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How to Knit Baby Socks: A Precious Pattern. I love baby socks.

How to Knit Baby Socks: A Precious Pattern

They are the ideal last-minute gifts for knitters in a need of a baby gift for a number of reasons. Knitting baby socks is quick, and is a great way to use up sock yarn remnants, which most knitters have laying around. Also, they are sure to come in handy, since babies need to keep those itty bitty feet warm. And they are oh-so terribly cute. They are also a great way to practice sock construction for those just learning how to knit socks, so they're an easy project to start with. I have for you here my basic baby sock pattern. For these socks, I used just about 50 yards of fingering weight yarn. You will need sock needles for this project. The finished sock will stretch to about 4" in circumference and is made for a 3" foot.

Pattern Gauge: 8 stitches = 1" Cast on 32 sts, pm and join to knit in the round. Work 2x2 ribbing around leg for 24 rounds. Work a short row heel over the next 16 sts. The sock knitting tutorial: Beginners Socks for Children. It is a serious addiction.

The sock knitting tutorial: Beginners Socks for Children

So be careful, once you know how to knit socks, you might easily find yourself among piles of hand knitted socks for children and being pushy about the little ones wearing woolly socks at summer time...If you're nevertheless desperate to learn how to knit socks in a simple way and/or want to possess the lovely and practical pair pictured above, just follow this detailed tutorial. At your own risk. Have fun! 70278A. BabyDROPS 16-26 by DROPS Design. DROPS socks in ”Fabel”.

BabyDROPS 16-26 by DROPS Design

Knee-High Boot Socks! Here's a fun free pattern for a chunky knee-high sock.

Knee-High Boot Socks!

These are crocheted with heavy worsted to aran yarn and work up quickly in a few short hours. I've included tips on how to get a custom fit for your foot and calf. Enjoy! Please let me know if you have any questions or see any errors. KEMBERLEE'S CROCHETED SOCKS. © Kemberlee, NOTE: This sock is designed for a size 8-1/2 foot MATERIALS* Hook --3mm;US D/3; UK11* Markers -- 4 (if you don't have purpose made markers, use safety pins, contrasting yarn or curtain hooks)* #3 light worsted DK (doubleknit) (yarn standards, Needle -- for weaving in loose ends GAUGE – 5 stitches = 1 inch / 5 rows = 1 inch ...


For a traditional 4 inch swatch use 20 stitches and 20 rows, which will give you 400 stitches altogether * DC = double crochet, or single crochet in the US* SS = slip stitch* Work cuff with back loop only; the last stitch on each row is worked with both front and back loops. Have a Yarn - Stitch of the Month - Children's Work Socks - October 2010. October 2010 - Children's Work Socks Gauge: Fingering weight sock yarn, 2.25 mm or 2.5mm d.p. needles = 7.5 st/inch.

Have a Yarn - Stitch of the Month - Children's Work Socks - October 2010

The sock knitting tutorial: Beginners Socks for Children. Follow the Basic Top-Down Sock Pattern. 7 of 7 This basic pattern is for a top-down sock in fingering weight yarn and employs the gusset heel and basic toe.

Follow the Basic Top-Down Sock Pattern

It includes sizing, specifications, pattern stitches, and detailed information about working the heel. Specifications. Tuffy Boot Socks pattern by Kate Atherley. Old-fashioned-work-socks. Basic_ribbed_sock_20110529. WEB-P-SHCHNK-K-SlouchySocks-final. Have a Yarn - Stitch of the Month - Children's Work Socks - October 2010. Wwwsocks. FPF_5_-_Regia_Socks. Rocksbabysocks_full. Thank you & a free boot cuff pattern. First, thank you everyone for last posts encouraging and helpful comments!

thank you & a free boot cuff pattern

I have decided to go ahead and offer the leather bag in question for sale at a discount {great idea Katy!}... A little camouflage detail is in the works {thanks to Nancy's helpful advice}, and I think it will work out well.Secondly, I hope it's not too late in the season to offer up a boot cuff pattern...I know here in the Northeast we are still enjoying some snow and our warm woolies will not be packed away for a bit. I knit these boot cuffs for myself awhile back using a stitch pattern from Barbara Abbeys's The Complete Book of Knitting, and have wanted to share the pattern with you.Best wishes, and please let me know if you have any problem with my instructions.Stockinette Cable Boot Cuffs from homespun living To fit most, up to a calf circumference of 16 inches. Easy_Peasy_Socks.

Lifestyle_Toe_Up_Socks_V2_24_February2012. Briggs & Little's Heavy Sock Pattern. Adult Size 10: Length of leg -- 11 inches (28 cm)Length of foot between toe and heel -- 8 inches (20 cm)Note: Lengths of legs and feet may be adjusted but increases may require more yarn.

Briggs & Little's Heavy Sock Pattern

Have a Yarn. Basic Sock Pattern for Fingering Weight Sock Yarn Baby’s/Children’s Gauge: 7.5 st/inch on 2mm to 2.5 mm needles Size: to fit shoe size 3-5 (6.5-7, 9-10, 12-12.5, 2-3) Cuff: Cast on 40 (44, 48, 52, 56)) stitches and do K2 P2 ribbing for 1to 1.5" Leg: Switch to stockinette stitch (knit every round) and continue to desired length.

Have a Yarn

Heel: Leaving 20 (22, 24, 26, 28) instep stitches on needles 2 and 3 (10 & 10 or 11 & 11 etc.) put remaining 20 (22, 24, 26,28) stitches on 1 needle and work heel flap back and forth over this needle. Regular heel stitch: Row 1: sl1, *k1, sl1* repeat from * across ending with k1 Row 2: sl 1, purl across Work even in heel stitches for 10, (12, 14, 16, 18) rows Turn Heel: Working in short rows over heel flap stitches: Row1: sl 1,k 12 (14, 15, 16, 18) ssk, turn Row2: sl 1, p6,(p8, 8, 8, 10) p2 tog, turn Row 3: sl 1, k 6 (8, 8, 8, 10) ssk turn Repeat rows 2 & 3 until all stitches are used and there are 8 (10, 10, 10, 12) stitches on the needle.

BRIGGS & LITTLE'S HEAVY SOCK PATTERN. Adult Size 10: Length of leg -- 11 inches (28 cm) Length of foot between toe and heel -- 8 inches (20 cm) Note: Lengths of legs and feet may be adjusted but increases may require more yarn. Yarn: 2 - 4 oz.( 113 gm) skeins of Briggs & Little 100% Wool Yarn 2/8, 2 ply or Homespun Style 1 - 4 oz. (113 gm) skein of same for contrast stripe if desired [Note: Suitable yarns for substitution are heavy worsted weight yarns, which would normally knit to a gauge of 4-4.5 sts on size 5 or 5.5 mm needles (American sizes 8 or 9).]

Needles: 1 set double pointed 3.25 mm (American size 3) Tension: To be measured on 3.25 needles in stocking stitch 12 sts and 16 rows = 2 inches (5 cm) If you do not obtain the correct tension, use larger or smaller needles as indicated. CHECK YOUR TENSION. A careful check to your tension is the only assurance you have of a proper size for the finished garment.

Esther S. How To Knit Socks (With Patterns) Knitting pattern: Weekend socks. JoyofKroy.