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Careers at Chaordix HR Director Jodi Bagyinka is one of the longest serving members of the Chaordix family. A veteran of Chaordix predecessor Cambrian House, Jodi has seen the company evolve from the most experimental of crowdsourcing laboratories to the rapidly-expanding global organization it is today. She’s done all this with enormous energy and her sense of humor intact, both of which she also deploys as a writer of stand-up comedy for comedians all across North America. Want to hear one of Jodi’s one-liners? Crowdsourcing books and blogs Crowdsourcing books and blogs
The blowback from President Obama's interactive town hall has been intense and widespread. In dismissing a legitimate policy issue the President seems to have shown an uncharacteristic degree of political tone deafness. There are many excellent reasons to rethink the War on Drugs—that most ill-fated of American conflagrations, and mostly bad ones for staying the course. Many in Obama's base felt betrayed by the brush off. Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing

Best Books on Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing - Wikinomics, Collaboration & Management

Open Innovation, crowdsourcing, co-creation… overlapping terminologies to describe a trend towards more open business models and a closer collaboration with customers. On this page we gather a list of inspiring examples Jump to the Open innovation Examples list Tip us about other initiatives ( – or twitter: @philderidder). Map out partnerships and value networks? try our Business Model Kit You can create your own business model visuals with our free digital package. Best Books on Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing - Wikinomics, Collaboration & Management

How to Build a Collective Intelligence Platform to Crowdsource Almost Anything

How to Build a Collective Intelligence Platform to Crowdsource Almost Anything Introduction The MIT Center for Collective Intelligence recently published an important overview of the theory and mechanisms behind successful crowdsourcing efforts. Their report, called “Harnessing Crowds: Mapping the Genome of Collective Intelligence“, can be found here. Their research reveals similarities behind many high-profile collective intelligence (CI) systems, including Threadless, Wikipedia and InnoCentive. It then describes how these lesson can be applied to the design of other successful CI platforms. I call this work the MIT Approach to Collective Intelligence, which is a generic approach applicable to a wide range of problems and circumstances.
10 Crowdsourcing Social Media Tools 10 Crowdsourcing Social Media Tools Since we’re about to jump into 2010 (that’s “twenty ten,” everyone), I wanted to ring in the new year with something that will hopefully kick start your collaborative efforts. This is a guest post from Shevonne Polastre, who wrote this article on behalf of TopHost.Gr, a Greek web host that offers shared hosting. Crowdsourcing has become more and more popular with private companies, non-profit organizations, and even government agencies. It’s a model that is based on many people contributing to an idea, product, or service that would have usually been done by one person.
The phrase “on-demand human computation” has a sinister tinge to it, if only because the idea of sucking the brain power out of a group of people is generally frowned upon. And yet, if you call it “crowdsourcing” everything sounds so much friendlier! But calling Soylent “crowdsourced copy-editing” isn’t quite fair, since the system performs the type of jobs that are somewhere in the gray area between man and machine. More than a spell check, not quite the nightside copy editor versed in AP style, Soylent really is on-demand computation. It’s what all word processors need, the “Can you take a look at this?” button with a small workforce of people at your disposal. It’s people! Meet Soylent, the crowdsourced copy editor It’s people! Meet Soylent, the crowdsourced copy editor

The Myth of Crowdsourcing -