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Computer Programming

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Learn To Code. Learn To Code. Learn to Code (or get better) with these free (mostly) resources.

Learn To Code

If you are just starting out and looking to learn to code, you should take a few minutes and read the footnotes section of this page titled “getting started” where I make some recommendations to save you time, headaches and money. WHERE TO START? Decide if you want to be a web developer, web programmer or software programmer. You can change it up later, but you can’t do it all in the beginning. Focus initially on learning background skills. I have not put much time in to the Node.js + options yet, but I will eventually. If you want to be a software programmer (the web is not what you want to work on) then just stick to Python at first and skip the “LEARN WEB DEVELOPMENT” section which you can come back to later. WHAT TO REMEMBERYou should approach learning to code while simultaneously resolving to form good habits. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENTDeveloping iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad (Stanford via iTunes U) Talks Coming Soon 3.

Home. Computer Science. OpenProcessing - Share your sketches! Free Online Courses. Advance your College Education & Career. Stack Overflow. Learning LESS: An Introduction. Today, I’m proud to start a series of posts that will focus on LESS , the dynamic language that takes your CSS and puts it on steroids.

LESS let’s you use variables, mixins, nested rules, and even functions your CSS. It’s extremely powerful and can dramatically speed up your development. There is a little bit of a learning curve to it, but once you wrap your head around it, you won’t type CSS again without using LESS. Blog Series Roadmap Using Variables Using Mixins Using Nested Rules Using Functions Divide and Conquer Put It Into Action So with that laid you, you’ve got a lot of great stuff to look forward to. What Is LESS and Why Should I Care? In my dealings on the web, I have found that there are three types of people when it comes to dealing with LESS (or any other CSS preprocessor). My goal after this blog series is to make you fit into that last category. According to Wikipedia, is: a dynamic stylesheet language designed by Alexis Sellier. What Resources Are Out There? How to Teach Yourself to Code. 8 Useful Websites to Learn How to Code Quickly.

As a lead frontend developer, it's my responsibility to make sure I'm keeping up-to-date with the web development industry trend.

8 Useful Websites to Learn How to Code Quickly

I reckon it's important and should be part of my job because my company will have to rely on my input regarding the best solution or possible technical difficulties during the development process. From HTML to HTML5, CSS to CSS3, Javascript to Javascript framework, it's a fast pace industry and if you leave behind, you're out of the market! Anyway, if you want to learn new languages or want to develop your own website, you come to the right post!

You can learn new web languages easily in your browser and kick start your web development career. Of course, it teaches all the basic and concept so you will able to pick up new languages easily as well as proceed into deeper topic. 6 Free Javascript E-Book Worth Reading. Introduction Web development industry is a fast-paced industry.

6 Free Javascript E-Book Worth Reading

New trends, technologies, techniques and APIs pop up now and then and we have to educate ourself to use it. As a web developer, I always reckon it's part of our responsibility or perhaps we need to train it as a habit to keep learning and upgrading ourself and do not satisfy with the status quo. Tutorials. YouTube Playlists for Learning Programming. YouTube has been very good platform for learning any thing.

YouTube Playlists for Learning Programming

Earlier you have seen 400+ courses on YouTube and 130+ NPTEL courses. There are few more courses especially about computer programming. 20+ Computer Science Programming Courses. Hacker News. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript tutorials - learn and teach. Mozilla Developer Network. Tutorials.

Learn Web Design, Web Development, and iOS Development - Treehouse. Mozilla Developer Network. CodePupil - Learn to code thru fun visual exercises & games. Learn Python - Free Interactive Python Tutorial. Code It Online.