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Ssamjang Steak, With Chef Gregory Gourdet. Who is this Gregory Gourdet fellow you speak of?

Ssamjang Steak, With Chef Gregory Gourdet

The director of culinary operations at the renowned Departure Restaurants with locations in Portland, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado, Gregory Gourdet is known for flavor-packed food inspired by a diverse array of pan-Asian ingredients. With signature dishes ranging from paleo to vegan to gluten-free, Gourdet has made a name for himself and his restaurants among all kinds of culinary enthusiasts. Oh, and he’s a Top Chef finalist too! Ssamjang? What’s that? Why should I cook my steak sous vide? Any other tasty sauce + sous vide + grilling recipes I should try? Santa Maria Tri-Tip. Print RecipeJump To Recipe Mr.

Santa Maria Tri-Tip

JOC doesn’t usually cook in the kitchen, but he loves grilling and takes over my cooking duty in the summer time when the weather is perfect for grilling. This Santa Maria Tri-Tip is one of our favorite steaks to grill, and we can’t wait to share this recipe so you can try it out this summer. What is Santa Maria Tri-Tip? Santa Maria is a name of a town in Central California. With this recipe, the steak absorbs all the seasoning while being marinated, and the simple mixture of garlic, parsley, salt, and black pepper brings out the natural flavor of the meat. What is the cut “Tri-Tip”? Sous Vide Burgers. I don’t have a meat grinder.

Sous Vide Burgers

How do I make sure I get the best possible beef? If there is fresh ground beef behind the butcher counter, go for that. The prepackaged stuff on the shelf may have been ground days ahead of time, and won’t taste as good. Opt for medium-ground meat if you can; it’s the ticket to the tenderest, juiciest burgs. Any other tips? Why don’t I add salt when I am mixing up the beef and egg? Can I shape patties in advance, then freeze them, then cook? I am new to grilling hamburgers. I don’t have a grill. I plan to finish on the stove. Apartment Rib Rub. If you don’t have a smoker at home, you can still make some amazing Memphis-style ribs using our Apartment Rib Rub on a rack of our Apartment Ribs.

Apartment Rib Rub

A finished slab of ribs has a deep smoked flavor—with just a bit of char—and would pass muster with anyone who hails from the Mississippi Delta. Many of the ingredients you see here are common in dry-style rubs, but the key to capturing the authentic flavor of smoke and char lies in a few important additions. First, deeply charred onions and garlic mimic the fly ash that’s a telltale sign of true pit-smoked meats, adding an earthy astringency to the bark of the rib. The backbone of the smoked flavor is a very special smoked salt called Bonfire that we discovered in Woodinville, Washington, of all places. Duck Breast. Chefsteps. The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Carne Asada. Juicy, crisp, and smoky grilled carne asada.

The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Carne Asada

[Photographs: J. Kenji López-Alt] More Guide to Steak All the methods and tips you need to make perfect steak, each and every time. Sous Vide Recipe. When you bone up on your beef cuts, you can approach the meat counter with swagger, armed with enough knowledge to choose your cut of choice with confidence.

Sous Vide Recipe

First things first: What is a steak, anyway? Generally speaking, steak can refer to any cut of meat that’s sliced perpendicular to the muscle fibers, sometimes with a bone included. Simple Sous Vide Steak With Red Wine Sauce. Making a steak is easy.

Simple Sous Vide Steak With Red Wine Sauce

Making a great steak? Well that’s another matter. As any chef or grillmaster will tell you, it’s all about controlling the heat in order to reach that sweet spot where the meat is tender, juicy, and full of flavor, neither under- nor overcooked. Of course, every beef eater has a strong opinion about where, exactly, that sweet spot lies. Hardcore carnivores will tell you beef should be bright red and bloody, while more cautious types insist on a conservative medium-well. Here, we walk you through the steps to cooking a steak using an improvised sous vide setup involving nothing more than a digital thermometer, some plastic bags, and a pot on the stove. Grigliata di carne: 5 errori da non fare.

Ci sono errori che sono poco più che peccati veniali, facilmente rimediabili con piccole correzioni.

Grigliata di carne: 5 errori da non fare

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