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World Bank Education sur Twitter : "One week to go until the #WorldEducationForum ! Let’s transform lives through #education. World Education Forum 2015. Careers and Education. Education. Personal Learning in a Connected World: Learning and Performance Supp… Alec Couros discussing PLNs ….. and I wasn’t even there!! July 14, 2012 by NovaNews Oh how I love my new style of learning.

Alec Couros discussing PLNs ….. and I wasn’t even there!!

It is totally AWESOME!! Unable to attend a great conference at State Library of Victoria today where Alec Couros was leading a discussion on Personal Learning Networks, I jumped online Saturday evening, a few hours after the close of proceedings, and avidly read through the TweetDoc which was posted soon after the end of the event. I’ve now been glued to my computer for the last couple of hours reading through the tweets, picking up the vibe, wandering off to ponder some of the links posted during the day and then connecting – virtually – with some of my PLN buddies who are like ‘old friends’. Conscious of trying to maintain that log of professional learning that VIT encourages, I decided to complete the VIT proforma that I endeavour to complete at the end of professional learning sessions attended: I then quickly jotted down my own thoughts and reflections about the conference proceedings.

Like this: Net Gains or Net Losses. Is the Internet Changing Human Nature? The Internet has had a profound impact on the way we live and work, so profound that some commentators describe the younger generation as natives in a country where the rest of us are immigrants.

Net Gains or Net Losses. Is the Internet Changing Human Nature?

Just how different are these digital natives from their struggling, stammering parents? What does the world look like to people who don’t remember a time when ‘snail mail’ was the way most messages traveled, or when the desire for information or entertainment could not be gratified instantaneously? Opinions vary.

Peter Cappelli, a professor of management at Wharton, says today’s youth are different, but not because of the Internet. “People look at young people, they seem different, and they look for explanations… In fact, the reason they seem different is because they are younger than we are,” he says. But Cappelli is in the minority. But some researchers say it’s easier for them because their minds have been trained to handle that level of complexity. They are also more democratic.

Boomers, Stop Yelling at Gen Y to Get Off Your Lawn - Grant McCracken. By Grant McCracken | 11:00 AM October 8, 2012 The young are different than you and me.

Boomers, Stop Yelling at Gen Y to Get Off Your Lawn - Grant McCracken

They have more selves. According to a recent European study, in fact, Millennials have a “multifaceted sense of their own identity.” “They change completely their attitude during the day, during the night, during the weekend,” says Alessandro Bigi, one of the coauthors of the study. “It is not like my generation, where I have my professor work and then I go home and have my professor life.” This multiplicity comes from economic necessity. This comes as news to Boomers, who are inclined to take Millennials at their face. Forgive a wild comparison, but Millennials are a little like Marranos, people who kept their religious identities under deep cover for fear that the anti-Semitism that had driven them out of the Iberian peninsula would find them in their new homes.

Take the case of tattoos specifically or popular culture more broadly. Research says 1 in 3 Millennials have tattoos. But this is wrong. CISD Instructional Technology. Snapshot of a modern learner. Santos is not an enigma, but he is misunderstood.

Snapshot of a modern learner

Santos sends approximately 125 texts per day. He sneaks his phone into classes in his book bag or jacket and is online just about all day. He posts messages to Facebook during class. He looks up answers to definitions of words online. He checks sports scores, plays games, posts his location so his friends can find him easily and streams music through an application on his phone.

His teachers use technology as an event. Santos opens books and is frustrated when he can’t click on words or pictures for more information. His history teacher recently assigned a project that culminated with a PowerPoint presentation on one of six topics within the upcoming unit. If you ask Santos what he did for the history project, he can articulate every detail. When Santos is assigned a big task at school, he goes home and creates a Facebook group about it. Santos knows where to find information. His parents think he would make a good lawyer or doctor. Education and Learning weblog. EmergingEdTech. Education Technology. Internet and instructional technologies for teachers & other educators. Wayland High School's One-to-One iPad Pilot. Technology Enhanced Learning Blog: The "EdTech" Blog. Just another WordPress site. Hack Education.