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Su La Testa! Pier Luigi Ighina: l’uomo delle nuvole. As long as the human being ’ will use the money as absolute power, people like Pier Luigi Ighino will be mocked and discreditate. Ighino admits that many countries would not his drive to solve the problem of drought. Until proven guilty, When a person demonstrates the veracity of the claims, the scientific community is obliged to investigate and carry out more detailed studies for the benefit of all. As long as multinationals will have the power to decide on the lives of others there will never be equality. The things said in this video lead me to think that the ’ often being human doesn't deserve to live although there are people filled with goodness. Why don't you ever take for good the idea ’ in ’ help your neighbor? Servizio Pubblico. Il Fatto Quotidiano. 100scienze. Paolo Barnard. Il video blog di Claudio Messora.

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