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Twitter Series-My Super, Top Secret Tips And Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Twitter. This is the last in my series on everything Twitter.

Twitter Series-My Super, Top Secret Tips And Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Twitter

You can read this first on How I do Twitter PD and the second on What People Wish They Had Known Before They Started. Today lets look at all my tips, tricks and resources for getting more out of Twitter. I get asked all the time one of three questions: 1) Where do you find all those links you post? 2) How do you make sure you don't miss everything without staying on Twitter 24/7? 3) How do you organize everything you find from Twitter? Well I am so glad you asked. So lets look at what I use... 1) Where Do You Find All Those Links That You Post? Almost 3 years ago, when I created my account I was looking for a way to share the resources I was looking for with the teachers across my district. So the long and short of it is I usually start with a Google search. Google Reader is another place. A lot of what I post is retweets from other folks. 2) How Do You Make Sure You Don't Miss Everything Without Staying On Twitter 24/7?

Twitter In Schools-A Getting Started Guide. The end of the school year is upon us however many are looking forward to next year.

Twitter In Schools-A Getting Started Guide

You may be thinking what can you do differently next year? How can you stand out above the crowd? How can your school become a larger part of the school community? While Twitter is beginning to catch on with many educators, schools are lagging in their adoption of the platform. But let's think about it. But where do you start?

Think First-There are a few questions you and your team (and it should be a team) will want to ask and answer before you jump in: What do you want to do with this account? Who Are You- A profile will go a long way in letting people know who you are. Hashtags- A good idea is to also come up with a hashtag. Promote- The account does no good if no one knows about it. But I Don't Want To Be On Twitter-You may find resistance to the idea of a school Twitter account because folks don't want one of their own. Can Facebook help your school...? Chris Wejr (@mrwejr) recently wrote a great post on why "your school needs a Facebook page.

Can Facebook help your school...?

" As I reflect upon his post, as well as the newly created Facebook page for my junior high school, I wanted to add a few comments to the discussion...Some of the advantages: - The "school image" is hurting; we need to take school public relations to the next level - Most parents, teachers and students are familiar with & comfortable using Facebook - 750 million people are on Facebook; there is no faster way to connect with your community - News about your school or district can be far reaching, relevant & timely - You can take an active role in controlling the image of your school or district - It will give parents, students and community members something to talk about - Individual teachers can share some of the awesome things going on in their classes - Information & online discussions can be controlled & monitored - It's an opportunity to bring social media into the educational setting.