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Teenagers: Reading 1: Reading in class. Students who are faced with a text in class and asked to read it and answer questions often find the task difficult.

Teenagers: Reading 1: Reading in class

Once they have had some disappointing attempts at this kind of reading they lose motivation and it becomes even harder for a teacher to get them involved in the task and eventually successful. We want the classroom task to help students develop the reading skill as well as other skills like speaking, writing and language areas like vocabulary and grammar and to motivate and challenge them. We rarely read anything without having some ideas about what we will discover in the text, even if we are wrong. If we read a newspaper article, we may already be following an unfolding story or already be interested in the topic. If we read a story, we have already got a framework of what that story will contain – if it’s a science fiction story we will be expecting strange new worlds, aliens, spacemen, star ships etc.

Before reading Don’t let the students see the text yet. Help Your Teens Practise English With These Fun Websites. Teenagers today are definitely part of the smartphone generation and many parents are concerned about the amount of time their children spend looking at screens.

Help Your Teens Practise English With These Fun Websites

There is some good news, however. Recent research shows that English is the top language for internet use. In fact, almost three times as many people are communicating on the net in English than in Spanish. This exposure helps make learning English more meaningful for your teenager and gives them a real reason to improve their language skills. Nevertheless, it is still important to talk to your child to get them thinking about how and why English will help them in life.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to get them to use their imaginations. . – Where will they be living? – What job will they be doing? – Where would they like to go on their holidays? – How will knowing how to speak English play a part in each of these scenarios? Here are five of our favourites: 2.Lyrics Training 3.Netflix 4.English Attack 5.React Key. Can YOU become posh? Language expert reveals exactly how to mimic the Queens English. 'Who we are is not what we wear or what glitters.

Can YOU become posh? Language expert reveals exactly how to mimic the Queens English

It's the spirit that defines us' Season 2, Episode 9 - 'Paterfamilias' Claire said: 'This line from Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, won't just help you mimic the pride that comes with royal duty. 'It's a sentence to use when practicing your long vowels, and skipping your 'r's.' Claire Foy and Matt Smith are seen portraying Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in Season two episode nine, Paterfamilias 'Monarchy is God's sacred mission to grace and dignify the earth. Season 1, Episode 4 - 'Act of God' Online English level test. This online level test will give you an approximate indication of your English proficiency level.

Online English level test

You can use the result to help you find content on our website that is appropriate for your English language ability. About the online level test 25 multiple-choice questions 10–20 minutes This test is designed to assess your understanding of English grammar, vocabulary and phrasing. Each question is in the format of multiple choice and you will have a choice of three possible answers. You will be required to read each question carefully and select the answer that you think is correct.

Instructions Test your English language skills by choosing the correct answer, then decide how sure you are that your answer is correct. It is very important to be honest about how sure you are. You will not be able to return to the previous question once you have submitted your answer and moved on, so make sure that you are completely satisfied with the answer you choose before you submit it. Sounds of Speech.

Sounds Pronunciation App. The ultimate mobile English pronunciation aid for students and teachers.

Sounds Pronunciation App

Based on the best-selling Macmillan title Sound Foundations by Adrian Underhill, Sounds helps you study, practise and play with pronunciation wherever you are. Available on Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android devices. INTERACTIVE PHONEMIC CHART The chart shows all the sounds of English, divided into three sections: vowels, diphthongs (double vowels) and consonants.

You can tap on a symbol to hear the sound, or tap and hold to hear the sound plus an example word. VOCABULARY WORDLISTThe wordlist included with the app contains around 650 items of vocabulary (in both British and American English), with their phonemic transcriptions and audio recordings. BUY STRAIGHTFORWARD WORDLISTS If you are you studying English using Straightforward and want to practise the vocabulary from your course you can purchase additional wordlists directly inside the app.