with Unity 4 and want to learn how to program in C#? Are you a veteran that finally wants to do some serious scripting? Check out these tutorials! Clock This tutorial introduces you to Unity 4 and C# scripts. You will create a simple clock that always shows the current time. Unity C# Tutorials

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5 Unity game examples: C# scripting tutorial for beginners
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Location Deep in the heart of Texas Posts 281 I updated the webplayer with the package as I intend to release it. Careful with the character controller, it breaks if you turn to face the edge of the map. Location Deep in the heart of Texas Posts 281 Almost ready, folks! Got all the script cleanup and commenting done, just getting all the groundwork done so I can post to the Asset Store. Should be live before the weekend! Location Pamplona Posts 20 Good news. Battletech virtual board Battletech virtual board
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In Unity 4.3, the engine added native 2D workflows, including Sprites, animation and physics, amongst other improvements. This is bringing all manner of new users to the world of Unity game development, which is great for the community, but to keep users happy, we at Learn Unity have decided to launch a dedicated 2D site to grab all the 2D tutorials and resources into one place. Unity Developer Alex Zanfir has teamed up with Pluralsight, the online training resource, to create a course on Unity. During the course you’ll learn about creating a first person game with creepy attacking spiders. Unity official Learn area has launched a gritty reboot of its Live training channel.

Learn Unity 3D Game Engine | Game Development Blog

Learn Unity 3D Game Engine | Game Development Blog
Get Started With Games Unpacked | BAFTA Young Game Designers Get Started With Games Unpacked | BAFTA Young Game Designers Step into the world of games development with Games Unpacked, developed by Abertay University Games Unpacked uses a programme called Unity, which is used by some of the top, professional game developers. Abertay University chose Unity because it offers one of the friendliest screens to help get you started – and they provide a version for free!
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