A Facebook head Sheryl Sandberg: 'I don't plan on running for political office' The chief operating officer of the multibillion pound social network and author of Lean In – and a big Democrat supporter – talks to Jemima Kiss Wingsuit pilots fly at 125mph under bridge on side of mountain – video The world's most renowned wingsuit pilots Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadnes and Ludovic Woerth spent a year looking for the perfect flight Jihad, Syria and social media: how foreign fighters have documented their war From pictures showing a 'five-star jihad' to identifying the most influential sheikhs helping to radicalise foreign fighters, three researchers in a basement at Kings College, London, have tracked and analysed the torrent of social media posts coming from Syria. A
DESIGN Digital native & full-service Créée en 2000 Mazarine Digital offre une approche sur-mesure et intégrée de la communication digitale avec une expertise sectorielle unique pour conseiller sur le long terme les plus grandes marques de luxe comme les maisons les plus exclusives. Sites e-Commerce Sites de marque Sites produit Sites événénementiels Applications iPhone & iPad Applications Android In-store app Sites responsive design eCRM SEO/SEM Database management Metrics Affiliation Stratégie & Conseil Community management Social Advertising ePR Story-tellingFilm, Photos Vidéos interactives Blogs / Magazines online Design sonore Plus de 150 experts digitaux font converger leurs talents créatifs, stratégiques et technologiques pour créer des concepts novateurs, élaborer des expériences utilisateurs efficaces et les déployer sur l'ensemble des points de contact de l'écosystème digital. DESIGN
e-Zap! | O seu cantinho 'zap' na net - Flock Um pouco de cultura: O halloween é hoje comemorado nos países de língua inglesa, mas muitos desconhecem sua origem O.O ORIGEM- Conhecido por suas bruxas, duendes e outras decorações, o Halloween — também chamado Dia das Bruxas —, comemorado no dia 31 de outubro, remonta aos celtas antigos que habitavam a Grã-Bretanha e a Irlanda. Na Lua cheia mais próxima de 1.° de novembro, eles celebravam a festa de Samhain, que significa “fim do verão”. Eles acreditavam que durante essa celebração se abria a porta entre o mundo humano e o sobrenatural, e espíritos tanto bons quanto maus vagavam pela Terra. e-Zap! | O seu cantinho 'zap' na net - Flock
is a communication, creation and graphic production company esta is a communication, creation and graphic production company esta Altitude is a communication, creation and graphic production company established in Brussels for more than twenty years. Our in-house art department is ready to design innovative work that uniquely expresses your brand and message. We’ll develop a unique look, easy to follow graphic standards and oversee all print and web production. Altitude provides a wide range of graphic design and web design solutions for all kinds of companies and organisations. We believe in a straightforward, no-nonsense approach which helps our clients get their message across to whoever they need to. Altitude’s Graphic Design service covers logo design, corporate identity and brand development; design for print: stationery, brochures, product literature; tender documents; marketing and advertising materials; packaging; signing and exhibition.
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The Continuing Education Center offers engineers an entirely new way to get the education they need to formulate next-generation solutions. 8 Courses Over Six Months: December - June Develop Apps for Embedded Android Networking LECTURER: Fred Eady, Owner, EDTP Electronics Testing MIMO Radios LECTURER: Fanny Mlinarsky, President, octoScope 3-D Digital Models Help NASA Succeed on Mars - 2010-03-01 05:00: 3-D Digital Models Help NASA Succeed on Mars - 2010-03-01 05:00:
“Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd” – PSP Sequel Announced! “Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd” – PSP Sequel Announced! Posted by pKjd on Mar 3, 2010 @ 6:40 am 3Mar Original artist: 77melon@pixiv According to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, a sequel to the PSP rhythm game Project DIVA has been formally announced — tentatively titled, 「Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd」. Title (tentative): 「Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd」Release Date: July 29th, 2010Price: 6090 JPYPlatform: Playstation PortableMusic: Two new songs so far confirmed.
Accredited Gemologists Association Accredited Gemologists Association Contact InformationHome Locate an AGA Member - Membership Information Antonio C. Bonanno Award - Resources, Links & Articles- Event Info - Event Gallery Links to other Professional Organizations JIBNA - Personal Jewelry Insurance An AGA Platinum Sponsor EstateBuyers.com An AGA Platinum Sponsor
Histoire et numérique : une relation singulière et multiple 5 janvier, par Pierre Mounier J’ai été invité le 10 décembre dernier par Maryline Crivello et Véronique Ginouvès à intervenir dans une journée d’études qu’elles organisaient sur le thème : "Mobilisation et écriture du passé sur le web (France-Méditerranée). Acteurs et témoins" à la Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme d’Aix-en-Provence. N’ayant pas été satisfait de ma présentation orale, confuse et peu maîtrisée, j’ai tenté d’en établir une version rédigée que j’espère plus précise. Cette version s’est du reste enrichie de ce que j’ai (...) Aux sources du mai 68 numérique : le grille-pain fasciste ? 4 décembre 2013, par Pierre Mounier « Notre mai 68 numérique est devenu un grille-pain fasciste ».

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Homo Numericus
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DBpedia is a crowd-sourced community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to ask sophisticated queries against Wikipedia, and to link the different data sets on the Web to Wikipedia data. We hope that this work will make it easier for the huge amount of information in Wikipedia to be used in some new interesting ways.
Festival d'Annecy et MIFA 2014 Du Lun 09 au Sam 14 Jun 2014 [ En France / Ville : Annecy ] Festival international du film d'animation et évènement incontournable du secteur. Projections, compétitions, rencontres. Le MIFA, versant professionnel de l'évènement, propose stands, conférences, rencontres entre professionnels, opportunités d'entretiens. ... Plus d'infos..

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