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Ridley Scott's Prometheus

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Im a spoiler freak. I love em…BUT….I know not everyone does so Im not going to talk about them in the article. If you arent wanting to know don’t read or look at it. Bottom line this movie will rock! I have of course removed phone numbers from this in respect of those involved with the production. If you are a different website about to rip off this story kindly do so by showing a link to this page and the picture. REMOVED BY REQUEST OF 20th CENTURY FOX Yep…it would seem David the Android is going to lose his head….milky blood ensues! Like this: Like Loading...


Fans. Transmedia. Images. PROMETHEUS - Starmap - US on Facebook. Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world. Peter Weyland has been a magnet for controversy since he announced his intent to build the first convincingly humanoid robotic system by the end of the decade.

Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world

Whether challenging the ethical boundaries of medicine with nanotechnology or going toe to toe with the Vatican itself on the issue of gene-therapy sterilization, Sir Peter prides himself on his motto, “If we can, we must.” After a three year media blackout, Weyland has finally emerged to reveal where he’s heading next. Wherever that may be, we will most certainly want to follow. Conceived and designed by Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof and directed by Luke Scott.

Video et trailers

PROMETHEUS Teaser Poster Photo. As you may have noticed, summer 2012 movies are getting marketed like crazy as audiences head to the multiplex over the holidays.

PROMETHEUS Teaser Poster Photo

We’ve recently had at least one trailer every day this week for a summer film, and posters usually come along with the package. We haven’t gotten a trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (or anything beyond these images), but a poster for the film may have gone online. Collider reader John sent us a link to a snapped photo of what could be the film’s teaser poster. It looks legit, especially since there’s no MPAA rating on the bottom. Comic-Con ‘11: Charlize Theron Says She Runs Weyland-Yutani (aka The Company) In ‘Prometheus’ > The Playlist.

PROMETHEUS Image. Prometheus probably has the highest ratio of Audience Anticipation to Public Information of any movie in production.


It’s a quasi-Alien prequel (hence the anticipation), but the only solid detail we know is Prometheus takes place in outer space. The first image released by Warner Bros. confirms that much. Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, and possibly Ben Foster star. I can’t tell you definitively who is in that space suit, but my bet is on Rapace, the female lead in the movie. We should learn more at Fox Comic-Con panel later today — check back soon for our recap.

Prometheus is scheduled for release on June 8, 2012. Click on the image for high resolution. Official synopsis: New Set Photos From Prometheus Emerge! If this is actually the real plot for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, just shoot us now. Disclaimer : This may be clutching at straws somewhat, but anyway...

If this is actually the real plot for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, just shoot us now

Prometheus stole fire from the gods, so there needs to be a reason why the ship is called Prometheus, related to this. For a stab at a couple of suggestions: 1. The mission was to steal technology from the "gods", either the crew as a whole, or just the one individual on a covert mission. Either way, it would seem like an almost Dickensian naming choice, they may as well have gone with USS Badguys, or 2. I don't see anything particularly wrong with this outline.

Michael Fassbender Praises PROMETHEUS Director and Crew. The actor who will help bring to life Ridley Scott's huge sci-fi return reflects on his first impressions while stepping onto the set, what he plans on bringing to his character, and what it is like to work with the storied director.

Michael Fassbender Praises PROMETHEUS Director and Crew

Filming on Prometheus has only just begun, yet the environment in which the actors will pretend to explore the stars is already bringing about a sense of awe to the production. “I walk on the set and I feel like I’m walking on a spaceship,” Fassbender said. “It’s breathtaking. All the various panels and screens and it’s just dealing with a top-notch art department and carpenters and the riggers and everything that goes into putting that together. " When news broke of the actor's casting, it was reported that he will play an android. Ridley Scott is somewhat of a icon within the science fiction film genre with such works as Alien and Blade Runner to his name. RUMOR: Major Details Emerge On 'Prometheus'. Since we first heard whispers about 'Prometheus', it's been hidden behind and extremely thick shroud of secrecy, and not much has changed other than a few possible spoilers and plot details that have "leaked" out.

RUMOR: Major Details Emerge On 'Prometheus'.

According to the site MarketSaw, a very trusted site of theirs has revealed how 'Prometheus' will fit into the 'Alien' universe. As I said, these spoilers definitely fit in with what we've heard from other sources so far but either way, take them with a grain of salt for now. Possible Major Spoilers Ahead "Ridley Scott’s sci-fi movie, currently going by the name Prometheus, is going to be a very large and intense story, with a scope that is epic, the final act is where the movie switches gears and shifts into Aliens territory. Pinewood houses an exact replica of the H R Giger Space Jockey command post. Ridley Scott Clears The Air On Prometheus; More Added To Cast. Prometheus director Ridley Scott has finally come forward to make sense of the plethora of rumors circulating about the film's plot.

Ridley Scott Clears The Air On Prometheus; More Added To Cast

The big news: The film will not be a prequel to the Alien series. Originally intended as a set of prequels for the Alien franchise, the project would be scrapped in favor of an altered form of Lost mastermind Damon Lindelof's script, which would eventually become Prometheus. However, rumors seemed to persist that the film would maintain its connection to the Alien universe and its status as a prequel, even with a recent story alleging a leaked plot focusing on the origin of the Alien Xenomorphs. All of that, however, came to an end when Scott spoke to The Daily Mail at a Sunset Boulevard set pre-Oscar get-together where he made clear the film's status as an original storyline.


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