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Little glass box: I couldn't resist a Mother's Day DIY. This Mother's day I wanted to take a modern day approach to an old school tradition.

little glass box: I couldn't resist a Mother's Day DIY

Corsages used to be all the rage to give to yo mama' on Sunday morning before church or brunch. It was a way to tag her and say "you're it today" for all the world to see ;.) I have noticed this tradition has sort of died amongst my generation and I felt like I needed to resurrect the idea with a modern twist. Which is so funkytastic! So I decided to make this: Imagine your pretty mama sporting these ribbon lovelies! ****You MUST use wired ribbon for this project. Then you either stitch or hot glue all of them together, bunched up on a piece of felt you can use as backing.

***a few hours old....I feel like it was just oh my how 7 months have flown by! Tattoo tights. I love the look of tattoos and someday I would really like to have one.

Tattoo tights

I think the old fashioned swallows are absolutely gorgeous. Besides that birds represent for me freedom. The freedom to do the things I really want to do. For now I want something just a little less ‘forever’. It’s a little bit like test driving a tattoo. Read the full instructions on these tattoo tights after the jump. . . What you need for these fabulous tattoo tights. Gathered Summer Dress. DIY Fringe Bikini. This super easy DIY can spice up any boring bandeau bikini.

DIY Fringe Bikini

Transform your suit into something worthy of I Dream of Jeannie with a few yards of fringe and some stretchy thread. DIY Ankle-Tie Lounge Pants. Pajamas as outerwear is a trend I can fully get behind.

DIY Ankle-Tie Lounge Pants

You don’t have to tell me twice that its now socially acceptable to wear baggy printed silk pants in public. Not that I wouldn’t or haven’t done this before, but seeing it on does lend a certain degree of street cred to the trend. Prabal Gurung’s collaboration with J.Crew is everything a designer collaboration should be- it stretches the expected norms of both brands involved.

In this case it really turned out an amazing collection. I immediately fell in love with Gurung’s ankle-tie pants. Repeat on the other leg. Like this: Like Loading... DIY Criss-Cross Top. The Criss-Cross Top.

DIY Criss-Cross Top

Not to be confused with the Kris Kross top. I have faith you can DIY that one without a tutorial. This top is made with any long sleeved jersey shirt – the sleeves remain the same and the rest is used to make an X-shaped band that wraps around your torso. Not for the shy or for the large of chest. Lay your shirt down flat and cut the sleeves off. Cut two panels out of the remaining portions of the shirt- make these about 9 inches wide. Sew the ends of these panels together so that you have one longer panel instead of the two short ones.

This next step is a lot easier if you put the sleeves on and wrap the panel around yourself. Sew down the lines that you pinned on each sleeve to attach the panel. The Upcycled ruffles dress tutorial. So this past week was pretty bad blog-wise, my blog and website got attacked with malware.

The Upcycled ruffles dress tutorial

My feed was having issues and subscribers seemed to banish. Happily most of it is fixed now and I am happy to be able to blog again (I didn’t wanted to post anything until I was 100% sure the malware was completely cleaned) And if you saw my site down, that was the reason =] I had this post saved from weeks! So finally here it is! A few weeks a go I showed you all how this dress turn out (I previously asked for color advice) and it’s finally time for a tutorial so you can also try it out! To make this dress I used Ken’s old sleeveless T-shirts and some fabric leftovers from a project I did years a go – Actually I was researching if those kind of shirts had a special name here because in Chile they are call “musculosas” because guys wear them to showoff their arms.

Anyways, you will need either one long sleeveless T-shirt or 2 short ones. [Click on images to enlarge] DIY 20 Minute Beach Cover Up. ** NO SEW VERSION CLICK HERE!

DIY 20 Minute Beach Cover Up

****HIGH-BACK VERSION/STREET WEAR- CLICK HERE****HALTER VERSION- CLICK HERE****MAXI WITH THICK STRAPS HERE** Need more help? Click HEREProbably my favorite 'la vie' project... ever. Blue Bodice Ruffle Dress. Hollister Co. - Shop Official Site - Bettys - Shorts - Classic - View All - Seagrove. DIY tiered lace shorts. I fell completely in love when I saw the Isabel Marant tiered lace shorts from her Spring ’11 Collection (via, I just had to make a pair of my own.

DIY tiered lace shorts

And recently, I stumbled upon a photo of Rumi Neely (via, styling herself in a black pair, which felt so effortless. Open-back Cover-up.