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10 Best Free Mac OS X Preference Panes. Apps undoubtedly dominate Apple’s ecosystem when it comes to getting anything done, and Macs are no exception.

10 Best Free Mac OS X Preference Panes

However, they are function specific, and many apps that perform simple little functions or act as utilities can be skipped altogether if you know the right Terminal commands. Not to say you won’t ever need to install an app, but apps do what they do and noting more. Pje/WavTap. How To Reset/Clear Open With Contextual. Ports TCP et UDP connus utilisés par les produits logiciels Apple. À propos de ce tableau La colonne Nom du service ou du protocole répertorie les services enregistrés auprès de l’Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ( sauf si la mention « Utilisation non enregistrée » est indiquée.

Ports TCP et UDP connus utilisés par les produits logiciels Apple

Les noms des produits Apple qui utilisent ces services ou protocoles figurent dans la colonne Utilisé par/Informations supplémentaires. La colonne RFC indique le numéro du document RFC (Request For Comment) qui définit un service ou un protocole particulier, et qui peut être utilisé comme document de référence. Les documents RFC sont gérés par RFC Editor ( Si plusieurs documents RFC définissent un protocole, il est possible qu’un seul soit indiqué ici. Cet article est régulièrement mis à jour et contient les informations disponibles lors de sa publication. Astuce : il se peut que certains services utilisent deux ports, voire plus.

Astuce : certains coupe-feu permettent une configuration sélective des ports UDP ou TCP portant le même numéro.

Mountain Lion

Download Photo Stream Photos to a Folder in Mac OS X. Photo Stream is a nice feature of iCloud that pushes all of your pictures automatically to your other iOS devices and your Mac with iPhoto or Aperture.

Download Photo Stream Photos to a Folder in Mac OS X

If you haven’t used it before, this means if you take a picture on your iPhone, it will automatically show up in the Photo Stream on your iPad, and also in iPhoto on your Mac. Oddly, there isn’t an option to choose a destination other than iPhoto or Aperture in Mac OS X though, but this cool trick allows you to specify a folder and then download all the images from iCloud to your Mac, without using iPhoto or Aperture. Requiem Download, Latest Version of Requiem Download. Requiem download Requiem download url is not available any more.

Requiem Download, Latest Version of Requiem Download

Sorry, we can't offer you this tool's download link for some obvious reasons. If you also need to remove DRM from your books purchased from Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo, Google Play and some other ebookstore which uses Kindle, Adobe and Nook DRM. You can use this tool to handle them: Jonny Greenwood joined Epubor since 2011, loves everything about eBooks and eReaders. How-To: Access Your Time Capsule Over the Internet — Apple News, Tips and Reviews. Remove the Delay when Showing and Hiding the Dock in OS X. ESPI at work: The power of Keynote. Stop the press: There exists a world outside of the Adobe Creative Suite.

ESPI at work: The power of Keynote

And it’s called Keynote. I should start by saying I am by no means a Keynote ‘pro’ compared with many of our web team who could use it in their sleep. In fact, when I first started working at ESPI last July, I was very surprised to find out that designers were using Keynote for laying out presentations. My surprise turned to alarm when I found out that they were also using it as a design tool to build UI designs for websites and apps. It turns out that I was absolutely wrong. Autumn Apps. 100 Mac Apps To Rule Them All. This post is the answer to the first question that any new Mac user will ask: which apps are the best?

100 Mac Apps To Rule Them All

The next time someone asks you this question, don’t think twice, just send them here. We’ve spent hours and hours browsing the web, combing the Mac App Store and wandering through our own archives for the absolute best Mac apps around and we’ve found a whopping one hundred of them that we think you’ll love. Whether you’re looking for a screenshot utility, a todo list or even a great game to play, we’ve got you covered. 40+ Amazing Free and Premium Mac Apps for Photography. If you are running on mac, you can find a lot of apps all over the web.

40+ Amazing Free and Premium Mac Apps for Photography

Lion's FileVault 2 and disk restore: caveat encryptor. When Mac OS X 10.7 Lion introduced full disk encryption, called FileVault 2, it was a huge improvement over the original FileVault, which only encrypts a user's home folder.

Lion's FileVault 2 and disk restore: caveat encryptor

And because of the "creative" way FileVault was implemented, there were numerous incompatibilities, gotchas, and caveats to its use. 40+ Super Secret OS X Lion Features and Shortcuts. OS X Lion has now been around long enough for us all to dig in and really find some interesting functionality that is either completely hidden or just enough below the service that many users don’t even know it exists.

40+ Super Secret OS X Lion Features and Shortcuts

We’ve spent hours combing through Lion for secrets and put out a call on Twitter for your favorites. This post brings over forty such hidden tricks and tips for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Finder Tricks 1. With Lion came a ton of visual changes to the operating system we know and love. This makes for a really slick looking operating system, but to achieve it Apple had to make some serious functionality sacrifices that I’m not crazy about. Fortunately, this particular problem has a quick fix. Porthole Streams Your Mac's Audio to Your AirPlay Devices.

AirParrot - AirPlay your Mac's screen to AppleTV.  pf firewall frontend. IceFloor • IceFloor 2 is group based.

 pf firewall frontend

Download IceFloor runs on OS X 10.10 Yosemite with limited functionalities. .bash_profile vs .bashrc. When working with Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X, I always forget which bash config file to edit when I want to set my PATH and other environmental variables for my shell. Should you edit .bash_profile or .bashrc in your home directory? You can put configurations in either file, and you can create either if it doesn’t exist. But why two different files? What is the difference? According to the bash man page, .bash_profile is executed for login shells, while .bashrc is executed for interactive non-login shells. - AirPlay Mirroring to your Mac. 2 - Multi-Touch Extension for MacBook Multi-Touch Trackpad & Magic Mouse. Show all available versions Please try jitouch before purchasing a license.

If you do not receive a license key within 15 minutes after you have purchased, please check your e-mail's spam folder. If it's not in there, please click here to request a license key. How to use services in Mac OS X. One of the little-known time-saving features of Mac OS X is services—hidden, single-feature commands that you can access from a special Services menu, or, sometimes, from a contextual menu. These features are generally provided by applications—built-in OS X applications or third-party programs—and let you quickly preform actions that usually require launching additional programs and taking many steps. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about how to find, use, and manage services.

Tincta Text Editor for Mac - Mr. Fridge Software. Carbon Copy Cloner - Home. GPSPhotoLinker Overview. GPSPhotoLinker (freeware): Geotagging on the Mac since 2004. Download GPSPhotoLinker 1.6.7 Mac OS X 10.6 & 10.7 View release notes for the latest changes. Mac OS X 10.4 users need to download GPSPhotoLinker 1.5.3Mac OS X 10.5 users need to download GPSPhotoLinker 1.6.4 Our pro version, Photolinker, adds a metadata editor, interactive geotagging on a map, and a GPS track browser.

MacOS Lion

Shared partition between Mac, Bootcamp, Has anyone using a bootcamp partition in VMWare Fusion found a way to share a data partition on boot drive in the same way bootcamp does? Here's some background info: - when I boot from Mac OS X, I see 3 local drives (partitions created by iPartition): Macintosh HD (formatted hfsj), Windows HD (which is formatted NTFS and running Windows 7), and Data (formatted hfsj) - when I boot from Windows (at boot time in boot camp), I see 3 local drives: Windows HD (drive C:, formatted NTFS), Data (drive D:, visible thanks to Mac Drive 8 beta 2) Macintosh HD (drive M:) - when I run the bootcamp drive in VMWare Fusion, I see: 1 local drive: Windows HD (drive C:), and a network share (drive Z:, at .host) which contains is directory named Data and all content.

MacOS in Virtualbox.

Hackintosh NC10

Moom. Great Tools For Your Mac By Andreas Hegenberg » BetterTouchTool, BetterSnapTool & SecondBar. Serial Serveur.