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The horrors of Verdun revisited. Téoros - Revue de recherche en tourisme. Stratégies Etourisme: Conseils et tutoriels autour du e-tourisme. : votre quotidien de l'e-tourisme. VEILLE INNOVATION TOURISME ÉCONOMIE. Siveille, Logiciel de veille. BLOG-ETOURISME.COM : Veille sur le tourisme numérique par Mathieu Bruc. E-tourism_content_curator_EN. Content Curation is the Future - Digital Tourism Think Tank. Content management and creation is a very essential part of tourism organisations and destinations' everyday work.

Content Curation is the Future - Digital Tourism Think Tank

Particularly within an organisation's overall digital strategy, content marketing plays a very important role; one of the reasons marketers around the world discuss the topic at great lengths. One of the main challenges that content marketers face is limited budgets, however despite this, for those not currently embracing content curation, now is the time to do so (iMedia). Content curation can solve the problem of limited budgets by selecting a topic on which there is not a lot of content and really owning it, using content curation tools that do not cost a fortune. Measurement is another important thing that needs to be considered when starting to think about such programs. By sorting through existing content and curating valuable information, tourism organisations and destinations can become high value sources for businesses and travellers.

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