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Why risk control is important in trading? “Throughout my financial career, I have continually witnessed examples of other people that I have known being ruined by a failure to respect risk.

Why risk control is important in trading?

If you don’t take a hard look at risk, it will take you.” – Larry Hite As with any business activity, risks are involved in trading as well. And if you take arbitrary risk, your current trade could be your very last one! This is because a single trade gone wrong can wipe off your entire trading account. But, you can’t really trade without risk. Then, what should you do? Common & Uncommon Algo trading strategies and their implementation on PHI 1. Common & Uncommon Algo trading strategies and their implementation on PHI 1. Why you should automate your trading strategy?

Automated or algorithmic trading is the process of automatically executing trades based on predefined rules by traders.

Why you should automate your trading strategy?

Traders decide the entry and exit points as well as the strategy to be followed by the algo trading system into the system, which automatically executes trades based on this information. Automated trading comprises 70% of the total trading volumes in the US and other developed markets currently. In India, nearly 46% of the total trades on NSE and 30% of those on BSE are algorithmically performed. How to automate your trading strategy using PHI 1? A trading strategy is a plan aimed at generating profits by taking a long or short position.

How to automate your trading strategy using PHI 1?

Essentially, a trading strategy comprises a set of pre-defined rules followed by traders to make trading decisions. A good trading strategy is one that factors in risk tolerance, specific objectives, time horizon, and even tax implications. A well-researched and -executed trading strategy can help traders achieve profitable returns. You can also fully automate the signal generation and execution of a trading strategy via an algorithmic trading strategy. With an automated trading strategy, the trader no longer has to monitor stock prices or punch in orders manually. 1. Hypothesis formation is all about what you think about the market. Thus, if you think the market is trending lower, you may want to short an asset and if you think the market is trending higher, you may want to go long on the asset—all this is based on statistical analysis. 2. 3 Back-testing and Optimization. 5 commonly used intraday trading strategies.

Intraday trading involves the execution of intraday strategies to profit from price changes of an asset.

5 commonly used intraday trading strategies

The success of intraday trading depends on a lot of factors—the right strategy, the right mindset, skill, knowledge, and even market conditions, among others. Further, to get intraday strategies right, one needs to be patient, dedicated, and have the requisite knowledge. However, a few strategies have become popular over time among Indian stock traders. Why PHI 1 is the perfect algo trading platform for Intraday Traders. As the world moves towards automated trading, much of the hassles that come with manual trading like constant monitoring, excessive time consumption, and emotional bias are being done away with.

Why PHI 1 is the perfect algo trading platform for Intraday Traders

With the rising popularity of algo trading, traders today have multiple trading-related tools at their disposal. But, rather than creating a convenient environment, just as too many cooks spoil the broth, too many tools often distract traders from their main task of trading. As no tools are available that constitute a one-stop solution to systematic trading, these multiple tools need to be integrated to complete the trading process. This shifts the focus of the trader from exploring profitable opportunities in the market to handling mundane tasks. This exercise results not only in the waste of time and effort but also opportunity loss, directly affecting the trader monetarily. 7 reasons PHI 1 is a unique algo trading platform for Indian Stock Market.

Consider this: While you may trade for a few hours that work best for you, a trading robot is at it for all 24 hours.

7 reasons PHI 1 is a unique algo trading platform for Indian Stock Market

That is 3, 4 maybe 10 times as much as a manual trader trades the market. 6 reasons ewiz commerce is the perfect Magento Alternative in 2020. If you are reading this post, you are aware of the risks your business will remain exposed if you continue using Magento.

6 reasons ewiz commerce is the perfect Magento Alternative in 2020

The risks are real, and if you would like to know more please do read our previous post as a primer to this article – 7 reasons you should upgrade from Magento 1 to a better eCommerce platform. Today. It’s logical to assume that upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 would be easy. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. While it is true that Magento has helped define the way eCommerce is today, it comes with its own set of issues. 5 Benefits of Algo Trading for Stock Traders. Algo trading or Algorithmic trading is an automated program that uses a set of defined instructions to execute a trade.

5 Benefits of Algo Trading for Stock Traders

Simply put, algorithmic trading is a set of directions for placing a trade. Computerized algorithms process data faster, cheaper, and more accurately than humans. Best Algo Trading Software. Algo trading or algorithmic trading is a process of executing orders using automated and pre-programmed trading instructions.

Best Algo Trading Software

In simple words, an algorithm is a group of directions designed to solve a problem. Thus, algo trading makes use of complex formulas to make decisions regarding the buying and selling of securities on the exchange. PHI 1 Vs Streak Vs AmiBroker - Comparison between Algo-trading platforms. Here is a detailed comparison of PHI 1 vs Zerodha Streak Vs AmiBroker.

PHI 1 Vs Streak Vs AmiBroker - Comparison between Algo-trading platforms

In this comparison, we are going to touch upon 10 key metrics. One-stop trading solutionAdvanced ChartingAdvanced ScreeningStrategy CreationStrategy TestingRisk ControlOrder ExecutionEase of UseKnowledge of Coding LanguagePortfolio/ Trades Monitoring. Ewizcommerce vs Magento - Which is the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform in 2020. How PHI 1's Multi-Symbol Strategy Creator helps you spot unlimited trade opportunities? As a trader, you regularly experiment to create a winning trading strategy. But sometimes, it is not possible to try out a particular strategy because of the restrictions which most trading platforms have. Keep reading to find out how our upcoming release – Multi-Symbol Strategy Creator will set you free from all these restrictions. 1. Long and short rules within the same strategy While most of the algo-trading platforms do not allow long and short rules within the same strategy, PHI 1 has no such constraints.

In the above example, -1 signifies a short position, 1 signifies a long position and 0 signifies square-off of any existing position. How to build a successful B2B online selling strategy. Most B2B sales are now happening in the digital world. Call it the millennial effect as many decision-makers and influencers are now more comfortable using digital devices. As the number say, almost 60% of B2B buyers prefer online research in the consideration stage rather than meeting a sales rep.

10 Deadly B2B Sales Mistakes That Are Killing Your Deals. What are the ten deadly sales mistakes in B2B Sales? Before we try to answer that question, let us try to understand why B2B (Business to Business) sales models differ from the traditional B2C (Business to Customer) sales models that we know about. B2C model has a shorter sales cycle in which customers progress through one stage to another in quick succession.

This makes it easier to offer customized solutions at every stage of their journey. But, the B2B sales journey is more complicated. It is layered and there are several decision-makers involved in the whole process. Say, if you are investing in a B2B eCommerce platform, the IT team wants to be sure of the features and security it provides. Most B2B sales people fail to deliver a B2B experience and repeat some common mistakes. Here are some of them: 1. But most salespeople still follow the offline route to reach their prospects. Algorithmic Trading Platform. B2B Ecommerce Platform Features.

Adopt 100+ features and their 200+ benefits to your lightning speed growth story. Scale your transactions & delight your customers at every stage. Pages load in less than 3 secs ewiz commerce provides a page load time of less than 3 seconds which ensures that your content loads quickly. This ensures that your buyer does not have to wait for a long time to find all the necessary information. Also, helps in customer retention as the customer does not close the window. Go to market (deployment) in 30 days ewiz commerce deploys your store in 30 days. Content Management System (CMS) ewiz commerce provides you with Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to change web page layout design as and when it's needed in few clicks.

AI-driven marketing communication ewiz commerce has an AI-driven marketing communication creator, which allows you to create custom catalogs with high velocity to reach thousands of customers immediately. Roadmap, auto-updates and bug fixes Multi-channel marketing. AI-Powered B2B Ecommerce Platform.