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Google search: 15 hidden features. Runners-up to the TOP 100 funny one-liners, quotes and jokes on the internet! Page 6. 100 Websites To See Before You Die (Part 1) - Page 1. Here at Maximum PC, we've always done our fair share of website recommendation articles--including a couple of doozies from the past few years.

100 Websites To See Before You Die (Part 1) - Page 1

And of course we're not the only ones who do this sort of article either; it's a proven popular format. But this year, we thought we'd mix things up a little bit. Rather than just focusing on what's services are popular, or which web apps will make you the most productive, we wanted to take a look at what's fun on the Internet. In that spirit, our February cover feature is going to be 100 Websites You Need to Visit Before You Die.

These are sites that will either entertain you, educate you, or just plain blow your mind. So today we've got the first 50 of our 100 Websites You Need to See Before You Die. So, without further ado, here's the list: We Choose the Moon Its name taken from John F. Hotel 626 One thing though: you can only play the game at night. Incredibox Wait, stop, don’t go yet. Ok, it’s hard to explain—just try it out. The Dionaea House. 8 Books For a Higher Existence. Books are magical inventions.

8 Books For a Higher Existence

By carrying meaning, they gives us glimpses of experience and knowledge from a different world. Phonetic language, being cut-off from time and place, the Now, helps both to encapsulate the ego more, but also to offer guidance to make it poriferous, letting Eros free. Without books we would lose this guidance. And in these times of dire ecological and cultural crisis, we need new ways to respond to the ecosystem that we simultaneous are and are imbedded in. These are the books that can lift our spirits to a necessary higher existence. If you’re done reading this list and want to level up more – check out part two!

Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Friedrich Nietzsche Becoming Animal – David Abram Abram’s first book The Spell of the Sensuous convincingly argued that being human is inseparably interconnected with everything that is not human. Cloud-Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown: A Mountain Journal - Alan Watts The Story of B - Daniel Quinn Original photo by June. What can you learn on youtube? - Teh uber1337 Soup. How to Make a Fire Wire [Easy Fireworks] Do these mysterious stones mark the site of the Garden of Eden? By Tom Knox Updated: 11:10 GMT, 5 March 2009 For the old Kurdish shepherd, it was just another burning hot day in the rolling plains of eastern Turkey.

Do these mysterious stones mark the site of the Garden of Eden?

Following his flock over the arid hillsides, he passed the single mulberry tree, which the locals regarded as 'sacred'. The bells on his sheep tinkled in the stillness. Then he spotted something. The man looked left and right: there were similar stone rectangles, peeping from the sands. They certainly were important. The site has been described as 'extraordinary' and 'the most important' site in the world A few weeks after his discovery, news of the shepherd's find reached museum curators in the ancient city of Sanliurfa, ten miles south-west of the stones. They got in touch with the German Archaeological Institute in Istanbul. As he puts it: 'As soon as I got there and saw the stones, I knew that if I didn't walk away immediately I would be here for the rest of my life.' Schmidt stayed. So far, so remarkable. And so, paradise was lost.

Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done. Up Your Income. Danny Macaskill - Industrial Revolutions (BMX) MoneySavingExpert.com Forums. Aurora Borealis Activity Now. Everything You Need to know. Now, find the Kp number line on one of the following maps that matches the Kp number predicted above.

Aurora Borealis Activity Now. Everything You Need to know.

If you are located at or above the estimated Kp line, you are in the right spot. You might even be in luck if you are located within next lower line, but you will have to look lower on the horizon. Be aware though, ground based light pollution and weather will have a greater impact at these more marginal locations. It's critical to get confirmation of activity with NOAA's Ovation map. The Kp number gives nice info on how large the storm is, but the Ovation map does a better job of telling you if you can actually see it. It's a great sign if you see a thick aurora band with some areas of light yellow, orange or, better yet, RED on this map as opposed to just a thin (or transparent) band with only dark green. The Ovation model seems to top-out at 5 Kp.

(Story continues below) Want free access to the Aurora three day forecast? Dark. US Satellite Animation Map Why? Wonder How To » How To Videos & How-To Articles. John Harris - It's an illusion Part 5/5. Article 61 of the Magna Carta. Magna Carta Article 61 Preliminary.

Article 61 of the Magna Carta

This was written from the point of view of the monarch at the time (King John), consequently "we" and "us", etc, refer to the monarch. The 'twenty-five Barons' are a bit of an enigma today, however the intent is pretty clear. Perhaps these days 'Lords' or even (since the advent of Parliament) 'MPs' could be substituted. Here is Article 61 in its entirety. All we need is "25 Barons" (who are decent and honest human beings). Note to debunkers, legal eagles, constitutional lawyers & other superior beings, etc: The Magna Carta was written in Mediaeval Latin and translated into English, and I am English. Furthermore the original (1215) Magna Carta pre-dates any 'parliament'. Article 61 But all those of our land, who, of themselves, and of their own accord, are unwilling to swear to the twenty-five Barons, to distress and harass us together with them, we will compel them by our command, to swear as aforesaid[18].

End of Article 61. Notes. [1] . [2] . [5] . [6] . [7]. Dealing with Banks, lawfully - getoutofdebtfree.org. Two Options for Dealing with Credit Cards, Overdrafts and Loans Info - Please read carefully.

Dealing with Banks, lawfully - getoutofdebtfree.org

Make sure you've read Getting Startedand also read Hints and Tips in the right margin. 1 Option one- Standard Template Letters The three letter process for Banks and Credit Cards There are three letters, which need posting at least 10 days apart. Together they will create a tacit contract, which is a lawfully binding agreement. The letters open as a Microsoft Word Document, however if you do not have a Word installed, get a copy of OpenOffice for Windows users, or LibreOffice if you are using a Mac.

Letter 1 Download Letter 1 Letter 2 Follow up Letter 1 ten days later with Letter 2 which starts the formation of the tacit agreement. Download Letter 2 Letter 3 Finally follow up ten days after sending Letter 2 with Letter 3, the third and final letter to the debt collector, which forms the tacit agreement. Download Letter 3 For debts £5000 to £10,000 or $7500 to $15,000 Common Law Copyright Notice Bill. Save Our Earth : Its an Illusion by John Harris. Please read each and everyone of you, this is so important.

What you are about to read may at first confuse some of you, some may not believe and some will be shocked.

Save Our Earth : Its an Illusion by John Harris. Please read each and everyone of you, this is so important

What you are about to read is truth and I urge you all to stay and read all this information and understand it because it concerns you and it concerns your children and all your property. Lawful Rebellion The British Constitution Group Stoke on Trent 24th January 2009 Its an illusion (Transcript on a talk by John Harris called ‘Its an illusion’ from The People’s United Community www.TPUC.org ) To watch the video please go to What I want to do today is show you a different perspective. (Slide shows the following;) Do you believe ‘parliament’ to be elected to ‘REPRESENT’ the people and their wishes? Do you believe in ‘POLITICS’? Do you believe that the only way to sort this country out is to get another ‘POLITICAL PARTY’ elected into power? Do you believe ‘ACTS’ of parliament (STATUTES) are ‘LAW’?

Do you believe ‘STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS’ are ‘LAW’? Do you believe in a ‘CONSTITUTION’? News for positive people. UPDATED – Using Googles Full Capabilities « XBOX, XBOX 360, PS2, PS3, PSP, & MORE! – Your source for the latest in console modding. Here is an updated version of the ‘Using Google’s Full Capabilities’. This is basically a master list found on a Russian hacking website. To save you the dangers of going there, we’ve compiled it here. Enjoy. Each of these things can be copied and pasted into Google search for some good old fashioned fun! Enjoy! Admin account info” filetype:log ! Code: nurl:/admin/login.asp inurl:/cgi-bin/sqwebmail?