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Rackmount Mart - Server Rack Accessories - Blank Panel Opening Files in ISE Editor If you'd like to open a script in the ISE editor, one quick way is using the command "ise". For example, to open your profile script (the one that starts automatically with each ISE launch), try this: You can now easily add or remove commands that you want the ISE to execute every time it starts. If the profile script does not yet exist, here is a one-liner that creates it for you (it overwrites an existing file, so only run this if the file does not yet exist):
This section concentrates on pure PowerShell techniques. I will explain how to take those first few tentative steps on your journey to master PowerShell. If you review my techniques below, then you will get an idea of the range of PowerShell methods available. Windows PowerShell Methods Windows PowerShell Methods
PowerShell Cookbook This is a list of items my colleagues and I have found useful in our work. It's not intended to be encyclopedic, but rather a place to record things a beginner would find useful, especially things that might take a long time to figure out. This page was started before O'Reilly published Windows PowerShell Cookbook by Lee Holmes. I recommend O'Reilly's book, but this page is unrelated to it. PowerShell Cookbook