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Roofing Contractor Mt Pleasant SC. Coronavirus: US health official warns of dangerous second wave. Image copyright Getty Images A second wave of coronavirus cases in the US could be even worse than the first, the country's top health official has warned.

Coronavirus: US health official warns of dangerous second wave

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Robert Redfield said the danger was higher as a fresh outbreak would likely coincide with the flu season. It would put "unimaginable strain" on the US health care system, he said. Botox Services Lynnfield. Tucson AZ Top Tattoo Shops. Measles resurgence fear amid coronavirus. Image copyright Science Photo Library Measles outbreaks may occur as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, officials say, because some vaccination programmes are having to be delayed.

Measles resurgence fear amid coronavirus

Unicef says 117 million children in 37 countries may not get immunised on time. There have been several large outbreaks in countries across Europe where MMR vaccine uptake has been low. The UK has already lost its measles-free status, because of rising cases of the potentially deadly infection. The disease, which causes coughing, rashes and fever, can be prevented by two doses of the mumps, measles and rubella (MMR) vaccine, available free to all young children in the UK. Power Washing Service In San Antonio TX. Austin Field Turf.

Coronavirus: World economy 'may face double recession' Image copyright Getty Images The world economy already faces an economic downturn worse than the Great Depression.

Coronavirus: World economy 'may face double recession'

But this could be followed by another “possibly much worse downturn”, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). World governments are giving trillions of dollars in stimulus packages to help prop up their economies. Sovereign debts that they are racking up may push the global economy into a second recession, the EIU warns. Earlier this week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said the world economy would shrink at its fastest pace in decades, raising fears it will be the worst recession since the 1930s Great Depression. The EIU now says there is a risk of a subsequent recession, driven by a debt crisis from governments with weak balance sheets. “Many of the European countries that are among the worst affected by the pandemic, such as Italy and Spain, already had weak fiscal positions before the outbreak,” said Agathe Demarais, the EIU’s global forecasting director.

Pavers Savannah. Steam Cleaning Minneapolis. Best Model Portfolio Websites. DUI Attorney Islamorada. Used Bourbon Barrels For Sale. Coronavirus fight in Poland sees government using confiscated alcohol as disinfectant. The fight against coronavirus in Poland has revealed that no resource will be wasted, even confiscated booze.

Coronavirus fight in Poland sees government using confiscated alcohol as disinfectant

Poland's Ministry of Finance said Friday that some 660 gallons of confiscated alcohol were recently donated to emergency responders and health care facilities. The donated alcohol will be used to prepare disinfectants, according to the ministry. The alcohol was originally intended to be destroyed after being confiscated as part of criminal investigations. The Polish government donated 660 gallons of confiscated alcohol to two hospitals and a fire department on March 20. (Poland's Ministry of Finance) Professional Lawn Care Mountain Green UT. Pocono Mountains Landscaping. Coronavirus: Fear returns to stock markets. Image copyright Getty Images Global stock markets have fallen sharply as investors continue to worry about the broader economic effects of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Fear returns to stock markets

London's FTSE 100 share index fell more than 3% and there were similar declines in other European markets. Earlier on Friday, markets in Asia had seen big falls, with Japan's Nikkei share index dropping by 2.7%. On Thursday, US stock markets recorded steep declines, with all three main indexes down by more than 3%. The 3% drop in the FTSE 100 wipes out the gains seen earlier this week on the index. Shares in travel companies saw some of the steepest falls once again. Other big losers in the sector included EasyJet, Tui and British Airways owner IAG, which each fell more than 4%. Elsewhere in Europe, shares in budget carrier Norwegian fell 26.2% and Air France KLM, which owns the French and Dutch flag carriers, fell 14.6%.

Best Home Builders In Tulsa. Wedding Linen Rentals VA. Brit diagnosed in Thailand and Corrie star self-isolates. First Brit coronavirus patient, 25, reveals how he was left 'suffocating' and unable to move. The first British person to catch the coronavirus has described how the deadly disease "hit me like a train" leaving him 'suffocating' and in blinding pain for weeks.

First Brit coronavirus patient, 25, reveals how he was left 'suffocating' and unable to move

Connor Reed, an ex-pat living in Wuhan, started with "just a sniffle" on November 25 - a month before authorities officially announced the virus - but over the next three-and-a-half weeks he was taken to rock bottom and unable to move. The 25-year-old, originally from Llandudno, North Wales, teaches English as a foreign language in the Chinese city where Covid-19 originated, and had initially tried to cure himself with whisky and honey - better known as a 'hot toddy'. After seven days of feeling under the weather , Connor's symptoms started to drastically worsen, and fearing he had regular flu he then took time off from the school he had worked at for seven months. "This is no longer just a cold. "The cold has travelled down to my chest and I have a hacking cough.

"I’m sweating, burning up, dizzy and shivering. Buy Playground Equipment Sarasota FL. Family Therapy In Albany NY.