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Gift your Lady with Vintage Heart with Black Swarovski Crystal Earrings and more. A sweet gesture of affection, gift is one of the most beautiful ways to represent our feelings in an unspoken form. Considered as an important part of human interaction, gifts assist in building & maintaining a relationship with our near and dear ones. In this world, where the act of give and take is customary, the concept of exhibiting love through gifts is welcomed as a gesture of selflessness.

While presenting gifts wrapped with care and love, people only wish to showcase their emotions in the best possible manner. The only thing which they expect in return is acceptance. Be it a small-sized present or a gigantic one, a gift presented and received with an embrace, fulfills its purpose in a true manner. Worried about the perfect gift for your pretty partner? We all know that women and beauty cannot do without each other.

Having all said, commence your efforts right away! Look For Reputable Fashion Designers in Los Angeles To Learn About the Industry. Clothing is a basic necessity of human race. Starting from leaves and animal furs, clothing nowadays has become a status symbol and an important part of the fashionable lifestyle. Getting exclusive designer clothes and accessories have become a trend these days. And, fashion designers are the ones who tend to be known as the trendsetters. With their creative and innovative ideas, fashion designers in Los Angeles or in any other corner of the globe have filled our lives with glamour and razzle-dazzle. Good fashion designers come with a strong sense of creativity and artistic vision.

The fashion world has its niches and to be a successful designer, you need to know the industry inside and out. The Frida Adrien Collection by Camila Klein. Camila Klein is a Brazilian fashion jewelry designer known for her high quality costume jewelry brand, named after herself. Born in a family devoted to fashion, she found her way through beads and jewels, designing accessories for renowned clothing brands before launching her own brand, now with over 200 employees. Designed for trendy women, her pieces use gold and silver plated metal along with innovative materials, such as leather, natural stones, crystals and pearls. Camila Klein’s Summer 2016 Collection was based in the feminine universe. After studying different women’s profiles and creating her own, she designed accessories inspired in the art world to compliment them. Each collection is unique. Source: “I received compensation from Fashionista Café in exchange for writing this review/article.

Post By Regina Gauer (19 Posts) Black Label for Carla Amorim Fine Jewelry Designer. Carla A morim is a Brazilian jewelry designer born in Brasília. Since 1993, she has been creating jewelry to a high profile clientele, including worldwide famous actresses and socialites. Her pieces are made of high quality materials, including Brazilian gemstones, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines and pearls combined with 18K gold in dazzling designs. Inspiration comes from the exuberant Brazilian nature, her religiosity and the works of Oscar Niemeyer, a modernist Brazilian architect who revolutionized the field in the 40’s. Carla Amorim earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are contemporary, fresh and feminine. Recently launched, her Black Label Collection explores powerful gems such as the rare Paraíba tourmaline, emeralds and sapphires, creating bright jewels with an enigmatic beauty.

Gold and diamonds are used to showcase her main themes and spirituality and her patented “sea foam design” (design espuma do mar) is one of her trademarks. Source: Triya and the Heart Swimsuit! Stylis h and sexy, swimsuits are indispensable for any trip to a tropical paradise! Triya, a famous Brazilian beachwear brands, has created for SPFW’16 – São Paulo Fashion Week 2016 – the perfect outfit for a dip in the pool, a red Heart Swimsuit. A true statement swimsuit, whose creation is part of the Triya’s 2016 summer collection, inspired by Love. Braids, embroidery and macramé lace are the basis for this collection, which feature the story of a mermaid full of mysteries who enchants a surfer passionate for the sea. An impossible love in a collection mixing dry, sporty surf wear shapes.

Founded in 2005, Triya creates deluxe swimwear and sells it through more than fifty points of sale throughout Brazil. In addition to bikinis and swimsuits, they also have a complete line of women’s clothing with bodies, sarongs, tops, shorts, dresses, skirts and blouses. Source: “I received compensation from Fashionista Café in exchange for writing this review/article. Polyvore: Discover and Shop the Latest in Fashion, Beauty and Home. The Knot - Weddings, Wedding Planning & Ideas. The Knot - Weddings, Wedding Planning & Ideas. Fashionista - Fashionistas. Fashionista - Fashionistas. Get A Home Makeover with Well Known Interior Designers. People realized it some time ago that you can't be brilliant in all the fields of activity, but you can be great in only one and average in the others. So it is better to do what you are best trained for and leave the rest on the specialists.

So they soon realized if you want a beautifully arranged home, an interior designer is their key to a well-kept home. From changing garden landscapes to arranging your shoe racks, an interior designer revamps your home and turns it upside down just the way you imagined it in your dreams. A home speaks a lot about its owner's personality; thus, these masterminds study a homeowner quite profoundly to decorate the home representing an individual. From quirky wall backdrops to a luxurious bedroom setting to chiseled kitchen table tops to swanky furniture item list, an interior designer adds a touch of elegance with his or her artful orchestration of scale and texture.

Let Fashionista Cafe Prettify You with The Best Costume and Vintage Jewelry | New Trends Shop. “I have too much jewelry”, said no woman ever! Isn’t it true? Ask a pretty lady if she would like to add more sparkle to her jewelry collection and you will never hear a ‘No’. Bijouterie is the ultimate companion for beauties; be it a pretty teenage girl or a gorgeous lady in her thirties.

The reason why women cannot do without jewelry is because it encourages them to express their mood and personality. Furthermore, it completes the overall look as well. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and brooches, add more spark & shine to a woman’s appearance all the time. Whether you are in search of costume and vintage jewelry or want to gift a big snowman necklace to your bestie, Fashionista Cafe is there to help!

Jewelry has always gained an exclusive place in a woman’s life. Vintage Jewelry. Interior Design - Fashionistas, Jobs, Coaching, Discussions, Trends, Fantasic Finds, Videos. Stone Wall Lamp- Fashionista Cafe. Invest In Vintage Jewelry Supplies And Clothing Accessories To Add Some Drama To Your Looks | New Trends Shop. Jewelry is like vitamin to fashion and it is meant to be used liberally. From Audrey Hepburn’s iconic pearl necklace to Kate Winslet’s heart of the ocean, jewelry has played a significant role in making women look fascinatingly beautiful. A simple piece of jewelry can add so much glamour to your looks, which even the most detailed make up fails to add.

It can be said that jewelry can add the right amount of panache to your looks and you must own some pieces in order to step out in style. In case, you do not wear jewelry and think that it is too much for your simple looks and personality then worry not because the market is full of options, which can match well with your likings and personality. If vintage is your style then you must invest in some vintage jewelry supplies. Browse & Shop Beauty Products Online | Fashionista Cafe E-Store, New York.