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Sewing for babies & shower gifts

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Piggie Pacifier clip tutorial. Oink!

Piggie Pacifier clip tutorial

Stephanie from Swoodson Says here, I’m sharing a quick and easy pig pacifier clip tutorial today. Sewing for babies - baby shower gifts to sew. Insulated 'Keep Warm' Baby Bottle Cover. I’ve made a few projects with the insulated thermal lining before, the Long Arm Oven Mitts, the Can Cozy and Easy Quilted Pot Holders.

Insulated 'Keep Warm' Baby Bottle Cover

So when Daniela from On the Cutting Floor wrote to me with some more ideas she had, we were inspired to create a couple more projects to share. See her project at the bottom. With so many of my friends expecting new arrivals to their families, I wanted to make a insulated baby bottle cover that could help to keep a feeding bottle warm. Baby changing mat pattern - two options. Babies will soon be popping out everywhere so my sewing for all the new babies continues.

Baby changing mat pattern - two options

There’s one thing I know, when they aren’t sleeping / feeding / screaming, babies are pooping. One of my expecting friends showed me the changing mat she used first time round and just told me – it’s just so big. I don’t need all these pockets and things, all these bells and whistles. Just make it simple and small enough to carry about, but big enough at the same time. Crinkle ribbon toy for babies. Did you see the article I did on the comfort snuggle blanket for babies and toddlers over at Little House Living?

Crinkle ribbon toy for babies

This one was made with super soft flannel and minky and was SO soft and cuddly. But I’m told babies don’t sleep all the time and sometimes they’re pretty active and like to play. One mom-to-be tells me that her crinkle sheet was kept with the changing mat and was the only thing that would keep the little devil angel from squirming away during changing time. So this version has smooth satin ribbons around the outside in some nice bright colors, a regular cotton front and back – and the special crinkle liner that makes the interesting noise babies love when you scrunch it and wave it.

Supplies: Two 12 inch squares of regular cotton in nice bright printsassorted ribbonscrinkle liner for the play version – I suggest a washed cereal bag This can be made in any size of course, smaller for smaller babies, larger for toddlers. Cut your cloth accordingly! Trim and round off the corners. Homemade Baby Toys – Make Your Own Baby Toys – How to Make Baby Toys. Homemade Baby Toys Have you ever wondered why clothes and toys for babies are so expensive?

Homemade Baby Toys – Make Your Own Baby Toys – How to Make Baby Toys

They only use small pieces of fabric, so why pay so much money? The tradition of knitting for new babies still continues, but why stop there when you can also create unique toys for a lot less than you can often buy them in posh 'baby boutiques'. Are you enjoying what you see here? Get new articles sent right to your inbox! Sign up for our weekly newsletters for new articles sent right to your inbox plus get a free copy of my ebook, The Canner's Cookbook, just for signing up! A 'baby essential' today: the comfort blanket, soother, or cuddle blanket. My first (and last?) quilt is finished. I got through it in the end and finished my first ever quilt, but it wasn’t without plenty of errors and snarling along the way.

My first (and last?) quilt is finished

I started this a couple of weeks back, then got to the point of spray basting it all together, but wasn’t sure how to actually ‘quilt’ it. I’d already made a bit of a problem for myself because I hadn’t thought in advance about what size it was going to be, and you know how one problem often compounds to make a project a disaster? Well, I think I avoided the disaster in the end and it came out pretty good, but I’m not sure I’m ready any time soon to be doing this again. I’ve had two expecting ladies ask me for a baby quilt, and this will satisfy one of them, the other will be getting something a bit different.

I was stuck at the point of actually adding the quilting stitches so I signed up for Start Free Motion Quilting. I found it really difficult to move the fabric around as I wanted it and get it all in the harp of the machine, even with this little quilt. The perfect Baby Burp Cloth pattern. I’m just so excited to be sewing for my 3 friends who are all expecting.

The perfect Baby Burp Cloth pattern

Gives me a chance to knock out lots of small projects from time to time, and take a break from some of the larger projects, pattern designing and fitting issues that clothes sewing gives me. I was pestering one of the moms-to-be – what can I sew you, what do you really need, or don’t have enough of, or really used a lot first time round. Wait a minute she said and came back with – a rag. Er, what is that and what did you use it for? Apparently it’s a burp cloth – something new to me, but she explained she used cloths like this ALL the time and everywhere for mopping up spills, mopping up babies and toddlers, mopping up baby sick, wiping runny noses, mopping up food etc etc. Faux chenille baby blanket.

After my recent attempt at quilting and all the adventures, failures and very steep learning curve that went into making a baby quilt, I decided for my next expectant friend, a different approach was in order.

Faux chenille baby blanket

Pinterest to the rescue for inspiration and I came across this tutorial for a faux chenille baby blanket. Although the end result is lovely, it didn’t look easy and even the writer had plenty of problems along the way. Crossover baby bib pattern. The Baby Showers are fast approaching and I’m sewing madly to get the bundles together.

Crossover baby bib pattern

Today, I’m making bibs. Not the most glamorous of items, but an everyday essential and no one wants a grotty one when you can have a really nice home made one instead. I’ve tried several styles, and depending on time might share some of the others later, but here is the crossover style that I’ve been making in batches today. It has a cross over front with the option to have two different fabrics, plus, its fully reversible so you can have another two different fabrics on the back if you want to. The perfect way to use up 4 smaller leftover pieces of fabric from other projects. With the 4 layers of fabric, this is going to be long-lasting, hard-wearing in the wash time after time and won’t be likely to leak mess through to any nice clothes underneath. Materials list (to make 1 bib finished size approx 7.75 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall): Download the Crossover Baby Bib Pattern.

Sunshine for babies - handmade baby toys. With 3 friends expecting happy events shortly, I’m concentrating some of my sewing time for sewing for the little ones.

Sunshine for babies - handmade baby toys

Today, making handmade baby toys. Don’t we always joke that if you buy a child a toy, it spends more time playing with the box than with what’s inside. Somewhere along the line, moms started to notice that babies enjoyed the feel of the labels on their toys, and the ribbons, and so those started to become a feature of the toy itself. Such as the satin binding on the comfort-blanket. As we get older, what feels good to us changes. Christmas Baby Bib. I had a lot of fun with this project! I prepared a pattern to make your own bib complete with two different appliques. If you don’t have a baby to sew for, you can use the silhouettes for a multitude of other projects! I think I might make a shirt for my little one with the reindeer. I just love how cute it turned out! To make your own Christmas baby bib, you will need: The Pattern – DOWNLOAD FROM HEREa large scrap of Christmas fabrica large scrap of soft fabric (I used flannel for the back of the snowman and a minky fabric for the back of the reindeer)a small scrap of black fabrica small scrap of red fabric (if sewing the reindeer)matching threadfreezer paper (optional)scissorssewing machineCut two of the baby bib (mirrored).

Like I mentioned above, the reindeer and snowman silhouettes can be used for a variety of projects.