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Amazon. Baby Totin’ Busy Hand Drills. While the probability of us encountering a situation where we need to get our gun out WHILE we’re carrying our children is extremely low, it is worth thinking about how our gun handling would need to change and what we should practice.

Baby Totin’ Busy Hand Drills

Since my son is too young to follow directions to run and hide and can’t understand how to use code words to enact a plan, I have to have repetitions of gun manipulations while handling him. This post isn’t about tactics, but just the mechanics of getting a gun into play while toting a small child. I’ll lay out several practice methods and some props that will help you get more proficient.

As with all things, in order to have clarity in our practice we need to define our mission. When out with my son (no wife) I have defined mine as “protect my child at all costs, and escape with my own life if possible”. A situation where this might be the case is in a parking deck. One Hand Shooting: This can be worked dry or live. Like this: Like Loading...

The Dark Side Of Food Colors (Plus Natural Coloring Alternatives) By Michelle Schoffro Cook, Care2 The next time you’re at a child’s birthday party, notice the beautiful array of cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, all showcasing a rainbow assortment of artificial colors.

The Dark Side Of Food Colors (Plus Natural Coloring Alternatives)

While they may make these sweets look appetizing to children, these synthetic ingredients often take the place of nutrition in foods. For example, fruit juice that contains colors is typically devoid of any fruit, making it artificially-colored sugar water. Worse than that, many food colors are linked to hyperactivity disorders and cancer. Artificial coloring is a serious problem in fast food and fake food.

Many Guises While the names of the dyes are meaningless to most people (yellow 5 or tartrazine, which is derived from coal tar, and blue 2 or indigotine, for example), their effects are not. A Carcinogen by Any Other Name Blue dye number 1 and 2 are linked with cancer in animal tests, while red dye number 3 causes thyroid tumors in rats. Making Safer Coloring Alternatives At Home Read more: Living Better while Spending Less! Boyschooling. Christmas Celebration Ideas. It's not time for our workshop yet!

Christmas Celebration Ideas

Please check back on Tuesday during one of the times listed below. BUT...You Can Grab a FREE copy of our "Get Organized for The Holidays" Ebook.....Right Now!!! Here's how... Invite 10 of your friends to our FREE online video workshop and we'll send you "Get Organized For The Holidays" Absolutely Free. Just click this link below. *Please email us if you don't get the ebook automatically after inviting 10 of your friends to the free online workshop. Woodworking Projects for Kids: Free Online Resources for Working with Wood. Woodworking projects for kids: woodworking with your children teaches basic skills for planning, measuring, and the use of basic carpentry tools.

Woodworking Projects for Kids: Free Online Resources for Working with Wood

Kids love to make things. My daughter is always asking me “Papa, what can we make? Let’s do a project together.” And woodworking is our usual mode for making things. Messing about with wood is one of my favorite hobbies. Here’s a list of free online woodworking resources to get you started:


Intentional and Creative Living. Free Birth Plan - Be Prepared for Your Delivery Before Labor Begins. "I bought my friend an Earth Mama gift basket for her baby shower and she loved it.

Free Birth Plan - Be Prepared for Your Delivery Before Labor Begins

Everybody 'oooohed and aaahhhed' at what a cool gift it was. " Angelica H. Burbank, CA "After battling with severe diaper rash for what seemed to be an eternity and trying every diaper rash cream and treatment available and ending up having to give my baby antibiotics because his skin was tearing the rash had gotten so bad, I found your Angel Baby Bottom Balm while searching online for a cure. I was skeptical at first, as I had tried so many products only to have them fail. "Angel Baby Bottom Balm is more than just a diaper rash cream. "I received a jar of Angel Baby Bottom Balm from my mother. "I just wanted to send a rave review and thank you for your Bottom Balm. "EMAB got me through this pregnancy! "SO, I'm emailing because I have to tell you how fabulous the Angel Baby Bottom Balm is!!!!


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